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Love Live!

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Heyo! Didn't see a thread for this, so I hope someone out there plays! If not then, Love Live School Idol Festival is a mobile rhythm game that stars two idol girl groups called Muse and Aqours! You get to play over 100 songs and play a gacha to get better cards to get better scores!

To those of you that have played (or are playing) I'd love to know!

Here are some common questions:

Who/What is your favorite:

...girl out of each group?

...N girl?

...sub unit?

...UR card?

...song to play?

...song to listen to?

Do you have a least favorite girl?

Do you prefer Muse or Aqours?

Have you been to a live?

Let me know! You don't have to answer all these questions of course. My favorite girls are Ruby and Hanayo and I'm a Muse girl all the way!

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aaaaaa thank you for making this thread :D


haven't watched s2 only s1 so of course i'm biased towards muse. nico is ultimate fave, rin close 2nd, then hanayo is also greatly appreciated. rin's voice is my fave and i can't rlly get behind maki or eli's voice they sound quite similar and i find them nasally? and maki in general just seems a little too generic in a tsundere way for me to like at all.

i don't rlly have a fave song but at this point i only play master/expert.


if anyone wants to add me i'm peachblood on the na game!

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Oh gosh, I LOVE Rin's voice!! She's definitely my favorite singer.

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