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ANSWERED:When will the Holidays Be Gone

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2 hours ago, Karobb said:

How long until the AP clears of holiday eggs do you think?

The ones that are showing up now were bred on the 28th, so it could be awhile! I didn't breed any this year except ones that were requests. I figured they were going to be picked up even slower than usual because of all the old breed CBs getting grabbed instead.


EDIT: I looked up the Happy Halloween thread from last year and it looks like they ran out on Nov. 5! :o And that was without the CB issue.

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I am attempting to help clean them out, I was looking for mostly messy ones for freezing purposes, However, I keep finding so many I want to keep. I made the mistake of breeding a bunch of dragons and have a bunch of silvers, gold, tinsels, and such that are somewhere behind those eggs. Hopefully, they don't time out :(

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I'm helping to clean out too by grabbing then hatching ones I like while looking for old cb ones. The ones I don't like I tend to just take the code of and stick in a single hatchery somewhere then toss back.

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