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Yo! My friends asked me to join after learning more about Dragon Cave and I decided to join! ...Right after the Halloween Event.


Anyway, I love dragons and I've honestly never played these types of games, but the way these dragons look and how they're written really appeal to me!! I adore it.


I hope that everyone's username matches in DC cause I really want to thank the people who own my hatchlings' parents! I hope they know I plan to take good care of them.


Other than that, I've been playing Hollow Knight recently! I've also played Hyperlight Drifter, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Love Live! and of course a lot of pokemon. I plan on getting a switch for Christmas!! I'm also obsessed with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.


Very nice to meet all ya'll!

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Hello and welcome! I hope you were still able to grab Halloween eggs and participate.


Not everyone's usernames match their scrollnames, but you can always thank members in The Thank You thread


How do you like Hollow Knight and Hyperlight Drifter? I've heard both were good. I also played AC: New Leaf hard for about two years before I finally took it out of my 3DS. I highly recommend a Switch, I love mine. I'll be starting Super Mario Odyssey this week. 

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Thank you for the welcome! My friends were able to help me a little, but I'm still getting used to things. Thanks for showing me the thank you thread!! I really needed that.

Hollow Knight is pretty big with different paths and is such a wonderful game. A lot of love was put into the gameplay and characters!!

Hyperlight is much smaller if you just want to get to point a to point b with a story I don't fully understand, but the game is fun!! You really get a knack for drifting and gameplay. It definitely has its moments of putting the pieces together.

Also, yeah, I stopped after two years two!! I got really back into it and then the Welcome Amiibo Update came out and I started to branch out to friends and then they started to play. My fav villager is Kabuki!! Also, I'm very jealous!! I wanted Odyssey, but my older brothers wanted BotW, so we're getting that one.

Again thanks for the welcome~

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Welcome to Dragon Cave forum! Hope you enjoy!


You can visit Video games subforum and you may find game that you playing. As the Odyssey was mentioned here, I just finished it with 999 power moons few days ago. :P

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I am having a really nice time learning about everything. These dragons are so cute and seeing everyone's scrolls is pretty neat!


I have seen some people who play Animal Crossing, but the general discussions are pretty nice! Also a lot of pokemon!! Also, what the heck??? It literally JUST came out!! That's insane!!

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