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Lyrical Lineages Guide and Database

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Just stumbled accross this topic. Some time ago I tried it too and it would have been a lot easier with all the tipps and tricks here. XD


Forum name:  Moiken

Lineages you madeFall out Boy - Phoenix

Add to front page?  yes

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Sure, if one's interested. :)

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Still a work in progress

Forum name:  Tinibree

Song or work:  My R

Current generation/progress:  Gathering CBs

CBs/Breeds still needed:  7 m purple dorsals, 1 f leodon, 0 f royal blue, 0 f imperial fleshcrowne, and 1 f blue gemshard

Edited by Tinibree

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Forum name: UnlimitedSynth

Lineages you made:

Garden of Avalon

Pink Nightmares-DC version

Cells At Work opening

Add to front page? Yes

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes


Work in progress:

Almost done with Growing Wings, few pairs are being stubborn about breeding.

Almost all caveborns gathered for MKDR, group link. Turning out to be difficult to breed some pairs but the lineage will be completed eventually.

Broken in the planning stage, haven't finalised the layout or breeds yet.


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Forum name: Miaplacidus

Lineage you made: Cut you down

Add to front page? Yeah!

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Sure

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Can I share a lyrical lineage I did not make? I didn't even know such a project existed until 2 days ago but I had traded for this dragon in 2015 with 'anemone' just because it popped up in the forum and I thought it was cool: https://dragcave.net/lineage/MP9Eq


But now I am going to make my own - I decided to go with sapphires and pink xenos just because I like them. It's probably going to take a long time since this is an uncommon x rare pairing but I think it'll be pretty.


Forum name: Snakehands

Song or work: Elastic Heart by Sia

Current generation/progress: have all CB xenos, still gathering CB sapphires

CBs/Breeds still needed: CB male and female sapphires

Edited by snakehands

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@snakehands that is a cool lineage! I won't put it up in the database because I prefer having permission from the maker for that, but it's really neat to see a 7th-gen of one.

Sapphires might be uncommon in-cave, but I think you'll find it more troublesome that sapphires are incredibly common when breeding.



Add a lineage!

Forum name: Shadowdrake

New lineage: I Want A Hippobautamus for Christmas

Donna Donna

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Edited by Shadowdrake

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Forum name: Snakehands

Song or work: Bird set Free by Sia

Current generation/progress: have all of the CBs golds and autumns, just waiting for them to grow up so I can start breeding G2s. Rushing to get these bred before the season changes.

CBs/Breeds still needed: none



Edited by snakehands

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I have some. :nyan:

I do have a few that are just names of characters, for example names from Pratchett's Discworld, do they count? I'll show them off here just in case but if not I'm happy to edit my post.

All dragons are on my scroll:


Forum name: Wiz

Lineages you made


Love Needs No RoseTinted Glasses - Sonnet 141 ~ Shakespeare.


The Knowin' O' The Speakin - Discworld series ~ Terry Pratchett.

The Nac Mac Feegles - Discworld series ~ Terry Pratchett.

G a s p o d e - Discworld series ~ Terry Pratchett.


Tra-la-la And Fiddle-dee-dee - Sheldon's Stair Song ~ Big Bang Theory.

Sing Soft Kitty To Me - Sheldon's Sick Song ~ Big Bang Theory.


And the following are all from Doctor Who:

Some Days Are Special

Planet Of The  Dead

A Time Lord Has Thirteen Lives

The Planet's Gone

Bow Ties Are Cool - a collection of one liner quotes.

In All My Travelling

Welcome You Are Unauthorised

A Letter To The Doctor

Planet Earth

The Beast

The Anger Of A Good Man

World War III 

When You're Alone

Every Time We Meet

The  Dawn Of Time

We Waited Here

Like Savages

Midnight - Sky

But I Keep Wondering

I Travelled Across The World 

How Fast Can You Run

Asylum 0f The Daleks

He's Waking

I Don't Know Where I Am - It's

I Was Talking To A Sad Man - more one liners.


The Doctor's Last Words - this one is made up of mini quotes of the last words of Doctor's One through Ten, before there was an Eleven. It's worked so you read the Stones first and then the Greens.


The Clothes Off My Back - Children In Need 2011 mini episode.


And lastly (For now!) these 2nd gen Doctor Who mini quotes were eventually grouped together to make a 4th EG and I'm happy to breed any generation in the group:

Now I'm Going To Die

Harriet Jones Prime Minister

Then What're You Waiting For

That's Your Problem

Shhh Spoilers - the 4th gen.


Add to front page?  Yes please.

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes. 

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Forum name: purplehaze

New lineageGo Light Your World

I used the variable lineage by Ariento - not sure how easy it is to read, but I tried several ways of laying out the names and decided on this one as the one I liked best - reading right to left, top to bottom.

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Heh, I didn't know this threat existed. I've made a couple of those that I am proud of, willing to share.

Forum name: KakashiMorph

Lineages you made:
The Highwayman (8th gen, the one I am proudest of due to the sheer amount of dragons it took) - The Highwayman is a poem by Alfred Noyes and Loreena McKennitt has also interpreted it as a song.
The Ring Of Fire (the Johnny Cash song)

The Mystic's Dream (by Loreena McKennitt) - I kinda ran out of characters at the last dragon though lol

To be or not to be ( Hamlet's famous soliloquy)

Misty Mountains (from the Hobbit)

Never let me go (Florence+the Machine) : This is only part of it and is half of a sister lineage that unites in a tribute to Thane Krios from Mass Effect (the other half being Thane's dying words to Kalahira).

The Rains of Castamere (with royal crimsons and golden wyverns)

The Rains of Castamere (with reds and brimstones)

The Rains of Castamere (with reds and harvests)

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening (poem by Robert Frost)

Blue Moon

The Life That I Have (poem by Leo Marks)

Ribbons (part of the song by Sisters of Mercy) - This is the first lyrical lineage I made and it's kind of colourful and odd: I went for dragons that fit well with the first line and then just winged it for the following gens...

Add to front page for display? Yes

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes

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Add a lineage!

Forum name: Skellybones

New lineageLullaby of Woe

                        Why did you have to go?



(waiting for the 21st of December so I can try to get some more of Winter Bird done but Khusas are the bane of my existence)

Edited by Skellybones

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Still a work in progress!

Forum name: Chatdweeb

Song or work: Your Reality, from the Doki Doki Literature Club! OST

 Current generation/progress: I've gotten all of the names reserved,  just hunting the necessary CBs!

 CBs/Breeds still needed: I'm using scripts (i thought it was fitting) and sunsongs.



     I'm making a list of how many I still need, because I have an extremely chaotic mind, and if I don't have it written down somewhere, I'll forget. This isn't a list begging other people for dragons.

Sunsongs needed:

9 Male

8 Female

Scripts needed: 

1 Male

2 Female

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Forum name: snakehands

Song or work: Chandelier by Sia

Current generation/progress: Have all CB whites and silvers, just waiting for them to grow up and so I can start breeding the G2s

CBs/Breeds still needed: none


Edited by snakehands

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Got another couple finished - more Pink Floyd and Phantom of the Opera! Three more in various stages of breeding; I'm hoping to get at least one more done before the Valentine's breeding starts.


Add a lineage!

Forum name:  catstaff

New lineageGoodbye, Blue Sky

                         No One Would Listen

Edited by catstaff

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Show off your work!

Forum name: Teez

Lineages you made:
- Everything You Ever (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
- The Lesson of the Moth (Don Marquis)
- Welcome to Night Vale Episode 34 weather + other excerpts
- Starlight (Muse)
- Tears in Rain (monologue from Bladerunner)
- Commandment #12592 (Zork I)
- Freckles (Judy and Mary (Cover))

Add to front page? Yes

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Only offspring that complete the lineage, and not during holidays

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I didn’t see this song when I used the search function, so I am hoping it isn’t taken.

Forum name:  wheeloftime13

Song or work:  Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Current generation/progress: All of generation 2 have been produced and half of generation 3.

CBs/Breeds still needed:  none

Edited by wheeloftime13

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