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First let me say I have been gone from the site for a number of years and was excited to see this group option!  Was hoping it would make it easier to maintain my scroll.   Come to find out though it is really only helpful to find certain dragons, or lead others to a section they want to see.


Whenever you go to your main scroll everything shows, and if you go to a subgroup, it does not show actions.   I guess what I am trying to say is you have to look at your entire scroll anyway, which means I still have to organize it!


Is there anyway to make one of the groups, or even "ungrouped" your default view that shows up with actions like your main scroll does?


In this way I would only need to organize dragons within a group and not my scroll as a whole!   Anyway would love this!

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I think the suggestion for "tabs" or whatever-you-wanna-call-it is what you're looking for... Groups, while it makes some sense to think of them that way, seem to be more for secondary grouping of dragons in order to easily pull up a specific identifier (whether it be CBs or Rares or whatever). I know there were other people who were disappointed when Groups didn't allow them to actually separate their scrolls, but I don't think that's what it's intended for.

An old thread about tabs

Another old thread about sorting scroll


I would love a way to do this, though, whether through the Groups feature or something else like tabs.

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When you temp-filter within the group. e.g. by availability for breeding, for BSA or by unnamedness, you get them listed with the according action link to breed, use BSA or to name.

For other stuff, you can still click the dragon itself to get to its actions page, like for killing or releasing ...

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