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New person here!

Mostly Red dragon fan so if anyone knows which eggs to get for them,can you tell me?


I'm 19 yrs old and unemployed...for now also i suck at drawing otherwise i would draw dragons everyday.


Also how many views,unique views and clicks do you need for eggs to hatch?

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Hello an welcome! There are no set eggs you can trade to get a Red egg, it's all about user preference. I suggest taking a look through some threads in the Trading subforum to see what some users are trading. The amount of views and unique views to hatch a dragon is different for each species; clicks, while they are nice to have and are worth a lot of views, are not necessary for dragons to hatch and grow up. 


I'll put in a request for you in The Mentoring Project for a mentor; mentors are here to answer your questions and teach you how to raise your dragons and use the forum. 


Have fun!

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