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Hello all!!! G r e e t i n g s ! & Salutations

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Hi all!


I'm new to the dragon cave forums and I just wanted to say hello to everyone. :D


 (That and... I made this account to protect my first egg from my first dragon pair e v e r, I originally never planned on breeding).

 I don't know how to trade or what not buut: :( 


+ I accidentally abandoned a (my first breeded) dragon egg: if anyone finds him/her please take care of him/her or maybe... return the egg back to it's parents. (I would like it back (I want it back), I had no idea that I didn't have enough egg spots). I always try to save abandoned eggs, and well.. now I abandoned the first egg I ever got with my first breeded pair. I cri. I never breeded dragons before so... yeah... I feel dumb. Dx




Thats the fam -> https://dragcave.net/lineage/7n9yU 

I don't want to 'egg spam' so yeah.. q-q take a look at the lineage. XD 


I would be so happy if any of you kind dragon care takers would save this special egg.



But when I do pick up abandoned eggs, I like to name them based on their parents or lineage. I don't know if anyone else does that, but I like to do that. It may be a weird mash up, but if anyone finds their eggs they abandoned on my list that would be super cool. (It's probably unlikely, but if the 1% happens, write something or tell me about the dragon, their story if you had any in mind and what not). I only used to collect dragons so I never bothered looking up trading before... yeah.

Also happy early Christmas.


Nice meeting you all! :D 

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Hello and welcome! Sorry to hear about your egg, I hope you get it back! I also recommend changing the parents' names to let people know it was an accidental abandon, and please return it to you (use your forum name), so you have a better chance of getting it returned. The odds are still slim that it'll be returned, but it does help! I'll keep an eye out for it as well.

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you e n j o y!


Well, I made that mistake few times before. I actually didn't thought about getting it back when it happened tho.

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Hey all!


I just wanted to tell you that I got my dragon egg back! A very kind person told me they got my egg and teleported it back to me!! :D :lol::D 

Thanks for the tips! It helped out a lot!


Also, sorry to hear that you lost your past eggs before, hopefully they are with a good owner now.

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