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Super Mario series

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I searched and thread about this wasn't existed.


Anyway, let's discuss about this!

My first super mario game was Super Mario bros. I played it with console called famiclone. I actually didn't know that game's name at that time.

And my first actual nintendo (handheld) console was NDS and I played New Super Mario bros with that one.

Currently, I'm playing Super Mario Odyssey with Switch. I was kinda used to linear gameplay on Super Mario series but It is still fun. I almost completed it.


So - do you have something to say about Super Mario series?

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yeah sunshine is HARD. all the secret levels  kill me and at the time i didn't know you only had to do mission 7 and then you get acess to crona mountain. my personal favorite is not a mainstream game but a spin off call mario and luigi: dream team. its like if luigi was underappricated and needed a year to himself  (which is when it came out) its basically there's this bad guy calledd antasma who kidnap princesss peach and took her  to luigi dream. luigi in his dreams is basically a god your attacks get tougher and so does the enemy you also have. the bosses are nuts and luigi can grow big like bowser. speaking of bowser he always steals the light and antasma is no diffrent.

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