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Hail & well met!

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Hey there! I've tried to get started on Dragcave a fair few times, especially when I was younger, but this is the first time I've been able to commit to it. I'm better at being patient, at least, hahah.


I love Carina dragons, as well as Xenowyrms (got a CB Mageia one awhile back, as a newbie I was proud of that catch!) and am currently on the hunt for a CB Blusang. Catching dragons in the cave is fun, but it seems like now that I can parse the descriptions better, I see less of the rare ones!

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Hello and welcome! Yes, this game takes a certain amount of patience, whether it's trying to breed the right dragon for a lineage or catch that CB Xeno in the biomes. I love Xenos too, and collect them whenever I see them. I'd amass more of them if they weren't so rare, they'd go great with my Guardian and Red-Finned Tidal armies. 


Good luck getting a CB Blusang! They're on the rare side too, but I do see them occasionally.

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Welcome to DragCave forum! Hope you enjoy!


Good luck on CB Blusang from here too! Blusang was one of my goal at very first time :) 

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