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Can't view past first page of a scroll?

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I was doing some total checking for the holly contest and I found a scroll where links to other pages are broken. 

I feel like we're not meant to post the scroll's of others, so if anyone can contact me or tell me who to contact about this it would be nice. :)


Extra info: I tried all three of my browers and it didn't work. I also had a look at other scrolls to check that they did work and it was the scroll not my laptop/browser that was the problem.

If I typed /2 into the address bar, I was able to reach the second page (same for other pages) but clicking the links didn't work.

The scroll name has an apostrophe and a space in the name, so I think that might contribute? 

When I first looked it was http:// and changing it to https:// didn't fix the problem

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