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.---- Kairo - [Classroom 1-A] ----


As Kairo neared the classroom door, he slowed his former sprint to a light jog and tucked away his phone, having finished his game in time to admire the incredibly large door of Class 1-A. For a brief moment, he entertained the thought of bursting in through one of the windows, but quickly dismissed it in favor of the much more reasonable option of simply walking in. As entertaining as it would have been, it would probably be more entertaining to actually stay in the school and avoid getting expelled. After all, he did put in an awful lot of effort to get in; it would be a shame to waste it all on the first day. With a devilish grin, he pulled open the door, ready to engage in whatever excitement was afoot -- only to be greeted by absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.


"Come on, you guys are booorriiinnnngg! Are you seriously all just sitting around waiting? No fights? No rivalries? Jeez, they over-hyped this school way too much."


He crossed his arms with an exasperated huff and plopped down in the nearest available seat, twirling his ponytail absentmindedly. But after barely a second, he bolted up again, a look of dread crossing his face.


"Wait. Don't tell me... I missed all the good stuff!?! Aw, I knew I should have set my alarm earlier! But there was a double exp event and discounted upgrades, plus half stamina... Hey, if none of you are doing anything exciting, does anyone wanna play a game with me?"


He trailed off halfway through, muttering to himself, only to burst back into action as he whipped his phone out with a smug smile, waving it around in offering. It wasn't really an ideal pastime since he could beat most games by using his Quirk, but to make it fair and abide the law he'd play using his fingers. Admittedly, it would have been a whole lot easier if he could just control his phone using his wires rather than getting a special screen made that would respond to his decidedly metallic hands, but he wasn't the one that made the rules and he'd rather not go to jail if he could help it. Of course, that didn't stop him using his wires once in a while when nobody was looking, but what they didn't know couldn't hurt them.


As he searched for a worthy opponent among his classmates, he could have sworn he smelled something familiar... from the elevator, maybe? But the topic wasn't exciting enough for further thought, and so he promptly dismissed it.


---- Lucian - [Outside Classroom 1-A] ----


As the poorly dressed boy from before stepped into the Classroom 1-A, Lucian couldn't help but blink in disbelief. Did this... heathen... really belong to Class 1-A? He slowed down and listened distastefully as the boy immediately began to cause a ruckus, babbling on as if he expected everyone else to act as slovenly as he did. Tsk. What an annoyance. With that boy loose in the classroom, there was no way he could make an entrance appropriate for someone like himself. The odds were simply not in his favor today, but at the very least, he now knew what he could expect from one of his classmates. From the looks of it, he'd have one less competitor to worry about, but the boy could always have some sort of trick up his sleeve. It would be best not to dismiss his combat ability so soon, although with an attitude like that, it was no wonder the boy didn't place in the top ten.


He contemplated the topic further as he waited outside the door for the commotion to die down, taking note of the details of the hallway and remaining alert for potential classmates. His perfume would probably alert them to his presence before he could see them, but that was a sacrifice he was willing to make.

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Madoka -- Dorms > Outside 1-A


"Yeah, of course!" came Madoka's reply. New friend Haruka was right: there were going to be many other classmates just waiting for them in the classroom, on time for the first day of class at UA. Madako had probably researched them all ahead of time... But Madoka preferred to discover their abilities herself, first-hand. It kept things interesting and it kept her guessing.


The walk to the school building was brief. Since they were still early (all thanks to her sister), Madoka adopted a casual pace in front of the other two, swinging her arms in wide arcs and changing up her gait from time to time. Part of her wanted to run, but it was only polite to not leave her companions in the dust. "I'm too used to running to school," she sighed, "so having time in the morning is a real weird feeling. This time could be better spent doing all sorts of other things, like catching up on the latest manga chapters online, or getting ten more minutes of sleep, or doing dailies... "


Before long, Madoka's play-by-play of her mornings had brought them in front of classroom, where someone seemed to be stationed there to greet them? No...


"You!" Madoka shouted, pointing at the golden haired young man standing nonchalantly in front of the classroom door as if he wanted nothing to do with it. "You're part of our 1-A class, right? Why else would you be standing here! But you're not inside, so maybe you're shy?" A brief pause, then her face lit up in revelation. "Or wait, you must be a 1-B kid spying on us!"

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---- Lucian - [Outside Classroom 1-A] ----


As Lucian casually inspected his nails, assuring himself for the fiftieth time that they were indeed perfect, he noticed a small, tentacled girl run up the stairs and point an accusatory finger at him. She didn't seem deterred by his perfume, but perhaps that was a byproduct of her Quirk? He vaguely remembered encountering the girl at the entrance exams, but she had placed seventh and was thus not much of a threat. Seventh was still better than that cretin inside the classroom, however, and he allotted her a slightly bigger portion of his attention despite her equally... energetic behavior.


 "You're part of our 1-A class, right? Why else would you be standing here! But you're not inside, so maybe you're shy?"


He was about to open his mouth to declare that it was nothing of the sort, however the girl seemed undeterred and continued on, oblivious of his struggle. Hardly a second later, her face lit up, and he felt a growing dread for whatever newfound accusation was bound to spring from it.


"Or wait, you must be a 1-B kid spying on us!"


At this point, his cool smile took on a distinctly sinister taint as he walked up to her, taking full advantage of his height to loom over her head. With crossed arms, he began to lecture her, his face growing more demonic with every word.


"Are you implying something about me, little girl? Perhaps that I'm not good enough to be part of Class 1-A? Or that I, Lucian King, the person who placed above you in the entrance exams, would perform such a distasteful action as spying? Do you not recognize that I am of a different cast than those everyday barbarians and that I was merely waiting outside for the aftereffects of a rowdy classmate to die down?"


At this point, he suddenly resumed his previously calm exterior and turned away, walking back to his previous post by the door. With a dismissive wave, he pointed the tentacled girl towards the door with hardly a glance in her direction. Clearly, he had better things to do with his time than trying to convince the uncultured masses to appreciate his brilliance, especially if they could not recognize a superior when one was before them. If she was unwilling to treat him with the respect he deserved, then he would have nothing to do with her.


"Tch, I suppose it can't be helped. Go on, join the rest of your kind in the classroom. I shall be waiting outside for the civility to resume, so if you would speed up your entrance, it would be greatly appreciated."

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Vincent looked over as the door slammed open and a rather shaggy boy with glowing green lines on him walked in.

The boy seemed thoroughly disappointed that there was nothing crazy going on in the classroom.

He chuckled, "Afraid you just missed all the hijinx, ol' crocboy here just ate a one of the students. He didn't seem the heroic type so it was probably for the best," Vincent said deadpan, crossing his arms.

He then turned his head back to Sam he was standing gaping trying to determine where she'd sit, Vincent thought he saw a hint of drool at the side of her mouth.

"Yeah, he's right, alphabetical order and going by characters you/'d probably be near the back," He replied to Sams question.

She nodded in a dazed manner, but her eyes darted towards the newcomer as mention of games came up.

As Sam turned around Kiboru lumbered his way back towards his seat and sat down, he scribbled something on his notepad and held it up to Yanagi

That was quite the startle wasn't it?


Sam was now striding passed the desks and towards the mechanical man, who Vincent could now see had metal hands.

"What kind of game we talking here!?" Sam demanded, now snapped out of her previous daze. "Bring it, I'll take you on!" She continued, wide eyed.

Vincent gave a pained expression before reaching up and rubbing his nose, something reaked and it seemed like it had wafted in when the door had opened. He walked over to the door and curiously looked out.

He saw no sign of the skeleton boy who'd left but he did see a man with incredibly long golden hair, a small girl with tentacles and just behind them an octopus faced girl who he recognised from earlier at the dorms, and another uncommonly normal looking girl beside her.

He painfully wafted the air in front of him and coughed, the smell seemed to be coming from the golden-haired guy.

"Ugh man dude you reek, you smell so bad it'd make my nose straight," He said, painfully covering his nostrils. He didn't know how the tentacle girl standing next to him could tolerate it.

"Are you in this class? You can come in, a fair few people have arrived... or are you lost?" Vincent asked, glancing between the four.

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Madoka -- Outside classroom > Inside classroom


The boy's expression turned increasingly sinister the further along she went on, but Madoka didn't even notice the change until he took advantage of a pause in her onslaught to give a sneering response, glaring down from his towering height. Madoka's whole body froze with shock. Her tentacles visibly drooped in response to Lucian King's little outburst -- and to anyone who didn't know her as thoroughly as her sister did, it might have looked like she was about to run away crying. But then, without warning, her hair bounced back into the form of happy little curls and her smile returned to her face as if nothing had happened.


She laughed. What a riot! Lucian's response was a little unexpected, but she could feel that this boy would be full of opportunities for entertainment. He was unintentionally hilarious because of his lack of self-awareness, and Madoka actively looked forward to bothering him again in the future. "Thanks Mr. King! See you in class!"


The girl turned to strut through the door he had pointed to, eyes shut and elbows swinging, eager to see what kind of commotion Lucian King deemed as 'rowdy'; however, her face bumped into something firm like an upholstered tatami. The sudden barrier was so unexpected that she lost her balance, prompting her to extend her tentacles backwards to steady herself.


As she looked up, the vertical tatami mat turned out to just be another tall man (geez, was everyone so tall at this school?). Caught completely off guard by the sudden existence of this stranger in the way, Madoka let out a yell and quickly slipped past him and into the classroom, toward a far corner that couldn't be seen directly from the door. Predictably, there were already a good number of students here, and she let her tentacles relax as she refreshed her composure.


"Good morning!" she greeted with a wide smile from the back of the class. Despite the accidental mishap, not much could permanently tarnish her good mood.

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Alistair | Classroom 1-A


Gradually, the students of 1-A began to trickle into the classroom, talking and bickering amongst themselves while they waited for the bell to ring. Just as the clock in the back of the classroom began to tick towards the start of class, the door was thrust open. Alistair, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, walked into the classroom and collapsed onto the nearest desk.

“Geez,” he said, chuckling to himself as he brushed his bangs out of his face. “Who knew the school would be so crowded before classes started, huh?” Pushing himself up, Alistair glanced around the classroom and grinned. “Wow, there sure are a lot of us!” Alistair said, placing a hand on his hip. He gave a low whistle, taking in the sight of each of his fellow classmates. For some reason, he thought the students of Class 1-A would be especially scary or tough looking what with the reputation the hero course had, yet lo and behold, there was not a single classmate that Alistair felt looked terrifying. Sure, there were some students with pretty interesting quirks, but none of them were flat-out intimidating at least, to Alistair that was.

“Say,” he said as he glanced around the room. “Class is about to start, right? Where’s our teacher?” There was a pregnant pause. No one seemed to have a clue until Yanagi scooted over towards Shinya.
“Um, didn’t you see the teacher was at a meeting?” she asked. The boy lifted his head from the desk and yawned.
“Mhmm,” he said with a nod. “Our teacher was at a meeting but he came back before any of you arrived.” He pointed towards the teacher’s desk and then, right on time, the school bell rang.

“You’re a pretty noisy group,” an older male voice said from behind the desk just as the bell stopped ringing. There was a zipping sound from behind the desk and within moments the homeroom teacher, Shoto Aizawa, stood up from behind the desk. He stretched his arms, kicking the bright yellow sleeping bag he was in out of sight as discreetly as he could. “Head to your desks,” Aizawa ordered as he withdrew an eyedropper from his pocket and looked up as he began to squeeze drops into his eyes. “We’ll be starting class momentarily.”

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---- Kairo - [Classroom 1-A] ----


 "Afraid you just missed all the hijinx, ol' crocboy here just ate a one of the students. He didn't seem the heroic type so it was probably for the best,"


"No way! You're just messing with me!" Kairo scoffed, leaning back in his seat. He was in the right one, wasn't he? Eh, whatever, as long as no one sat on him it'd probably be fine.


He turned his attention back to a seemingly athletic girl as she made her way over, hopefully to challenge him. "What kind of game we talking here!?" She demanded with a fair share of enthusiasm. "Bring it, I'll take you on!"


"Heh, I hope so!" He retorted, scrolling through his phone to find a suitable game. "Hearthstone? Nah... Hm, not that one either... those are too obscure... where's something action-packed?"


He continued to mutter to himself for a while, bringing up a massive number of games only to discard them a second later, some for being "too boring", others for being single player only, and the rest for taking too long. Before he could pinpoint an ideal game, the bell rang, cutting him off mid-thought and prompting a groan of disappointment. A few other students had come in since he began his search for the perfect game, but since none of them proved too exciting, he decided not to pay them any attention, instead locking eyes with the girl who'd accepted his gaming challenge.


"Offer's still good any time you wanna go, can't wait to beat you!" He grinned, then paused for a moment, looking almost sheepish. "How about you pick the game next time?"


A zipping noise from just behind the desk drew his attention, and he glanced up just in time to catch their teacher stand up and kick something -- a yellow sleeping bag -- out of sight? Weird. At least his appearance meant that class was starting soon, and if class was starting soon, then the excitement was sure to follow!


---- Lucian - [Classroom 1-A] ----


"Ugh man dude you reek, you smell so bad it'd make my nose straight," A sudden voice came from the door, carrying yet another insult. He pointedly avoided looking at the new disturbance, not even when it asked him if he was lost. When he was certain that the voice had finished its rude intrusion, he gave a tight smile and responded, loathing infused within every word.


"It's called perfume, and it's to keep away imbeciles like you."


He did not waver in his straight-on stare, only scoffing as he heard the thump of a collision within the doorway. When he was sure all obstacles were removed from the entrance, he made his way into the classroom and sat in his assigned seat, keeping a smile that barely masked his irritation. It was not turning out to be a good day. He could only hope that the emergence of their teacher meant that there would be some semblance of order -- nevermind that yet another classmate had just stumbled in, barely making it on time.

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Sam waited eagerly, watching as the wireboy browsed his phone, looking for an appropriate game.

She continued to wait as he quietly mumbled to himself, continuing to scroll through his phone. Her foot began to tap impatiently, her excitement slowly fading.

Finally the bell rang, putting an end to any hope of playing a game with this guy. Sams shoulder slumped and she leaned back, looking down at the wireboy with a dissapointed frown and crossed her arms.

"Any good gamer should have the game ready to play when they invite others to play with them," Sam said sternly.

She then shrugged and made her way to her desk, calling out behind her, "And mobile games suck anyway!"

Sam slumped down in her chair, giggling briefly as the small girl with tentacle hair bumped into Vincent on her way into the class.




Vincent let out a disgruntled 'oof" as the short girl collided with his chest.

He gave her a kind smile but she hadn't seemed to notice, hurrying into the class, Vincent rubbed the back of his head.

I guess she was a little embarrassed he thought to himself, turning back towards the hallway as the blonde guy responded to him.

"Odd, I always thought perfume and cologne were to attract others towards you... it's that old opponent BO that keeps people away," Vincent snarked in response exiting the doorway so as to avoid another awkward interaction like the one with the small girl.

Vincent made his way to the back of the class taking a seat next to Sam.

As he did she leaned over and whispered, "Look at that guys hair! It's longer than mine... and does he smell funny or is that just me?"

Vincent chuckled and replied, "He's taller than you too, losing in two fronts that's unlike you. And yeah, I think he must've bathed in the stuff. Doesn't seem to be the social type... kind of odd".

The two of them quietened down as one final student made it into the room.

Almost immediately after the boy entered their teacher revealed himself.

"How long was he there!?" Sam asked in a sharp whisper.

"I don't know!? Maybe he has a stealth quirk or something... or a sleeping quirk," Vincent suggested.

The two fell silent once more waiting in anticipation for the class to commence.

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Satisfied that the students had settled in their seats, Aizawa pocketed his eye dropper before glancing over at his new class. He blinked dully at them, glancing between each student before clearing his throat.

“Welcome to your first day at, U.A.,” Aizawa said in a monotone voice. “I am Shota Aizawa, your homeroom teacher. It is my—” Aizawa sighed softly. “—duty to inform you that there was an issue with the application process this year. If students suddenly disappear from class or come a few days late, don’t be surprised.” Aizawa ran his fingers through his messy hair, mumbling something incoherent under his breath. “That aside,” Aizawa continued. “Some of you may be leaving for a different reason. This class isn’t something you can take lightly. If you don’t take this course seriously, you will be transferred to another class. You won’t be the first transferred to a different class and you won’t be the last.” Aizawa paused, letting the threat sink in. He stuffed his hands into his pocket and shuffled to the classroom door.

“We’re going to begin our first training session now,” Aizawa said as he opened the door. “Follow me, I’ll show you all to the training area.”



The P.E grounds was an open field with very few distinguishing features between the various P.E. equipment scattered about and a single large tree near the edge of the P.E. grounds. Aizawa had gathered the students underneath the tree, allowing them to enjoy the cool shade as he explained the first test of the day. The students, dressed in their P.E. uniforms, waited for the teacher's instructions.


“You’ll be put through a series of exercises that will test the strengths and weaknesses of your Quirks,” Aizawa began. “You will be scored on every test and once everyone has finished every test, all the scores will be revealed. I hope you all learned how to properly utilize your Quirks before you came here.” Aizawa looked at his students, his gaze flickering to each and every one of their faces as though he were searching for something. A minute passed before he nodded towards a young girl with green hair. “You, get over here.”


Yanagi, startled that she was spoken to, blinked in bewilderment before slowly walking up the teacher.
“How strong are you?” Aizawa asked. Yanagi diverted her gaze to the grass, shifting between her feet uncomfortably. “I-I always was scored last during P.E.,” she admitted, tapping her fingers together nervously. Aizawa accepted the answer with a thoughtful hum. He turned to his side, lifting up a medicine ball before dropping it in front of Yanagi. “This ball weighs about 10 kilograms,” he began. “You’re going to pick it up and throw it as far as you possibly can three times while standing up. What kind of throw you do doesn’t matter so long as you do throw it.” Yanagi stared finally looked up at her teacher, her eyes wide as she glanced between him and the medicine ball. “Um,” she said, biting her lip. “A-Alright. I’ll do my best!”


Needless to say, Yanagi performed horribly. It took over a minute to find a way she could properly throw the medicine ball. The ball was thrown less than a meter away from her each time and the more she threw it, the more exhausted she looked. Her face was flushed red from embarrassment as he turned back to her teacher unable to meet his eye.


“Were you using your Quirk?” Aizawa asked. Yanagi’s blush darkened. “No.” “Use it now,” Aizawa said. Careful not to make eye contact with anyone, Yanagi slowly opened her palm and lifted it into the air. The ground shook as thick tree root rose out of the ground. Yanagi took a step back as the massive root wrapped itself around the medicine ball. The root lifted the ball into the air, swinging it around before launching it across the field. The ball was flung across the P.E. grounds, landing far off on the edge of the field.


“As you can see,” Aizawa said, “using your Quirk can grant you advantages you normally wouldn’t have.” Yanagi stared in awe of the medicine ball before realizing she had to throw two more balls. Thankfully, Aizawa had evidently expected students to throw some of the balls far away as evidenced by the pile of medicine balls waiting to be thrown. Yanagi threw two more balls with similar results before Aizawa turned to her and said “Yanagi,” The girl, who had been staring off at the balls she had thrown, let out a yelp of surprise.


“Could you bring the balls back here?”
“Well, there are some trees where they landed so I think I could—”
“Then go get them.” Yanagi sputtered for a moment before nodding furiously.
“Okay!” she said as she turned away and began running off towards where the balls had landed. With Yanagi off to collect the balls she had thrown, Aizawa turned towards the rest of his students with an expectant look. “Well? Who’s next?”


[The first test has begun! You should have your character do the medicine ball throw and use their Quirk to somehow throw the ball. If your character isn't going to do great (or if the Quirk can't relaly help) then that's okay! There are more tests to come. Do what you can with this test and we'll move on. Since Yanagi already did the test without her Quirk, you don't need to worry about having your characters perform the test without the assistance of a Quirk. Aizawa just did that to make a point.]

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---- Kairo - [P.E. Grounds] ----


As the class made their way outside, Kairo couldn't keep the silly grin off his face. They were finally going to do something! He could see how strong his classmates were! It'd be so exciting! Thrilling! Life-changing! Absolutely fun! He forced himself to settle down as the teacher began to speak, settling for a subtle crackling of electricity along his fingertips. If everyone else was going to give it their all, he sure wasn't going to falter, and that meant taking all aspects of the situation into account. He couldn't let himself get carried away with excitement now.


He peered amongst the faces of his classmates, noting their appearances and possible strengths. It was some strong competition, most likely, but nothing he couldn't handle. The conditions outside weren't terrible either, though the sun could get in the way of looking certain directions. He just had to make sure not to overexert himself and suffer from the heat. His fingertips were already beginning to heat up from the sparks emanating from them, but if he stopped using his electricity and stayed out of the sun, it wouldn't overwhelm him.


A direction from the teacher caught his attention as he noted the timid girl standing in front of him, assessing the information given and calculating the possibilities for her Quirk. From the plants in her hair, he'd guess it was something nature related, a conclusion that was soon confirmed by the eruption of a giant tree root from the ground beneath her feet. Once she had the root out, it was easy for her to throw the ball far out into the distance, although she seemed surprised at the strength of her own Quirk.


So, it's not touch or sight based. A plant-based emitter of some sort, hm? She still has to run over to collect the balls, so the range isn't huge. Interesting!


As the girl ran off to recover the balls, he contemplated going next. On one hand, he'd like to have a better idea of what everyone else's Quirks were like, on the other hand, it was better to go first to recover energy before the next test. He was also itching to unleash his Quirk, so...


"Alright, I'll go next!" Without a trace of hesitation, he stepped forward, picking up a medicine ball along the way.


"10 kilograms, huh. That shouldn't be too much of a problem..." Kairo muttered, testing the weight of the ball in his hands.


Should I fuse my arms together and catapult it? I could probably extend my legs a bit to give me some extra height, then twist them together and boost the ball forward with the extra momentum... Alright, let's try it and see how it goes!


He began to unwind his arms and legs, transforming them into solid pillars instead of their usual benign forms. As he twisted the bottom wires together, he created a small dimple in his arms to nestle the ball into, making sure it wouldn't fly out accidentally. When everything was properly set, he took a deep breath, then forcefully uncoiled the bottom wires, swinging the ball forward with his arms at the same time. It flew outwards, arcing into the distance, then landing with a thud somewhere around the previous girl's throw distance. Not bad, except... he was a bit lightheaded from all that spinning.


After a moment of recovery, he tried batting the ball, then forcefully shooting the ball forward with the force of his wires, all of which achieved comparable results. It didn't seem like he wasn't gonna get it that much farther. Oh well, he was satisfied with his results, and that was good enough. The throw didn't take into account his electricity, after all, and that provided additional offense beyond simple force. With an unfaltering grin, he set off to retrieve the balls he'd thrown, offering a small wave to the plant girl when he got close enough.


"Cool quirk you got, seems like it'd be useful in a bunch of situations. You don't seem very confident in your Quirk's strength though, mhm? You should work on that, if you practiced with it more you seem like you'd be a fun opponent."

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As Madako headed out into the field with the rest of the class, she took the opportunity to examine her new classmates, especially that loud boy with the tail. She'd recognized him the moment he stumbled into class. He had taken the entrance exam in the same centre as her; the explosions he left in his wake were difficult to forget, so she hadn't been surprised to find his name in third place on the practical exam rankings. So he was in her class, huh...? She took her hands out of her pockets and cracked her knuckles. This should be an interesting year.


As they reached the P.E. grounds, Madako was disappointed to see it set up for a normal medicine ball throw - until the teacher explained that they were allowed to use their quirks. That made sense; nothing would prevent you from using every resource available during actual hero work. So this was UA: shifting the focus from physical scores to practical results on the very first day. An interesting year, indeed. She doubted her own quirk would help much with this test, though, so better to get it over with and save her energy for the others. After the boy with the wire arms finished, she stepped up to the pile of medicine balls.


She hefted one with both hands, testing its weight, then wrapped all four tentacles around the handles as well. As she'd thought, her quirk wasn't going to be of much use here. Her tentacles could provide some extra lift, but they were more optimized for constricting than throwing, and if she swung too hard in this position she was liable to break her neck. She brought the ball to her side and tossed it underhand; it sailed through the air and landed with a loud thud, a few metres beyond her previous record but nothing near what the previous two students had accomplished. The next throw went similarly, and for the third an overhead toss landed even shorter of the others.


Well, that was about what she'd expected, anyway. She looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with her sister. "Well, you've no excuse not to beat me this time," she teased, then ran to retrieve her balls before Madoka could answer.

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As the class made their way to the grounds after changing into their sports uniforms Vincent and Sam walked side by side.

As the grounds came into view, Vincent noted with amusement the increased spring in Sam’s step, as always, she was excited about the prospect of hero training, even if it was just to test their quirks.

Vincent himself was more interested in learning about other people’s quirks. One of the most important parts of working as a hero was working with others. There were many heroes who’d taken on sidekicks who could fill a skillset that the hero themselves could not, and what better group to work with then friends made in high school.

Vincent was then thrown for a loop as the teacher explained the simple task they had to perform. Throwing a medicine ball.

Vincent knew all about the medicine ball, he’d often assisted his father with throwing a medicine ball back at home; his home had a considerable home gym being his father was a former athlete. He glanced sideways at Sam and noted that she had scrunched up her face in thought. She was probably already thinking how best to approach the task with her own quirk.

For now, Vincent watched as the nice green haired girl went up to bat first. He wasn’t surprised when her quirk was revealed to control nature.

Hmm she’s pretty powerful but if there isn’t anything nearby she can’t do much with it… in the city she wouldn’t do too well, but in a forest… I’d be terrified to go up against her Vincent thought to himself.

Next up was the boy with the wire arms, who’d challenged the class to match him in a game. It was peculiar to watch him manipulate the arms into strange shapes, if he had to rate it he’d put him above Flower Girl in terms of raw power.

Next up was the squid girl, the one who hadn’t bumped into Vincent in the doorway. He was a little curious, she was definitely a mutation quirk, like the big crocodile boy, but unlike him she didn’t look particularly stronger than a normal person.

But maybe her tentacles can extend… or they have a wiry strength. It could be anything! Vincent thought, anxiously clenching his hands in anticipation.

His shoulders slumped however as he watched her throw the ball three times, he could probably throw it a fair bit more on a good day without his quirk. He did note that she was able to grip the ball with one hand fairly easily.

She made it through the entrance exam, so she can probably do a fair bit in combat… I guess raw strength just isn’t it. Vincent attention was then turned as a heavy *thump thump* indicated the crocodile boy walking up to the plate.




Kiboru had never thrown a medicine ball before. All he knew about them was that they were used for exercise and were very heavy, despite what their name would indicate.

He was hesitant to go early, but he also wanted to prove to his peers that he was worthy of being a hero and making a strong introduction would be a good way to start. He walked past the octopus mutant girl, she appeared to be the only one with such a severe mutation like his own, and he was kind of glad there was someone else with a similar quirk.

He gave her a friendly thumbs up as he passed her. And stepped next to the pile of medicine balls. And effortlessly lifted one of them up in one of his large clawed hands. He felt some anxiety has he lifted it up but squinted his eyes and prepared to throw. Kiboru swung his arm forward, releasing the ball, only for it to instead cling to his hand.

Tilting his head slightly so he could see it easier he was surprised to see that his claws had pierced the leather skin and sand was slowly spilling out, the leather had also gotten stuck to his claws.

“’Orry, ‘orry” Kiboru said, turning and bowing rapidly towards Aizawa, and quickly pried the ball off of his claws. However, as he did so more and more sand spilled out of the holes. He anxiously put the ball down to the side of the pile and picked up another, signing sorry repeatedly as he did.

Hoisting this ball up, taking a bit more care of his grip, Kiboru hurled it in an overarm throw similar to a normal sized person would throw a baseball. It travelled a considerable length before gravity caught up to it and it dropped to the ground with a thud, not as far as the first two but a considerable distance.

For his second throw he through the ball overhead with both arms, reaching a bit shorter than his first throw. And finally, for his third, he experimented, lobbing it into the air before swinging and hitting it with his tail. While there was considerable force behind it, he hadn’t been able to aim at all, resulting in it slamming into the ground at around the same distance as the previous girls attempts.

Hanging his head in shame, Kiboru plodded back to the group, moving quickly to the back.

Having watched the whole thing, Vincent gave the big guy a polite pat on his back as a sign of support and waited for the next few throws.


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Madoka -- Outside field


Madoka gave her sister a casual dismissive wave. "It'll be my pleasure," she retorted. "Even though you'll probably get lucky enough to use your quirk later on," she added as an aside, punctuating her words with a smirk. Seeing the student who was a bundle of wires use his quirk had gotten her all excited about the task. How creative! Unfortunately, Madoka didn't think she could pull off something similar without accidentally pulling anything.


She flexed each tentacle in turn to limber up. The patterns turned from purple to a red hue and shifted into a solid color as Madoka, uncharacteristically quiet, held her focus on the task at hand. What was the best way to approach this? The ball was easily below her carrying capacity if she held her tentacles close to her.


Her body stood straight and still but her hair writhed and shot forward to grip the heavy ball, testing its weight. The mass of tentacles jerked upwards, swinging the ball into an overhead throw that landed a good distance away, at least ten times farther than any throw she could have done with her small arms.


She contemplated her result. Not nearly as far as the plant girl, meaning that her roots had more raw strength than Madoka's tentacles even though they used a similar throwing technique.  Grabbing another ball from the pile, she tried again, this time with only two tentacles and a different angle of release, then finally a third time with an underhand throw similar to Madako's attempt. Each measurement was slightly better than the last.


"Easy stuff," she commented when she stepped down to let the next person give it a try.



Akira -- Classroom > Outside field


Akira Kirame was content with observing his fellow classmates. He didn't want to be too early or too keen to arrive to class, nor did he want to be caught being late and overexerting himself by running to class.


Peering around the corner, there was still a group of students in some sort of argument right in front of the doorway. For a moment, Akira wondered if he made the wrong decision to wait before entering, and perhaps that he should have decided to arrive early enough to avoid this impasse. On the other hand, he wouldn't know how to make conversation to fill in the half hour if he did decide to go to the classroom early.


He took a look at his watch: class was about to start. Not wanting to risk being late, Akira made a few long strides and slipped into the 1A room. 




The timetable was rather ambiguous with what they were doing the first day. Akira was a little stupefied when Aizawa-sensei announced that they were to go outside to the training field for some exercises.


Akira huffed silently. He had put too much work into his hair and uniform for the first day to be disheveled by first period PE. He didn't manage to talk to anyone all morning, even during the changeroom banter -- he was too focused on himself to notice if anyone had tried to address him.

Given how their teacher looked like he was still half asleep, Akira assumed that he was packing a powerful ability. Most of UA's staff were pro heroes, were they not? Not all heroes were well-known, and he had never heard of Aizawa. The teen figured that he himself would want his name to be known rather than be cloaked in obscurity, once he made it to the top.


Now that he was here on the field, Akira did some stretches while standing under the shade, pulling one arm back and locking it with the other for sixty seconds, if only to pretend that he knew what he was doing. He wasn't actually focusing on his stretches at all anyway, instead scanning all of his fellow classmates with his eyes and judging who would be the best one to approach. Would a comment on their quirk be the best way to begin? He would have to wait until someone relatively mild-mannered did the throw, but not too mild as to be afraid or devastated, like the green haired girl.

When he was called up to do the throw next, Akira held his head high. With increasing horror he realized that his quirk was of no use for the first trial, or any of the typical track and field tasks -- his crystals didn't grow with enough force to propel the ball. Akira knew he would get nowhere near the distance of specialized quirks and that made him annoyed. He could do little more than coat it in salt. His upper body, however, was strong from carrying the weight of his constructs and thinking that way, his quirk had helped him.


His movements were calculated as he stepped into the sunlight, his skin scattering the light and showing off its brilliant diamond shimmer. It glittered as he moved to pick up a ball and did his three throws -- each landing no farther than they usually did.


"Looks like you're not the only one who's lost the lottery on the first round, huh sis?" the tentacle-haired girl addressed the one who was a literal octopus. Akira could feel his ears turn red from embarrassment and he narrowed his eyes, pretending to look away. He would have to redeem himself by doing something cool before the day ended.

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Sam skipped happily as their class made their way down to the sports field. She watched with interest as one by one several students took their turn at throwing the medicine balls.

Sam expected most to do extremely well considering all had passed the entrance exam, but was surprised to see that so far the results had been quite varied. The guy who'd challenged her to a gaming match had one of the better scores and Sam committed his quirk to memory, he was one to watch.

She watched in awe as the little girl who'd bumped into Vincent sent the ball hurling a considerable distance with her prehensile hair.

"Wow..." she awed quietly.

As the next boy went up to bat, Sam began stretching. She was too excited to sit still for this long and was aching to go next.

Pausing in her stretches to watch the next boy's attempt she was momentarily distracted by his shimmering skin, it reminded her of a dumb romance one of her friends had made her watch when she was younger.

He still performed pretty well. Sam noted the musculature beneath his uniform. He wasn't as beefy as Vincent, if anything he probably had a similar build to herself.

The words from the squid girl however, seemed to cut him deep as he returned from his throws. Heading up to center stage Sam gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder and a thumbs up as she passed, before turning her gaze to Vincent.

"You're up next mate! Bring it! Winner buys drinks after class," She declared, pumping her fist in the air. Sam's gaze returned to the task at hand, and she bent down and hefted up one of the medicine balls. They were as heavy as she expected and while she expressed some visible strain she was still able to idly pass it between her hands.

Squaring her legs and assuming a shot-putter's pose, with the medicine ball pressed against her cheek, Sam began to activate her quirk.

She slowly raised her density, feeling all her cells start to compress. The ball seemed to grow lighter and lighter as the elasticity in her muscles grew.

She halted her quirk as she felt the ground begin to give beneath her feet, the effects of her increased weight beginning to show their affect.

With a loud yell she hurled the medicine ball from her shoulder, reverting back to her usual weight as the ball left her hand.

The ball landed a considerable way with a satisfying thud.

She followed her first throw with a two handed overhead and a throw from the chest, both achieving similar distances.

"Next batter to the pitch!" Sam called, her eyes issuing a challenge to Vincent.




Vincent gave Sam a high-five as he walked passed her to the throwing point. He had been mulling over several ways to tackle this while waiting and he'd finally decided on his strategy.

Stepping up, he picked up the nearest medicine ball with his right hand and held it aloft for a few seconds, looking over the field trying to gauge distance.

He pressed his left hand to his side and focused, the effects of his quirk activated and time seemed to slow for him.

Cupping the medicine ball he began to spin his arm like a windmill, carrying the medicine ball with it.

He used his own enhanced speed to spin the ball around as fast as he could for several more revolutions before throwing the ball. The moment it left his hand it ceased moving, staying floating in the air.

Ignoring the ball Vincent bent down and picked up his next ball, then turned back towards Sam and smiled.

"I'll have a coffee, thanks," He said simply.


His quirk releasing, all the kinetic energy that had just been transferred to the ball affected it at once, similar to how a compressed air cannon builds up force before opening the leaver and letting it all out. The ball shot off in the direction Vincent had released it, soaring past Sam's best throw and landing a similar distance to the first two student's.

Vincent followed through with two normal throws, just with the help of his left hand, he had done what he'd hoped and was now happy to just carry on with ordinary throws.

Not bothering to see where his final throw landed Vincent walked back to Sam, who was now lying on her hands and knees in a very over-exaggerated manner.

"Vending machine is fine, but if you get something from a cafe I'll shout you to food," Vincent said, patting Sam roughly on the head.

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---- Lucian - [P.E. Grounds] ----


Although the event of needing to change had thrown a slight wrench into his plans, Lucian remained perfectly composed throughout the series of events. His smile was fully restored and gave no indication of the irritation he felt beneath it, as was his clothing. The decision to braid his hair had been a good one, as it had helped prevent some of his hair from becoming disheveled -- not that the rest of his hair had become disorganized, but it meant that he could be a little less careful about his changing. He was not about to let this day get the better of him, and that meant preserving his distinguished air.


As the other students filed in around him, he took note of their appearances and made sure to maintain his distance, purposefully standing in the light so that his hair would maintain a beautiful glow. Since they were allowed to use their quirks, there wouldn't be much need for him to stretch, but he still did a few cursory arm extensions just in case. He noted the distance of each thrower before him, biding his time as they went up one by one. They were about as strong as he expected, although none of them were quite as elegant as him, especially not the wire boy. One of the students glittered and held a similar air of composure, however his throw distance was disappointingly average.


It was a shame, as the boy might have been worth investigating otherwise. Perhaps his quirk, whatever it was, could prove to be of more use in a later trial. As the rough boy from earlier took his turn, he prepared to step up, scoffing as the boy's friend dropped to her knees in shock. If such a simple display could awe her, then she was sorely unprepared to enter the world of heroes. Even if the range limit on his needles prevented him from launching the ball an extreme distance, his execution alone would be far superior. This was his chance to shine.


He took a few long strides into the field, gracefully lifting a medicine ball with ease. As he held his position, small needles began to rise from his hair, twinkling brightly in the light. They gathered under the ball at his command, forming a three-sided box around it and glowing intensely with their full strength. He proceeded to pull his hand back, letting the box float in place for a moment before directing it towards the far end of the field. The whole structure instantly rushed forward at a high speed, almost cometlike in its brilliance.


"I shall show you true perfection." He smirked, keeping a deliberately effortless look.


As the box neared the end of his range, he held out his arm, snapping in perfect time with the release of the ball. The entire box morphed within a second, transforming into a batlike structure and hitting the ball before it could fall. He watched the ball soar away, then land with a thud, not quite as far as the plant girl, but much better than the unaided throwers. It was a satisfactory performance, given the improvised nature of his throw, however it could likely be improved with practice. He refined his subsequent attempts, adding a different flair every time to ensure a natural appearance. The throws themselves only improved marginally, but he'd only had three attempts to practice and he refused to make a fool of himself by experimenting and failing.


"Elegance is key. You may be able to throw farther, however your form is lacking. Imperfect." He put deliberate emphasis on the last word as he passed the rough boy, using his extra two inches of height to its full advantage. The air of smug superiority around him was clear, and he rested assured that the rough boy could never hope to achieve the same level of perfection as him.

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Shinya | Classroom 1-A


Considering that UA was a prestigious school that most middle schoolers could only dream of attending, Shinya really should have paid more attention to the other students. His arms folded against his chest, Shinya tried and failed, to suppress a yawn as he idly stared at the other students. The only two who were left to test was him and the blue-haired boy who, after watching the blond boy finish up with his test, grinned widely before picking up the first ball. Sufficient to say, it didn’t seem as though he used his Quirk. Shinya saw wisps of smoke drift from the boy’s nostrils as he took in a deep breath, but when he threw the ball he didn’t appear to use his Quirk to enhance the distance. His throws were decent which was expected considering his muscular physique, but they were nothing compared to some of the better throws.


Despite the fact that he couldn’t use his Quirk to get a higher score, the lizard boy seemed satisfied with his throws. Shinya, realizing that he was the last one who hadn’t thrown, unfolded his arms and trekked over to the medicine balls. The blue-haired boy winked at Shinya as he passed by, offering a toothy grin and walking off before Shinya could react beyond a raised eyebrow. Pushing the wink to the back of his mind, Shinya stood in front of one of the balls. He blinked down at it, rubbing the back of his neck before dropping his hand and picking up the first ball. The weight tugged his arm downward. Shinya grunted, pulling the ball back up as hard as he could. He could feel his arm grow stronger as his body adjusted to the new weight tugging him down. It took several seconds for his body to grant him enough strength to carry the ball without causing his arm to ache. Huffing to himself, Shinya pulled the ball upward, looking at the grass in front of him before swinging it in an underthrow.


His throw was… less than impressive. It landed further away than the boy before him, but that didn’t mean much considering how well the other students did. Shinya repeated the next required throws that were just as unsuccessful as the first before shrugging to himself and returning back to the other students. Aizawa clears his throat, turning his gaze to the first years with a blank expression.

“I recorded all of your results,” he said, tapping the clipboard in his hand (Shinya blinked in surprise, when did he get that?) with the tip of his pen. “I’ll be adding the points you earned in this test with the results from the next few tests.” Flipping to a different page on his clipboard, Aizawa nonchalantly beckoned the students to follow him. “Come on. The next test is the long jump.”


As it so happened, there were five more tests: the long jump, softball throw, shuttle run, sit and reach, and 10m swim which the students had to change for in more swim appropriate wear before taking. Shinya was expecting some sort of test that would deal with using Quirks in a fighting scenario, but it seemed as though the teacher didn’t intend on letting the students getting their hands dirty quite yet. Shinya did mediocre on about all of the tests. Most of the tests weren’t stressful enough to activate his Quirk. He managed to coax his body to grant him webbed fingers and gills by forcing his head underwater for the 10m swim, but that affected his time so great that it probably would have been easier to just swim normally. The boy with blue hair, Alistair he learned, apparently had a fire Quirk that could not be efficiently used for anything that didn’t include burning anything into ashes. Despite his Quirk not being too useful, his natural strength ensured that he made decent scores even if he wasn’t using his Quirk to its full extent. Shinya recalled that Alistair did particularly poorly during the 10m swim. He snatched the nearest towel when he was done, mumbling something about how much he hated water before disappearing off into the changing rooms. Yanagi did particularly well in the softball throw and long jump, using long longs to throw the ball and use as a launch pad respectively. Besides those two tests however she did rather poorly. She wasn’t by any means physically strong and it was almost sad to see how much she struggled with the sit and reach, shuttle run, and 10m swim.

Now that the last student had completed the 10m swim, Shinya finished up in the changing rooms, wiping off the excess water from a brief shower as he put on his school uniform, before heading back out where the teacher was waiting. Aizawa glanced up at Shinya, lowering the pen from his clipboard.

“Took long enough for one of you to leave the changing room,” Aizawa said as he glanced back down at his clipboard. “Look, while you and the rest of the kids entered the changing room I was informed that the school is having an emergency meeting. Since this was all that I had planned for today, you can tell the other students that they can go home.” Shinya opened and then closed his mouth. Was the teacher really going to leave before everyone left the changing room?


“Are you serious?” he finally said after a moment. “You’re not going to tell everyone at once? Who even told you about the meeting?” Aizawa looked back up at Shinya with a bored expression.


“A faculty member came outside to inform me while you were addressing,” Aizawa said. “Like I said, it’s an emergency meeting so yes I have to go. I could have left without telling any of you, but that wouldn’t be very teacher-like, now would it?” Shinya wanted to argue that it would be more professional to stay and tell everyone at once, but hearing the emphasis Aizawa put on the word emergency was enough to keep his mouth shut.


“Alright I’ll tell them,” Shinya said, looking back at the changing rooms to see who was going to come out next. Aizawa sighed to himself.

“I’ll have the test results to you by tomorrow,” he said. Shinya looked back at him just in time to see him turn his back. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Without anything other, Aizawa walked away and back towards the main building. Shinya stood in place, unsure of what just happened as he waited for his classmates to exit the changing room.

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