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Terrae dragons not showing breed name on view page but encyclopedia unlocked

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Exactly what the title says. I just noticed this when naming dragons. The view page for my adult Terraes (don't have any growing so can't check that) doesn't show their breed name. From what I understand that happens if you haven't unlocked their encyclopedia entry, but mine is completely unlocked. For the life of me I can't remember if Terraes have ever shown their breed name on their view page, so I don't know if this is a recent bug or an oversight or what.









Main Encyclopedia page with sprite unlocked:


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Might want to check your stats. It could be that you haven't observed enough adults/hatchlings for the name to show up, even if everything else is unlocked.

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Mine all have their breed name listed, so at the very least this isn't universally the case. 

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Maybe you should search the hatcheries for some eggs? I remember having to observe more eggs than usual because there are three different egg designs.


How high are your numbers in the encyclopedia?


My Stats are:


Eggs Owned: 83

Hatchlings Owned: 16

Adults Raised: 4

Eggs Observed: 54

Hatchlings Observed: 1

Adults Observed: 6


and I can see the breed name.

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Huh. Well. I *thought* I had plenty of stats:


  • Eggs Owned: 30
  • Hatchlings Owned: 3
  • Adults Raised: 2
  • Eggs Observed: 62
  • Hatchlings Observed: 83
  • Adults Observed: 32

but I viewed a few more adults and hatchlings and now I see the breed name on the view pages, so I guess that was the problem? Seems a little misleading to show everything unlocked on the encyclopedia but not show the breed name. Shouldn't those two things be tied together?

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