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The Isle

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I looked through all of the gaming forum and couldn't find a topic on this dinosaur game so I decided to make one!


The Isle is still a work in progress game but it's been in alpha and now presently beta testing for years. To me it's quickly becoming the most beautiful dinosaur game to play if your computer can manage to play it on the highest visual settings. If you play ARK on low settings you should be able to play The Isle on medium settings. Now just because right now you can play a vast array of dinosaurs doesn't mean it's only ever going to be only a dinosaur game. Humans and an actual story/plot will be implemented soon, though many people just enjoy being an awesome walking, roaring, and killing dinosaur. It is a survival game and you will have to learn where water, food, and shelter can be found whilst avoiding predators being played by other people.


I actually like playing herbivores a lot, but I do play a few carnivores on occasion including austro and utah raptors. I do sometimes try to get to spinosaurus if I want to be something big, but normally I stick with the small carnivores or herbivores. My favorite herbivores are stegosaurus, orodromeosaurus (spelling? idk), dryosaurus, gallimimus, or avaceratops. For those of you who play, what dinosaurs are your favorites to play?


I did want to know who else here in dragon cave might play this already? also, what do you usually play the game with (computer, or laptop, or other?), and what settings do you play on?


I've always wanted to make documentary type recordings of our gameplay and try to make it like those discovery channel dinosaur videos. However I use an old laptop to play so I can never play it over low settings. I'de have to be a player while someone else who can play on cinematic settings recorded everyone on the server, or recorded their own gameplay.


Also since I forgot to mention it, this game is on steam for computers. Nobody is sure yet if it will be formatted for the xbox one despite ARK being formatted for it. I don't remember how much it's going for now, but christmas and other sales always happen. You can look up videos by various youtubers on gameplay of the isle to see how nice it can be, though I suggest looking at 2016 or newer videos as the older ones are clearly not as nice looking. Same goes for the game preview video. They haven't made a new one yet and the old start up video is reallllly old looking.

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I just got into The Isle a few months ago and it's really fun to me. My favorite dinosaurs to play as are dilophosaurus and suchomimus. I mostly end up eating the AI instead of other players. I usually play on computer, on medium/high settings. 

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