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New Dragon arrived

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Well, hello everyone, I'm kinda new.

I have my scroll for nearly a year now but didn't know a forum existed, so, well, here i am : D

I registered on January 2017 and stopped using it for half a year and now I'm back at it again! i have 200+ dragons :^)


My Name is Dukah (on this site) and I'm fairly young, under 20. because i couldn't read the rule side (no permission?) I hope that i am old enough.

I love blue / violett dragons with detailed sprites, i love the current halloween dragons. Sadly i missed the one from 2017 and i hope someone can trade an egg or smth :c

I listen to every kind of music except for metal (I'm not a guitar fan) and i tend to hear melodic stuff. I am a huge Imagine Dragons fan!

I read in my holidays (a lot) and i love it. Currently I'm reading Games of Thrones, i just started the third book.

Drawing is one of my best skills and it's my Hobby. I have a deviantArt page, my Username is "PureFluffiness", i hope thats save to say? I draw dragons and I'm at a new project right now :) Well i also draw cats a lot... i started drawing with cats and dragons <3 Warrior cats indrotuced me to the internet but I'm not an active fan anymore. (the old books are the best woobwoob)

I have a long history of roleplaying but I'm not at it at the moment (i don't have the time, sadly).


sooo..... i love answering questions, even tho my english is not the best (I'm still learning!) Thank you very much <3

I look forward to this Forum!



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Hello and welcome! I love Imagine Dragons!! Believer, Radioactive, and It's Time are some of my favorites from them! If you'd like to share your drawings, you can post a thread in the Original Works subforum. How are you liking Game of Thrones? It's on my reading list.



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Ah yes, i will definitely make an art thread! I just used a sneak peak of my new picture as my profile pic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Demons and Readioactive were my favorites for a long time but i kinda... heared them too often :'D I absolutly LOVE Believer and I Don't know why (the bass in this song is just...wow...with headphones on... AAAH). But i really love ubbeat songs like On top, Cha-Ching and Rocks but i also like glumy ones like Gold and Friction (just another nice bass-song) or Shots.... and... thunder :^D 


I really like Game of Thrones. It's a lot of Character switching and cross-reading from different perspectives, well, i need to be concentrated while reading it to get it all right : )

But despite of that it's an awesome book that does not fear to kill it's characters [...] which i like because it's something new and shocking!

I absolutly recommend it to you <3

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I used to read a lot until few years ago but now...

I saw your DA page, Nice work!

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Ah thanks for the warm welcome  here <3

Yea I'm 16 so i guess i fit in : D

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