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DUPLICATE:Show time left on filtered growing things page.

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As there's a lot of bombing going on just now, I have a LOT of things hidden, which I take out of the fog when they are due to hatch/mature.


It's a pain checking each one to see when to let it out. Would it be possible without too much effort/server strain to show the time left on each egg/hatchie when the page is filtered to show only growing things ? I tried sorting by age, but that isn't actually quite accurate (which is odd, but there you go.)



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title borked

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Sorting by age doesn't care about incubates or stuns.


It could say the time left in a 2nd line below "hatchling" or "egg" perchance?

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Suggestion thread (with not very clear title but this exact suggestion):


Edit: here's the "fake screenshot" I made for the other thread





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Oops. I did  look. (I even posted in that one !!!) But as you say - confusing title.Thanks. Mod please merge ? (with MY title perhaps ?)


@ruby: I know - but all mine are incubated so all should end up in the same order. And I would know about a stun - and wouldn't have to hide it, as it would be - like - stunned :lol:

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