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My first try at drawing digitally

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I just did a think yey

I might try to draw more with this website

Might also accept request, cause I can draw multiple thing.

(note: that is not Rainbow that is a random cat)

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If you ever want to try drawing digitally in a more comfortable manner, try downloading free software. I use Firealpaca, and maybe medibang again in the future.

Also, if you want, this black friday, you can get a drawing tablet cheap. They help massively.


I think it's good for a first time! I like how you did the neck and the muzzle.


Try looking at A LOT of pictures of cats, if you love drawing them. They will be helpful in making your cats look realistic. Try copying. Copying will help you realize where the ears, eyes, nose are, etc.


Just keep drawing!

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I do have firealpaca but.... My shaky hands ruins my digital tries. Always.

I do not want my drawings to be realistic, I'm aiming for a simple, cartoony but still realistic and good looking.

I do draw traditionally and they are a lot better than these btw.

Thanks for the crit tho.

http://sketchtoy.com/68391557 I also drew Rainbow. Has not been drawing again, but I might try full body on firealpaca.

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Its been two years since this thread. Nostalgia anyone?
This pic is my best work so far, but i do see some anatomy issues there. I can always come up with a fix on future drawings, of course!

art fight attack #6.png

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