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ANSWERED:A question

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26 minutes ago, Aries_Wild_Child said:

I judge nobody.

I wish it was that way. Plenty of what you are writing here sounds like you are doing exactly that - and very dismissive.


Oh, page wrap.

Anyway, I believe you got your answer(s).

Just one last thing: You can use the plus [+] symbol next to the "quote" button to quote multiple posts at once. That way, you can write all your replies in one post and don't create multi-posts, which is generally discouraged here (and on most other forums I know).

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17 minutes ago, Aries_Wild_Child said:

It doesn't mean I have to be shuttet out by people like you, or that I don't have cave born or second generation to trade. Are you the admin? So how you dare to tell me my place is not here? Forum is for everybody who play this game, without exeptions. This topic is going in a way I fell will not end good.


No-one has said you should be shut out. But in general people in the trading forum do want specific lineages, and your posts have suggested that that isn't something you are into. Which is fine, and your privilege. But eggs that aren't part of a pretty lineage aren't very popular there, is all.


You raised a question. We have tried to answer it. Those who have done so play differently from the way you play. We like to build lineages,. You apparently don't. That's not a problem - but you do seem unable to understand the way we play as being just as valid as your playstyle.

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I use smilies to show I'm not being too serious and not trying to be hurtful. Tone is hard to convey in text! Me and my best friend have gotten to the point where if we don't stick a smilie in every few sentences, SOMEONE MUST BE DYING. XD

I'm not trying to humiliate you. I'm just saying, when you say things like "that sounds more like obsession" or compare people to puppy mill supporters, you can hurt people's feelings. People came here to give you answers in good faith and got some pretty eyebrow raising answers. If that wasn't your intent--then ok, all is good! I'm just pointing out that it can come across pretty harsh, so just be careful what you say. Likewise, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, it wasn't my intent. :)


You are right though that the question has been answered, so you can probably get a mod to close this by editing the title (via editing your first post) to say answered in the title. Take care! :) 


Edit: @Aries_Wild_Child it's perfectly fine to not want to play the someone else is. Like I said, I wouldn't want to play the game collecting random lineages. But no one here is saying "collecting random lineages sounds like a waste of your life..." or such to you, (Well, ok, I kind of did--but not in seriousness, just to show you how those kind of comments can sting! XD), whereas you've made a few very judgmental sounding statements about how we're playing the game. You don't have to be jazzed about what we're doing or do it yourself, but please don't put it down. As I said, wasting a few minutes a week on making lineages is no different than wasting that time reading fantasy, baking a cake, or looking at art. It's all in good fun. Not everything has to have some greater purpose. Life is fun because we play. :) 

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I may not be a Help mod, but keep it civil. Personal attacks aren't necessary, everyone is welcome to play the game the way they like. 

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Enough is enough.  This topic has disintegrated into a flame fest.


OP you have received your answers and this topic will not be opened again.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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