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DUPLICATE:"I" see a problem

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If this is the wrong category I apologize and anyone who has the power to move it is encouraged to move it


Alright so I went to the cave and woah all the "i"s are capitalized???

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Even if it's in the wrong category I think I can answer you...

Well, in english, you write the "I" always capitalized : )

Simple as that : D That is not an error of the side.



"Why do we capitalize the first-person pronoun, I? The short answer is because we do. But that’s not a very satisfactory answer. Even though it feels natural to English speakers, capitalizing I is unusual. In fact, English is the only language that does. "


"At first, the new word, i, was left lowercase. However, it began to grow taller than other words. It grew for a silly reason: a single letter looks bad. Look at it: i. How sad. By the time Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in the late 1300s, I, the personal pronoun, was slightly taller than its lowercase equivalent. From that point on, it was typically capitalized."


Thats what i found regarding the topic.

I hope i could help you <3



(source: dictionary.com)



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