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Visited hatchling didn't appear on list.

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I visited a hatchie, a shadow walker with a gryffindor hat and scarf (no screenshots, sorry) but they didn't appear on my hatchie list. The number of hatchies didn't increase either, so I'm sure it didn't appear, rather than just got sorted oddly. I had 43 before and after this trick-or-treating. Not sure if it gave any candy (don't remember how much I had before) but it did trigger the cooldown.

Anyone else have a hatchling not appear on the visitors page?

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Already. No change even after hard refresh.


I have another trick-or-treating coming up in about 12 minutes, I'll pay close attention this time and take screenshots of everything in case it happens again.


Edit: hmm... this time everything worked as it was supposed to. *shrug*

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Chances are that they just changed their hatchling's costume and hit the save button the moment you visited them.

Just wondering if it would be possible that you met the same one twice?

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