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revive eggs

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I just lost one of the 2017 halloween, I would love the ability to revive lost eggs. Could be dragon with ability to time warp. and it only available use on holiday eggs and rare eggs (the ones that are super hard to find) so that it don't get abuse.

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I support the idea of egg revival but your suggestion doesn't really work.

Why not just extend the action to all eggs instead of some convoluted time warp thing that only works on holidays and "rares" for some reason. (are time dragon's just that racist?)


I don't think a BSA is necessary when we can already do the same thing to hatchlings and adults and I don't think it should be holiday/rare exclusive because any eggs can die, not just holidays and rares. And rarity is subjective, there is no true distinction between a rare and a common and there are a lot of grey areas that are even further muddied by ratios, it's all in the eye of the beholder so what one might consider worth resurrecting might we worthless in another's eye, it just seems stupid to exclude other eggs because they aren't "worth" reviving.


And if we're gonna have a BSA, why would it be a time warp? We can already resurrect the dead with other elements so a life or death dragon would be the more fitting choice for bringing back the dead?Time travel just seems very convoluted and unfitting.

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Yeah, I think that just allowing eggs to be revived with the "revive" action would be fine. It'd still probably be just as low chance as regular revive has of successfully returning a dragon to life, and they couldn't become zombies because those don't grow… but I def don't think it needs to be a BSA or restricted to rare/event dragons?

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I think it should be a BSA. But not a BSA of a time warp, as that makes no sense. I can understand going back in time, taking the egg that was once alive and bringing it to the present. But then there are complications of how far back the time warp can go, because if the egg died overnight while you were sleeping and it died let's say 8 hours ago but time warp can only go back 6 hours, well the egg cannot be saved. It is a unreliable method of magic and logic to be used.


A more sound way to do this bsa is to have a life or death dragon that already exists to gain a bsa action called revive, or bring to life, or maybe regenerate? It cannot be named revive if it will be a bsa action. Resurrection or rennervate (yes it is from Harry Potter) could possibly work.


The bsa action should be usable on eggs, and that will be what makes it different from the action revive. Now weither or not this can get used on hatchlings and adults is up to the crew at dragon caves. But something tells me it will end up being an egg exclusive bsa action, maybe even for hatchlings... but not for adults so that the action revive remains relevant. And with that, the bsa resurrection becomes needed and stays relevant as well. The bsa should be usable on all eggs of any rarity, just like influence or precog. 


I hope this gets added, there are so many times a egg with a really nice code dies and I want so badly to revive them but cannot. :c


Even if it is just the action revive getting an add ability to revive eggs, I would be very happy. Maybe it would be a lower chance to successfully revive the egg because it is a developing egg, but the option to revive the egg would be amazing. ❤️


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Honestly I only want bsa for a new dragon, the more the merrier!

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