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Yanagi | U.A. Main Building

As it turned out, finding classroom 1-A was harder than Yanagi originally thought.


Frowning, Yanagi looked up from her phone and looked around the hallway in hopes of spotting a sign that would direct her towards the classroom. Yanagi’s eyebrows furrowed as she exhaled a soft sigh. Even with the layout of the main building pulled up on her phone, Yanagi struggled to find room 1-A. Yanagi looked down at her phone as she nervously drummed her fingers against her thigh. After a moment of consideration, she lowered her phone and rounded the corner of the hallway. Silently, Yanagi was thankful that her anxiety, for all the trouble it brought, at least spurred her to arrive to school early. Sure, sleep had alluded her the night prior because she was too anxious about attending the first day of class and being constantly worried that she was somehow an inconvenience to everyone around her didn’t do her any favors, but hey! If she didn’t come early than she might have been late which would be a thousand times worse than spending an hour in an empty classroom waiting for the other students to file in.


It took Yanagi another ten minutes of aimlessly wandering around the main building worrying her lip as he tried to match the map’s layout to the hallways she was walking in before she finally stumbled upon the correct classroom. Yanagi halted in front of the door, blinking in surprise. Considering the seemingly endless supply of funds U.A. had, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that the door to class 1-A was huge, almost comically so. Yanagi stared at the door perplexed before taking a step forward and turning the handle. Much to her surprise, the door was unlocked; she was under the impression that she’d have to wait outside for the teacher to show up. Yanagi uttered a soft, “Oh!” before opening the door and heading into the classroom.


Class 1-A was… normal. Yanagi glanced around the room, slowly shutting the door behind her. The room was similar to one she had in her last year of junior high what with the numerous desks, podium in front, and chalkboard behind said podium. The only real difference between this room and Yanagi’s junior high classroom was the 1-A was bigger and substantially cleaner. Yanagi let out the breath she was holding as her shoulders slumped. She plopped her backpack onto the nearest desk, looking around the classroom while she—was someone sleeping at one of the desks?


Yanagi stared at the student who was resting their head on their arms that were laying on top of a desk. The other student hadn’t made any noise or moved at all when Yanagi entered so either they were actually sleeping or didn’t care that someone else had arrived early. Normally, Yanagi would simply ignore her classmate in exchange for patiently waiting for class to start, but she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to be in the classroom without the teacher present. The classroom couldn’t possibly have been unlocked all night so the teacher must have let the other student in. While logic dictated that the other student was staying in the classroom because the teacher said it was okay, Yanagi knew she wouldn’t be able to relax again until she was absolutely sure it was okay for her to wait in the classroom until class started. Sucking in a breath as she mentally prepared herself to speak, Yanagi strolled up to the student.

“Um,” she said. “H-Hey, are you awake?”


Shinya | Classroom 1-A

Lifting his head from the desk, Shinya yawned as he raised a hand to rub the sleep out of his eyes.
“Yeah, I’m awake,” Shinya said as he leaned back into his chair. He glanced over at the girl who had spoken to him. He peered over her shoulder, blinking once her realized that she was the only other person in the room. “Is class starting soon?” Shinya asked, his eyes drifting back to the girl. She started, eyes wide as she snapped her head around to look at the clock.
“Oh no, it’s—” The girl paused as she looked back over at Shinya. “No, I’m actually early. It’s about an hour before class starts.” Shinya hummed in acknowledgment as he lowered his hand back onto the desk. “Actually…” Shinya looked up at the girl who was twirling a strand of hair nervously around her finger. “The teacher must have let you in, right? Do you know where he went?”


“There was a faculty meeting,” Shinya explained with a nonchalant wave of his hand. “I was waiting outside the classroom since I didn’t have anything better to do. He saw me, unlocked the door, and told me I could just inside if I wanted to.”
“O-Oh, um, thanks!” The girl stopped pulling at her hair. “We’re going to be classmates, yeah? Well, ah, my name is Yanagi Ojigisou. It’s nice to meet you, um..”
“Shinya Nemui.”
“Ah, it’s nice to meet you, Shinya!” Yanagi brightened when Shinya introduced himself.
“Likewise,” Shinya said. While he would have liked to continue his nap, he couldn’t bring himself to brush Yanagi off when she was so obviously not used to dealing with strangers.


Unfortunately for the both of them, neither of the two knew how to continue the interaction. Yanagi uncomfortably shifted in place while Shinya tapped his fingers on the surface of the desk as an awkward silence hung in the air.
“Well, uh…” Yanagi glanced back at where her backpack was. “I’m just going to go read for a bit if that’s alright with you.” Shinya shrugged.
“Go for it,” he said as he laid his head back down. Taking that as permission to leave, Yanagi walked back to her desk and pulled out a surprisingly thick book (why was she even carrying it in the first place?) from her backpack before sitting down and opening the book to where she had left a bookmark.


Satisfied that Yanagi was occupied, Shinya closed his eyes. Idly, he wondered where the other students were. Most schools in the country started in the beginning of April, but U.A. started a week later than most. The extra week was used as an opening for students to move to the dorms. Considering that the dorms were only a ten minute walk away from the campus and it was an hour before class started, Shinya guesses that most of his classmates were getting ready to leave or eating breakfast. Still, it seemed like the punctual students were beginning to file in; it was only a matter of time before the rest of the class arrived. Pushing the thoughts to the side of his mind, Shinya tried to get what little sleep he could before class started. He would meet his fellow classmates soon enough.

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Nolan trudged through the mostly hallways of U.A. High, feeling like a one-man band as his bare feet clacked off of the tile floor, while his bag (the roller kind) wheeled along behind him, his tail wrapped around the handle. It was an entire hour before class started, which meant less conversation to drown out his deafening footfalls, but Nolan was up since two in the morning thanks to jetlag and couldn't handle waiting any longer. He knew that he'd be suffering by lunch if he didn't get whatever sleep he could, but sitting in the dorms doing nothing but amplify Nolan's stress level.


Class 1-A was easy to locate after one figured out the layout of the rooms. The door to the classroom loomed over Nolan, like it lead to the office of some Japanese pro hero he'd never heard of. He stood in front of it for a second, reminding himself that his entry was as inconspicious as possible; His wings were folded up inside of his ribcage, and Hikaru, who had arrived a week earlier and had more time to adjust, was either sound asleep or playing a recording of himself snoring on loop in the dorm room across his own. Nolan opened the door as casually as possible and ducked into the nearest seat, making a conscious attempt to avoid eye contact with the two classmates of his who were already there, hoping that he could bury his nose in a book and be protected by the unwritten laws of common courtesy. Laws that, if they were written, probably had an entire page about how rude it is to interrupt someone who was reading.

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Vincent was lying in bed, his arms splayed out and one foot dangling off the side. A droopy smile was plastered on his face, a small strand of drool at the corner, he was snoozing peacefully.A loud rapping sound came from the front door, stirring Vincent into consciousness.
“Hey… hey Vincent! Get up!” a female voice called out. Vincent groaned and wiped his face.
“Get up!” The voice repeated, followed by further rapping on the door.
With a sudden sense of urgency Vincent sat upright, his hair drooping over in front of his eyes. Stumbling out of bed he walked over to the front door, unlocked it and opened it to reveal a tanned, slightly taller Caucasian girl, her arm raised ready to bang on the door some more.
“Oh there you are!” Sam said in surprise, lowering her arm and smiling. Her eyes scanned Vincent, from his unshaven chin down to his feet and back up.
“Come on, get dressed we’re going running!” Sam said, clapping Vincent on the shoulder and walking passed him through the doorway. The adrenaline fading Vincent stood for a moment in front of the door, baffled. He turned back and saw Sam straightening his sheets before dropping down onto his bed, looking at him with piercing blue eyes.
“Wait, what time is it?” Vincent asked glancing at the window, there was some light coming through his blinds but not much.
“5:30, now come on, get changed” Sam said, crossing her arms.
“5:30, come on… why are you making me get up so early?” Vincent exclaimed, as he opened up his drawers.
“Also shouldn’t you get out so I can change” Vincent asked, looking back at her.
Sam shrugged, “You’re not gonna take anything off are you”.
Vincent looked at her glumly before pulling some shorts on over his boxers, and chucking on a t-shirt.


-Two hours later-


Vincent and Sam were running through the streets, moving at a steady place. Sam had a large smile on her face, taking in the scenery, she’d only moved to japan 5 days ago and was eager to explore her new residence. Running next to her looking less excited was Vincent, who was starting to slow down.
“Come on man, we’re almost back. Don’t slow down on me now!” Sam said encouragingly, giving Vincent a hefty slap on the back. Vincent stumbled as Sams quirk affected hand slammed into his back.
“Ow! Come on Sam, I’m a sprinter you’re endurance!” He exclaimed as the weight nearly knocked him over.
“Why did we have to go running today? It’s our first day at UA and I’ve heard some of the teachers like to push their students to their limits” Vincent continued.
Sam chuckled, “Oh come on, it’s good to get some exercise done in the morning, warm you up so you can do better later,” she replied.
“Oh sure,” Vincent said, “But a marathon a day is a bit much”.
“I’m not going to do a marathon every day. Some days I run, some I’ll just do weights. The dorms have a pretty big pool, I might try some laps this afternoon,” Sam replied. Vincent rolled his eyes, but smiled, they hadn’t seen each other for years and he was glad Sam was back in japan. A short while later the two returned to the dorm, Vincent shut down Sam’s suggestion to take the stairs back up and waited for the lift instead.




Kiboru was holding the map of the campus and walking through the hall. There weren’t too many people here yet, he had arrived early so that he wouldn’t risk getting lost. He glanced up as he approached the entrance to 1-A, he was surprised at the size of the door, but relieved. There were still many buildings that used standard door sizes, so it was a nice change for him not to have to crouch.

Kiboru reached out and opened the larger of the two doors and glanced into the class. Seated closest to the door was a reptilian skeleton, the uniform indicated that it was a boy. He also saw two green haired students, another boy and a girl. Kiboru sidled into the room, shutting the door behind him and made his way to the back of the class smiling at the other students and waving his hand in greeting. He was pleased to see a larger than average desk and promptly seated himself down in it.

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Madako stood in the empty hallway, facing her dorm room, appraising the smooth undecorated door.


She and Madoka had never had separate locked rooms before, and the news that they would have to once they began attending UA came as a surprise. The influx of international students this year necessitated the existence of dorms, or so her acceptance letter had told her; she would've never guessed this building was constructed on such short notice otherwise. It would take some getting used to, but she suspected she would enjoy her newfound privacy once she did. And if she didn't, Madoka would still be only a wall away.


In any case, this unfamiliar terrain required some reconnaissance work. She fished her phone out of her pocket and checked the time - still half an hour before class would start. More than enough time to come up with something else, should this experiment fail. Without further delay, she crouched down in front of the door and slid her phone through the gap at the bottom. It fit, and she was able to push it all the way into her room, out of sight. She nodded to herself, and unfurled a single tentacle to fish the phone back out and deposit it in her hand.


A cheerful beep from the elevator drew her attention, and she turned to see two students headed down the hallway toward her. Even from her position on the floor, she could tell both of them were ridiculously tall for teenagers without an obvious mutant quirk. The aforementioned international students, perhaps?


Madako got to her feet, dusted down her uniform skirt with her free hand, and gave her classmates a polite nod. Her free tentacle twitched, as if to remind her of its existence, and she hastily ordered it back into the hairtie. "Good morning."

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Yanagi | Classroom 1-A

The moment the classroom door slid open, Yanagi peered up from her book. In junior high, Yanagi would have simply continued to read her book in fear of making a fool herself if she tried to initiate an interaction, but she had promised herself that she would make a greater effort to make friends now that she was in high school. Yanagi tried not to make her staring obvious as two students made their way into the room. The first one seemed to have some sort of skeleton Quirk although it had to be more complicated than making him look like a skeleton if his reptilian head was any indication. Yanagi waved at her classmate and mouthed a silent “hello”, but deflated soon after when the boy deliberately didn’t make eye contact and sat down to read a book. Yanagi knew better than to bother someone who wanted to be left alone; she knew that whenever someone tried to interact with her whenever she wanted to be alone she’d become incredibly uncomfortable and look for ways to politely step away.


The second student appeared to have some sort of crocodile Quirk and although Yanagi knew better than to be intimidated by someone she barely knew, she couldn’t help but squirm in her seat. Seeing her classmate smile and wave at her and the other students in the room did make her feel comfortable enough to smile and wave back. Behind her, Shinya lifted his head from his desk and gave the two newcomers a slow, two-fingered wave.


When the two new students seated themselves down, Yanagi looked back down at her book and stared blankly at the page she was on. Her instincts told her to just keep reading and hope that no one bothered her, but she didn’t want to spend the entire year being too afraid to talk to her classmates. Yanagi gingerly placed a bookmark on the page she was in. She inhaled a quick, sharp breath as she gathered the courage to slowly push herself out of her seat. Yanagi quietly strolled over to where the boy with the crocodile Quirk was sitting and stopped in front of him.


“Um, hey there,” Yanagi said, fidgeting in place. “My name’s Yanagi Ojigisou! It’s nice to meet you!” Yanagi paused and stared at the other student for several heartbeats before realizing she hadn’t even asked for his name. “O-Oh! I’m sorry umm… what’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?”

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Sam stood idly next to the lift door up on her floor, irritatingly tapping her foot. She was quite annoyed that after making it so far Vincent had refused to take the stairs, what Sam considered “the home stretch”.

“It’s just not worth it if you skip the final part,” She muttered to herself. Due to Vincent not joining her, Sam had decided to have some fun and had leaped up the stair way, reducing her density as her feet left the ground and repeating the process.

She looked up as the ‘bing’ of the lift drew her attention, and a sweaty Vincent emerged.

“Oh look who’s here,” Sam said glumly, and started walking down the hallway alongside Vincent.

“Don’t be so testy, you pushed me way too much. I had no idea you’d gotten so… addicted to exercise while you were gone,” Vincent said.

“I’m not addicted!” Sam exclaimed, before nearly tripping over a fellow student who she hadn’t noticed was in the hallway.

“Oh sorry! Big feet, I trip over everything,” Sam said, bowing quickly and continuing on.

“We’re meant to bow when we apologize right?” She asked Vincent.

“Didn’t you learn the etiquette from your mother?” Vincent asked in return.

“Nah, after moving to Australia she pretty much assimilated, you can barely tell she’s Japanese, she doesn’t even have an accent anymore,” Sam replied. She glanced back curiously at the student, eyes widening in amazement as she noticed her peculiar features.

“Wow… her quirk is so cool, I’ve never seen a mutation quirk like that before. I wonder if she’s in our class. She’s on the same floor,” Sam said. Vincent also glanced back and shrugged.

The two reached Sams door and briefly separated, Sam walked swiftly to her cupboard and grabbed her clothes for the day before heading to the shared bathrooms for a shower.


-Several Minutes later-


Sam returned to her room, now dressed in her UA uniform.

Ordinarily she’d be excited, first day of school but her mouth tilted downward as her eyes examined herself in her mirror.

There was a knock at her door, and Sam opened it, revealing Vincent now also dressed in his UA.

Sam gave him an appreciative nod, “Classy,” she said.

Vincent gave a slight chuckle and looked at her. Sam moved back to her mirror and continued to frown.

“Whats up?” He asked.

Sam let out a confused groan-like noise.

“Ehhhhhhhh… I just don’t like the skirt,” She stated.

Vincent frowned. “What’s wrong with it? It shows off your legs, I thought you’d like that,” he said.

“It’s more the fact that I’m just not comfortable in a skirt… I haven’t worn a skirt since I was 5. I like clothes that you can move in but a skirt feels… too open? It’d be like if you wore a kilt!” She suggested, snapping her fingers and looking at Vincent.

Vincent gave her a befuddled look and replied, “When would I ever wear a kilt?”

Sam ignored his response and turned back to the mirror ‘hm’ing.

Vincent glanced at his watch.

“Well make up your mind, if we go any later we’ll have to run and I’m NOT running again,” He stated, putting strong emphasis on the last part.

“Yeah, yeah, calm your tits mate” She replied in English.

Sam walked over to her cupboard again and removed a pair of black bike shorts and pulled them on.

She kicked herself off her bed and smiled.

“There that’s better!” She exclaimed.

“Bike shorts? That’s all it takes to make you comfortable again?” Vincent asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Hell yeah! Now I’m just wearing something over bike shorts! Makes it loads better. The school shouldn’t have any issues,” She concluded, grabbing her bag and exiting her room.

Vincent followed her, still frowning and replied, “Hmm I don’t know, Japanese schools can be quite strict regarding the uniform, high profile school like UA. It seems unlikely,”.

Sam gave him a playful shrug, “Ehh who cares, we’ll just say it’s a cultural thing!” she said cheerily.

Vincent gave her an amused smile and the two headed off to class.




Kiboru looked down in surprise as the green haired girl walked over to him, and introduced herself. He smiled, though his resting face looked like a smile, and replied.

“Mmm’y nname iss Ki’horu” He said gruffly, unconsciously signing it as he did. He quickly reached down and scribbled his name on a piece of paper and held it up to her.

“I c’an’t ss’eak w’ell,” He paused before continuing. “If y’ou llike. I c’an jjust wrr’ite” he said.

He took his pen and quickly wrote some more.

“My mouth shape makes a lot of sounds hard to enunciate, so I learned sign language as well,” he wrote.

“If that helps?” He continued after a brief pause to allow Yanagi to read it.

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The two foreign students passed Madako with barely a greeting and continued down the hallway, still chatting to each other. Madako watched until they disappeared around a corner, then returned to her task. If their rooms were on the same floor as hers, they were likely in the same class as well, or at least the same grade; she could find out whatever she wanted to find out at school.


She turned her phone on and opened a playlist, humming absently. Which one would she use today? Moving into the dorms had been exhausting, and she couldn't quite remember what she'd used yesterday. Ah, well; the first one was usually a safe bet. She pressed play, slid the phone under her sister's door, and waited.


A few seconds later, a muffled metallic screech sounded from the other side of the door (which was impressively soundproof, Madako noted, if she'd set the volume correctly). "Come on, Madoka," she said, throwing in a single polite knock for good measure. "Time for school."

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Yanagi | Classroom 1-A


Yanagi blinked as the boy began to speak in a garbled tone. She tried not to let her confusion show out of politeness as she attempted to parse what the other boy was saying. She heard his name—Kiboru—but beyond that, Yanagi couldn’t properly decipher whatever he was trying to say. It was only when Kiboru scribbled some words down on a piece of paper did Yanagi fully comprehend what he was saying. Her mouth made an ‘o’ shape before she began nodding vigorously.


“Yeah, it’s okay!” She said, flashing a small smile. “I’m sorry, I’m not really good at understanding what people are saying in general. The writing helps.” Yanagi briefly looked at Kiboru’s mouth and yeah, it made sense that someone with a crocodile head, and by extension no lips, would have trouble speaking. “Knowing sign language is pretty cool,” Yanagi added partly because she wasn’t sure what else to say and partly because she genuinely thought sign language was fascinating. “Knowing multiple languages, even if one of them isn’t verbal, is pretty impressive.”


Yanagi continued to smile at Kiboru, but the edges of her mouth slowly twitched downward. She wasn’t used to holding a conversation with a stranger. She rarely started a conversation on her own accord and whenever a stranger spoke to her, she’d always end up giving short replies in hopes of the other person getting bored of her and leaving. Yanagi rubbed her hands together self-consciously as she desperately tried to come up with a decent icebreaker.


“So,” she began after nearly a minute of silence. “What brought you to UA? I-I mean that is if you didn’t get in through recommendations.”

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Nolan was beginning the final chapter of the novel when the words "sign language" flew into his metaphorical ear. He peeked behind him and assumed the girl with the really long hair said it, since there were no other female students in the room. She was talking to the giant alligator (Crocodile?) who walked in recently, and was holding up a piece of paper that peobably had stuff on it, but Nolan couldn't see from where he was sitting.


"Not that it's really relevant or anything," Nolan started while internally cursing himself for already being awkward, "But I know sign language. It's American sign language, so I doubt we could understand one another, but I-" Nolan shifted in his seat, and one of his wings fell out from the back of his shirt and onto the floor. He leaned backwards and stuffed it back in his ribcage,  and tucked his shirt in to keep it from happening again. "Um, yeah. Sorry for interrupting."

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Madoka - Dormrooms


The screeching of the alarm was joined by a second shriek and a series of thumps.


Maybe it was the new room. Maybe it was not having Madako in the bed below her or the fact that her bed was only two feet off the ground instead of six, or maybe because the excitement of going to the school of her dreams supercharged her nerves -- but the sudden alarm caused Madoka to spring out of bed and fall to the floor in a screaming heap of limbs, tentacles, and blankets. Eyes groggy from sleep, she could only feel around for the source of the noise as it was too loud to accurately gauge its direction. She swept the room with her hair to search for it and knocked over a fair share of things off her desk in the process, until one of her tentacles brushed something emitting intense vibrations.




Quick as a whip her tentacle wrapped around the phone and pulled it back toward her. She reached a hand, then her face, out of the swaddle of blankets so she could properly stop the sound and not accidentally shuffle through the playlist of annoying noises.


Time for school, came a familiar voice from the door.


Madoka squinted. According to the phone in her hand, it was still half an hour before they needed to show up for class. "I could've slept for twenty more minutes!!" she yelled back through to the hallway. Grumbling, she buried herself back into her sheets without even bothering to climb back onto bed.


Then her eyes snapped open upon the realization that it was the first day of classes at the school of her dreams.


With renewed enthusiasm, Madoka threw her blankets aside and reached her tentacles to grab the parts of her uniform she had the foresight to on the back of her door the night before. Her blouse and blazer were prebuttoned and it took her less than five seconds to slip them on like a pull-over. Using her tentacles to lift her feet off the ground, she put both her socks on at once and landed right into her shoes.


When she opened the door for Madako less than two minutes after the alarm began, Madoka had just finished adjusting her skirt with her hands. One of her tentacles passed the phone into her palm, and she presented the device to her sister. "Here, this is yours," she said with a smile that concealed a vague murderous feeling. She stepped forward, another one of her tentacles snatching her bookbag and a third shutting the door behind her, hiding the mess she made when flailing about. "Good morning~! Did you sleep well?"

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Madako leaned back against the wall, arms crossed, as a chorus of thumps and crashes joined her phone's wailing. Soon enough, her sister came stumbling out of the room, slamming the door shut as if Madako hadn't already heard everything there is to see in there. She gave an exasperated but fond little wave and stepped up to greet her.


"Good morning," she chirped, accepting the phone and putting her hands back into her pockets. "I slept as well as could be expected, knowing you'd kill me in the morning if I didn't figure out a way to wake you up in time. And I don't even get a 'thank you'?" She shook her head in mock disappointment, and turned to head toward the elevator without waiting for a response.


Once Madoka fell into step beside her, bouncing like an overexcited puppy, she spoke up again. "Why can't you apply all that energy and enthusiasm to getting ready in the morning? I passed two of our classmates in the hall just before you woke up, you know. Seemed like they were coming back from some early morning training." She adjusted her tie, her hand trailing over her brand new uniform jacket before returning to the pocket. "This is UA. We'll have to start holding ourselves to a higher standard, too."

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Kiboru absentmindedly tapped the desk and was about to reply to Yanagi when the skeleton boy at the front decided to include himself in the conversation.

Kiboru’s eyes widened, surprised that someone else knew sign language.

“I… knnnow ennggllisss lle’t’errss” Kiboru said, signing accordingly. Kiboru stopped talking and quickly returned to writing instead.

“My tutor said that if I want to be a hero, having an international image would work, so he’s started teaching me to sign in English,” Kiboru wrote. He flipped the page of his notebook and quickly responded to Yanagi.

“And I lived quite close, so UA was the 1st choice for a hero school,” he wrote.


Vincent & Sam


Vincent and Sam were walking to school.

“Wooow! Look at the campus, it’s so big! And so modern! This is amazing!!!” Sam gushed as they approached the gate to UA.

Vincent watched amused as Sam seemed to become more springy, he wasn’t sure if she was using her quirk or not but she seemed to be getting higher and higher as she jumped in excitement. Though that could’ve just been her natural athleticism.

“I wonder what the class will be like… you think that cuttlefish girl in the hallway was in our class?” Vincent asked.

Sam frowned at him, “We talked about that earlier, and she was on the same floor so probably. And was she a cuttlefish? Her head looked more like an octopus to me,” she replied.

“Oh… well I haven’t seen many octopus’s so I wouldn’t know. And she might’ve been in class-b, if the same floor indicates year alone,” Vincent said.

“You’ve never seen an octopus? That… surprising, they’re one of those animals that you just know about, you know” Sam continued.

Vincent gave Sam a very scrutinizing look and fell silent as the two passed the gate onto the campus. There were several other students, it seemed prime time for people to arrive.

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Madoka - Dormrooms


"Wake me up in time?" Madoka puffed her cheeks in fake irritation. "You're way too early to be on time. Really appreciate the effort, though. Thanks."


Falling in step beside her sister -- at a speed too slow for skipping, so she settled into a bobbing walking rhythm -- life felt like it was bathed in sunshine. Even now, she thought it too good to be true when Madako reminded her to not slack off now that they had made it. "But I dooooo use my excitement in the morning. Can't you tell I beat my last record by about four seconds?"


She was a little disappointed that she missed meeting the aforementioned classmates, but they would end up seeing them in class anyway. (With Madako waking her up at this time, they would have a little more time to chatter and meet people before class started officially. Her sister was so considerate! She thought of everything.)


"Anyway!" She forcefully changed the topic, and hit the elevator button in the process so the lift would be there by the time they got to the doors. "We'll find out soon enough what kind of people and quirks we're up against." Puffing her chest out in pride, Madoka added, "We both scored top ten! That means the school found our skills totally awesome! That has to count for something."

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Yanagi | Classroom 1-A

Blinking in surprise, Yanagi turned around as the boy with the skeleton Quirk spoke up. She couldn’t help but perk up when the boy mentioned he knew sign language as well. She was happy enough that one of her other classmates was joining in on a conversation that she, for once in her life, actually wanted to include more people into,


“Oh, no that’s alright,” Yanagi assured the boy. She politely disregarded the wing (he had wings?) that popped out of his shirt. “I didn’t want to drag you into a conversation when you were reading, but if you want to join in, feel free!” Yanagi turned around so that she can look between the two boys without having to crane her neck in an uncomfortable position. “It-t’s really cool that know a sign language from a different country,” Yanagi said. “Like I said, knowing any language, especially a foreign one, is pretty amazing.” Yanagi, unsure of what to do with her hands, looked down as she quietly rapped her knuckles together. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her body when she was just idly standing while having a conversation with two people who were sitting. For a moment, she considered sitting down herself but no, what if she took someone else’s seat? Other students would be arriving and she didn’t want someone to end up with no seat. That would just be plain rude.

Yanagi awkwardly shifted her feet before glancing over at Kiboru who, thankfully, began writing something down.

“Oh,” Yanagi said as she read the boy’s message. “I haven’t e-even considered becoming a hero on an international level.” In fact, Yanagi hadn’t put too much thought into what she would do when she got her hero license. She knew she wanted to hear people, but her daydreams of becoming a hero never gave her anything concrete to latch onto. She barely put any thought into exactly what sort of hero work she’d do, let alone how she would be perceived on an international level. Hearing her classmates mention learning languages outside of Japan made her realize that she was far more unprepared then she had originally thought.


“UA just seemed like the best choice of me,” Yanagi said, glancing away self-consciously. “My grandmother recommended this school so I just… signed up without thinking about other schools.”

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Haruka | Dorms




Haruka groaned as she slapped her phone alarm off. Then, she rolled over and snuggled back into the safe haven of her warm, cozy blanket. Truly, this was the life.






After a sleepy stretch, rub of the eyes and quick check for drool, Haruka checked her phone. It was still pretty early for her: there were still a good four more alarms queued up that hadn't sounded yet. Then again, she did have to save extra time to look for her class. Besides, it was her first day of school--at UA, no less! At the very least, she had to start off with a good impression.


She shrugged on her uniform, simultaneously using her quirk to drop her course materials into the open mouth of her backpack. Running her fingers through her hair, she checked herself in the small desk mirror she brought to make sure she was somewhat presentable. Satisfied, she zipped up her backpack and opened the door.


A tentacle zipped by, reaching to press the down button for the elevator. Haruka looked to see who the owner was. Two tentacled girls were coming down the hallway, chit-chatting about something. Maybe they were close friends or relatives? In any case, the fact that they were on her floor meant that they were quite possibly her soon-to-be classmates.


"Mornin'," said Haruka, giving the duo a small wave as she exited her room and joined them on the way to the elevator.

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"Four seconds..." Madako blinked at her sister, wondering for the hundredth time how exactly she came up with these statistics. "I see," she lied, resolving to buy a stopwatch this weekend and verify them for herself. "Now if only you could improve by four seconds every day, then we'd be getting somewhere. Everyone who didn't get top ten will be aiming for our places; we can't let our guard down yet."


One of the doors in front of them swung open, and out shuffled a girl with pink hair. Madako winced; she didn't have to look at Madoka to know she was already jumping to conclusions. If she embarrassed herself in front of a schoolmate on the first day at her dream school, she would be inconsolable for hours. Madako had to act fast. "Good morning," she said, wedging herself between her sister and the other girl with a few calculated steps. "It's nice to meet you. Are you perhaps in class 1-A as well?"

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The crocodile boy responded to Nolan's comment with something that he couldn't quite understand, but it was clarified by the writing on the notepad on his desk. His classmate then flipped to another page and responded to the question the girl with long hair pitched about UA, and then she gave an explanation for her own reason. Nolan wasn't going to ask, but it sounded like the girl's grandmother was a UA graduate. 


Despite still feeling like he was intruding, Nolan offered his own explanation for attending UA. "I probably don't have much choice in being an international hero," he said. "I'm an exchange student, and I only picked this school because my best friend got in on a recommendation from his mom. Neither of us have any other friends who want to be pro heroes, so we just kinda went together."

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Kiboru nodded along with the others as they spoke. Everyone had their own reasons for attending UA.

"I'm not nessecarily aiming to be an international hero, but I'd love to travel the world one day... it would probably be better for me to be able to fluently write in English than sign it" Kiboru wrote.

He looked up as a loud thunk sound came from the door followed closely by a muffled "Dammit!" and a males laughter.


The door slid open, and a tall tanned girl angrilly rubbing her forehead and a lesser tanned, almost equally tall boy walked in.

"Hahahaha! You're suppose to slide it!" Vincent exclaimed, tears welling at his eyes as he laughed.

Sam angrily grabbed Vincent in a headlock and pulled the two to the ground, her density rapidly increasing.

"It's not my fault this country doesn't know how to use hinges!" Sam retorted.

Vincent was still laughing, though now muffled as his face was pressed against the floor.


Surprised at the act of aggression, Kiboru stood up to his impressive height and walked over. As he did Sam looked up in surprise at the sound of his heavy footfalls.

"Wow!" She exclaimed. "You're big!".

Kiboru reached down and pulled Sam off of Vincent, while he did manage to do it he was surprised at how heavy she was, and the effort to pull her up was noticeable.

"Ahh easy there mate, don't bust your spine, you're hunched enough as it is," Sam said, and rapidly returned herself to her normal density.

Vincent picked himself up off the ground and rubbed his nose, a grin then broke out on his face once more as he looked at Sam, now being carried bridal style by the large crocodile man.

"Ooh comfy there? Finally found someone as worthy as All Might?" Vincent teased.


Sam stuck her tongue out at Vincent and leaned into Kiboru's arms.

"Is it bad that this is surprisingly comfy, you're very snug," Sam said, reaching up and giving a playful pat to the side of Kiboru's face.

Kiboru was utterly confused at this point, he realised now that the two obviously knew each other and what he'd mistook for bullying was just play-fighting. He lowered Sam to the ground, as opposed to it as she was, and began talking.

"Sssorr'y. Itt llook'ed llike' yyyou 'ere h'ighting" Kiboru struggled.

Sam glanced from Kiborus face down to his hands which had been absentmindedly signing as he spoke.

"Sure we were fighting but only because we're friends... and because he's a moron!" Sam responded, signing the words as she did.

Kiboru tilted his head in surprise and quickly signed back, "You can sign too?"


Sam smiled at him. "Sure can! A hero should be able to support all civilians, especially the disabled such as the deaf and blind. My mum is a Philologist, I can speak English, Japanese, French, Spanish and I'm learning German... I can sign for English, Japanese and French" Sam stated.

Kiboru who was eager at first to find someone else who could sign was put off slightly at how much this girl knew.

Noticing his ill ease Vincent gave him a reassuring pat on the arm, "Don't worry, you wouldn't think it but she's a real egghead" he said.

Sam shot him a look and responded, "You have to be if you want to study overseas. Either that or rich and Philologists don't actually make that much, surprisingly... Now where do we sit, that's a thing in Japanese schools isn't it" Sam concluded, now looking around the class.

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Haruka | Dorms


"Oh, uh, yeah. I am," replied Haruka. She was mildly startled by how quickly the girl with the cephalopod head slipped next to her. Must be excited to meet her classmates, her still-groggy mind thought. If the look on her face was anything to go by, the other girl was excited too, if not even more so. Now would be as good a time as any to start making new friends, she supposed. "Name's Haruka Maeda. Pleasure to meet you guys too."


As she said this, a ding alerted her to open elevator doors, perfectly timed with their arrival. Explains the tentacle she saw earlier. Impressive. "Nice trick," she said as she entered.

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Madoka - Elevator


Madoka huffed out a chuckle. It would be brilliant to keep reducing morning-preparation time, until her door-time was instantaneous. She would have to gauge how fast she could get to the school, too, and if there were any shortcuts she could make for herself. Would it be possible to shave off some time by jumping out the window instead of waiting for the lift? It would be something to test in the upcoming week.


Madako darted in front of her in the split second it took for Madoka to notice the new girl and inhale in preparation for a greeting. Her sister had wedged herself in between them and handled the introduction instead.


"I knew it!!!" she cut in. Madoka had her mouth open in awe, and she was buzzing with excitement as if she were about to blast off. "You're in our class!!"


The elevator arrived with a ding, and she hopped inside. "And thanks!" she replied to Haruka's compliment, reaching to tap the ground floor button on the way. Technically using her tentacles to do mundane tasks was considered public quirk use, but nobody really stopped her when she used them to carry all her grocery bags in one trip, or hit switches that were far away. She knew the regulations. It was just too much trouble following them.


Now that the three were in the same place with no escape, there were so many things to ask that Madoka struggled to get them all out at once. "What's your quirk? Did you have a good rest? Are you excited for today? Do you know anyone else here? I'm Madoka Tenaga and this is my sister Madako but you can call me Doka-chan even if it still makes it really confusing; my hobby is fishing for clams and diving for shiny things but I also like wildflowers and high fashion! Both our parents have octopus quirks and---"


She was interrupted by a second ding, signalling that they had arrived at their designated floor.

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Yanagi | Classroom 1-A


Turning to look at the boy with the skeleton Quirk, Yanagi uttered a soft “oh” as he explained how he arrived with a friend. Now that she was actually thinking about, Yanagi figured that it made sense that some students already knew each other. The competition to get into UA was high, but it was entirely feasible for two friends with incredible Quirks, and who worked tirelessly to get in, would end up in the same hero class. As wonderful as it was that skeleton boy got in with his friend, Yanagi couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious about the fact that she, at least to her knowledge, didn’t know anyone else in the class or, at least, she assumed the boy’s friend was also in Class 1-A


“That’s pretty great!” Yanagi said, “If you’re an exchange student then, um, where are you from? I-If you don’t mind me asking that is.” Not too soon after Yanagi had spoken, two more students entered the room and within seconds began… fighting? Yanagi let out a small yelp of surprise as the girl put the boy in a headlock before slamming them both into the ground. Yanagi brought her hands up to her chest as she watched in unease as Kiboru stood up from his desk to go break the two apart. Eyebrows furrowed, Yanagi blinked in surprise as the two newcomers began to talk amongst in each in a familiar tone. Did they know each other? Yanagi felt herself relax ever so slightly once she realized that the two newcomers must have been play-fighting. Despite the new knowledge that they were simply roughhousing, Yanagi couldn’t find the courage to speak up when the girl asked a question. She was incredibly energetic and considering her recent display with the other boy, Yanagi didn’t think she was ready to interact with someone who was so lively. Thankfully for Yanagi, someone else took the initiative


Shinya | Classroom 1-A


“Seats are usually in alphabetical order, but considering that not everyone is here yet you can probably sit wherever you like.”


Raising his head from the desk, Shinya blinked slowly at the girl near the entrance of the classroom. It was hard to get some shuteye when two people were roughhousing just a few feet away from him, so why bother? Considering that more people were coming in the classroom, Shinya guessed that his nap would have to be cut short anyhow. That was fine; he’d just collapse on his bed as soon as class was over anyhow. Yawning, Shinya raised his arm and placed his chin on his fist. “Class doesn’t start that soon anyhow,” he added as an afterthought. “You got some time to just hang out or whatever.”

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Madako nodded, relieved at Haruka's answer, and fell back to let her sister do the talking. She entered the elevator after Madoka, squeezing into the corner behind her to avoid the brunt of the oncoming explosion. Sure enough, as soon as the doors closed, Madoka dropped all pretenses and bombarded their poor classmate with excited questions. Just as planned. Madako allowed herself to relax, sinking even further into the corner. In a way, her sister was the most reliable person she knew, and thank goodness for that.


She did wonder what Haruka's quirk might be, though. She glanced at her over Madoka's tangle of tentacles. She didn't remember seeing a pink-haired girl at the entrance exam, and the name Maeda was similarly unfamiliar. Without any obvious physical indicators, it would be hard to even guess (which was probably the only reason Madoka hadn't tried yet). She herself wouldn't have that advantage, and she would have to plan accordingly.


When the elevator stopped, Madako stepped up to the control panel to hold the open button. "Please excuse us," she said, giving Haruka a polite nod. "We're just excited for our first day at school. I'm sorry I didn't have the... opportunity to introduce myself, but pleased to make your acquaintance."

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Nolan • Classroom


"I came here from-" Nolan was cut off when two other students walked in, a super tall girl and a boy laughing up a storm at her. Half a second later, he was thrown to the ground by the girl he walked in with, still laughing. The crocodile Nolan was talking to stood up without a word and separated them, and he signed a little to the girl who he had just plucked off of her apparent friend. We could start a club, Nolan thought.


"I'm from the United States," Nolan finished after someone else spoke up to answer a question pitched by headlock girl about seating arrangements. His phone went off as he said "States," and Nolan had to fish it out of his bag. Picking up the stylus, he found a text from Hikaru featuring a picture of two abnormally fluffy pancakes, a risqué caption, and a string of emojis. Nolan sputtered out a rather disturbing laugh, broken by the realization that he skipped breakfast. 


Crap, I should get something to eat, Nolan thought out loud. There's still some time 'til class starts. I have time. Nolan got up, looped his tail through his bag, and said to the girl, "Anyways, I'm going to the cafeteria, since I somehow forgot breakfast and my friend will kill me in my sleep if I don't try the pancakes, which are apparently good enough for a vulgar description. And it's getting kinda noisy in here."

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---- Lucian - [Dorms] ----


As Lucian stood in front of the mirror, having finished the rest of his morning routine hours ago, he found himself slightly disgruntled. He was wearing the official uniform of UA, and while he found it quite prestigious, the dark colors did not coordinate well with the rest of his appearance. A simple gray top and black pants would have worked, but the dark teal clashed distastefully with his hair and eyes and the red tie did little to help. Yet he could not simply discard the uniform or modify it, because it belonged to UA. It signaled to everyone that he was the best of the best, one of the elite few that had made it into the most illustrious school in the world. The only problem was that it did not perfectly suit him. What did that imply about him? That he was unfit to be part of the legacy of UA? He already knew that he hadn't earned first place in the exams, so this miscalculation in appearance would only add insult to injury.


Frustrated, he glared intensely at the mirror as if it could somehow remedy his dilemma, before relaxing and letting out a sigh. It wouldn't do to waste so much energy over his uniform alone. There were bound to be more pressing issues at school, and if he wanted to rise above everyone else, he would need to go in with a clear head. He would accept this minor setback for now and look for ways to circumvent it in the future. With careful deliberation, he picked up a bottle of perfume and spritzed it in a few strategic spots, then gathered up his supplies and made his way to school. As always, a hairbrush and various pins and hair ties were stored in his pocket, although he had chosen to put his hair up in a waterfall french braid today so he didn't anticipate needing to use it. Still, it was always nice to be prepared, especially since his hair needed to be in top condition for his Quirk.


While he waited for the elevator to arrive, he made a few last minute checks to make sure his clothes and hair were impeccable, allowing himself a slight smile as the elevator's timing coincided perfectly with the end of his checkup. His smile did lose a bit of its warmth when another loosely attired boy leapt into the elevator at the last second, but the boy was much too preoccupied with his phone to start a conversation with him, and so he tolerated his presence. Surprisingly, the boy was also garbed in the distinctive colors of UA, but unlike himself, this boy clearly cared little for his appearance. His black hair was messy and inexplicably left a strand loose in the back, creating a crude interpretation of a ponytail. His uniform was of the vest variety, but his pants were rolled into an approximation of shorts and accompanied by sneakers with neon green laces displaying a garish game logo. Not only did he blatantly disrespect the school by wearing his uniform improperly, but he also charged out the door as soon as the elevator stopped with barely an "excuse me" or an apologetic glance. He gave a distasteful frown at the boy's retreating back but refused to lose his composure, instead calmly stepping out the door and proceeding to the school at a reasonable pace.


There was no reason to rush and mess up his hair.


---- Kairo - [Dorms] ----








"Aaugh, I stayed up too late playing video games!"


With a start, Kairo fell out of bed and haphazardly tried to change with one hand, combing his hair with the other. He managed to do a decent job at both and proceeded to half-heartedly pat down his hair, separating the single long strand from the rest of his chaotic hairdo. Through some mechanism he still didn't understand, the circuited portion of his hair managed to remain perfectly aligned throughout his tossing and turning, sweeping across the side of his face with dramatic flair. After a while of futile rearranging, he deemed his hairstyle acceptable and proceeded to fix his tie, tucking it into his vest as he slipped his shoes on and charged out the door.


One hastily eaten breakfast later, he found himself rushing back to his room with the realization that he'd forgotten his phone, nearly tripping over the fabric of his pants as he forgoed the elevator and jumped up the stairs half a flight at a time. Despite his rush, he managed to make it to his room without incident, quickly snatching up his phone and unlocking it just in time to claim an in-game reward. He remained fixated on the screen as he sprinted towards the elevator, diving in next to a blonde haired boy who stepped to the side but otherwise ignored him. During the time to took for the elevator to reach the bottom floor, he'd already finished his daily routine for two games and was working on the third one when the doors opened. He spared a glance at his surroundings to avoid a collision, checked the time which now read 8:10, then dashed out of the elevator and towards the school. With any luck, he'd finish his game by the time he reached the gates and have enough spare time to observe his classmates before class started.

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Haruka | Elevator


"I-" Haruka started, before giving up, helpless in the face of Madoka's non-stop barrage of words. She was glad that she was already leaning against a wall, else she may have ended up being forced backwards by the sheer enthusiasm the girl exuded. Madako seemed to have the right idea, braced up in the corner of the elevator. Mercifully, the elevator stopped at its destination, freeing Haruka from the octopus girl's interrogation. 


She exited the elevator and gave Madako a nod of thanks in return. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure we'll get lots of time to get to know each other better in class!"

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