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Forum Name: catstaff
New Lineage: Trollabundin


Going for the unusual with this one - it's sung in Faroese. Had to approximate the lyrics with the English alphabet. This woman is amazing, though! The weird rhythmic sounds in the middle and at the end? She's doing them with her voice/breathing/throat/something. I've seen live versions - it's literally just her, a microphone, and a bodhran-type drum.


And here's the English translation of the lyrics:


Spellbound I am, I am

The wizard has enchanted me, enchanted me

Spellbound deep in my soul, in my soul

In my heart burns a sizzling fire, a sizzling fire


Spellbound I am, I am

The wizard has enchanted me, enchanted me

Spellbound in my heart's root, my heart's root

My eyes gaze to where the wizard stood


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55 minutes ago, catstaff said:

Back to Broadway for this one...


Forum name:  catstaff

New lineageTomorrow

Very nice! :)

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Forum name: water_angel

Lineages you madeShakespeares's Sonnet 3

Add to front page? Yes please

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes! just message me and let me know when you will have an egg space available.


Works in progress:


Forum name: water_angel

Song or work: Captain Planet theme Song (Guardian Dragons) - Heart Shaped Lineage

Current generation/progress: 2nd gen in progress (Planning complete, 12/12 CBs,)

CBs/Breeds still needed: Bred dragons



Song or work: 42nd Street (Crimson Flare Pygmy Dragons) - Even Gen Lineage

Current generation/progress: Planning complete, 11/16 CBs + 1 2nd Gen dragon

CBs/Breeds still needed: 5 cbs to get started.



Song or work: Sea Fever Poem (Water Dragons) - Even Gen lineage

Current generation/progress: Planning complete, 9/16 CBs + 4 2nd gen dragons

CBs/Breeds still needed: 7 cbs to get started.


Have a sticky note with other ideas once I get these going :D

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