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Lyrical Lineages Guide and Database

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I hope that's the right form. XD  I had to adjust some of the lines, so someone else might have done parts of this before but I didn't see it listed here. 


Show off your work!

Forum name: Chaosdawn

Lineages you made: Litany Against Fear (Dune)

Add to front page? Sure

Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes

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I have a question. What do you guys do with songs that are longer/shorter than the line total?

I have a song more than 31 lines but definitely less than 63 (it's around 37, possibly more)

I know cutting lines is an option but I'd really rather not resort to that and doing a stair/spiral would lead to cut offs after the 12G and that's definitely not enough to fit.

I'm a fan of the even gen model but I don't know what to do ;;

The uncategorized lineages have some interesting models there but I'm not sure how it'd work.

Like if I took the heart and doubled it

I can't tell if it would fit ;;


I guess I could rework some lines and combine some? I'd like to hear other people's experiences first before I start trying anything though OTL

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@Mochi If it has a repeating chorus I might cut out some repeats of that part, or the last lineage I did with extra lines I glued together an even gen with a stairstep bc the second part was distinctly different from the first, and I've seen a few that had extra relevant stuff added to the lineage to pad it out like authors, thanks or introductions. A double heart would be 2 x 23, so 46 not including the final offspring.

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I see 

I think I could manage to make it work then

Maybe cut up the lines more and then combine lineages


Thanks for advice! I feel a lot less overwhelmed haha ^^;

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Forum name: SaltySenpai

Song or work: Song of the Ancestors

Current generation/progress: --

CBs/Breeds still needed: CB Anagalis Dragons

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Work in progress!

Forum name: Nullcasting

Song or work: The beginning of the album TIME by Electric Light Orchestra

Current generation/progress: The very beginning!

CBs/Breeds still needed: 15 Electrics, 15 Sunsongs

Figured I post here so I could keep track of how long this takes! 😁

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