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Haunted House Event stuck

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inspired by this year's Halloween event I wanted to try going through the Haunted House from the 2011 Halloween event and show it to my boyfriend.


As far as I remembered, and also read in the wiki, this event should still be accessible to those who completed it, and indeed, when I click on the Haunted House badge on my profile, I can view my inventory and also see the option "Return to Haunted House". So far so good. This link brings me to the start of the event, the Wooded Area. From there, there are four options of how to proceed, but none of them works for me. Each link causes the page to refresh, but I am stuck in the Wooded Area and cannot go any further.


Did anyone else experience this or maybe knows a solution? Would be sad if it shouldn't work anymore :c

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Did you try during the Halloween event?  because it usually is only reopened during that time. I did not attempt them so I don't know if they were this year or not. 

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I tried afterwards, but I assumed it would still work as there is the option of returning to the house.


Also the wiki page stated: "Since November 17th the haunted house is available again, but only for those who completed the "Haunted House Event" on Halloween." This made it sound for me as if it would be available outside the Halloween week.


Of course that can be the underlying issue, but then I am still confused that it is actually possible to start the event and only get stuck in the first area.

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