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I'm brand new and have no idea what I'm doing. I found my way here through eggs in the signatures of Chicken Smoothie users and wanted to join in the fun. 


I love dragons and pet adoptable sites and you can find me on Chicken Smoothie and Pokefarm Q under the same username, and as Miraoumi on Flight Rising and Furvilla :)


I'm currently trying to work out how many views a dragon needs in order to hatch? It would be a great help in allowing me to calculate whether the eggs I've got are going to be able to hatch in time!! 

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Hello and welcome! I'll put in a request for you for a mentor with The Mentoring Project. As mentors, we're here to answer questions, teach members how to raise your dragons, and teach how to use the forum. We have a Pokefarm Q thread, Chicken Smoothie thread, and Flight Rising thread you might enjoy.  Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Welcome to Dragcave and the Dragcave Forums, MoistVaporeon! :) Wow, Chicken Smoothie: been awhile since I've heard that name. I haven't been there in forever.

But I digress. ;) I wish you the warmest welcome! Hopefully you enjoy your time on both Dragcave sites. :)

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