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Hello all! My name is Alex (or you can call me Olive), and I'm a 23 year old chick from Ohio. I graduated from Ohio State University in 2016 with a degree in Japanese language, and I work for a Japanese company now. Anyone out there learning Japanese? ^^

I joined DC in 2011, but didn't start actually playing until mid-2016. I also just created my forum account moments ago! I'm a huge fan of dragons in general - anyone remember that book Dragonology? It was my absolute fave!! So, you can also find me at Flight Rising as hyuukiru.


Other things I'm into: cats, anything Nintendo, sewing, tattoos, FOOD, witchy stuff, art, candles, tarot, etc!

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Hello & welcome to DC forums! Haha go Bucks! I like OSU, but most of my friends hate it. I'm mostly a Dawgs fan, tho. Maybe see ya'll in the national championship? Who knows at this point lol. (JUST NEVER AUBURN; #NOTMYNATIONALCHAMPIONS).


I also love cats and tattoos. (I have 7 and 3 respectively). I hope you enjoy the community! Let me know if you have any questions. ^_^ 


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Truth be told, in my 4 years at OSU I never went to a single football game, and I've only watched one National Championship on TV. :wacko: BUT STILL. I've heard that our last few games were too close for comfort, so who knows if we'll make it or not!


I have two cats and four tats, soon to be five. B) WOO! Thanks for your comment!

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