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i've been on dragcave for years but only just now made a forum account.


im guessing you have to introduce yourself before you can do anything else? all of the areas except this one and news posts are locked and i can't change my profile settings lmao


welp, my alias is troutbelly and i like to draw and play sim games. i'm hoping to start an animal rescue in the future and i think reptiles are rad.

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Hello and welcome! Love the username, trout is delicious. Yes, you are limited to certain areas until a moderator approves your account, now that I've approved you you should have full access. Please PM me if you still have issues. 


Which sim games do you like? I also love snakes, with king snakes, boas, and cobras being my favorites.

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Haha, thanks! I've played many sim games over the years but my favourite would have to be Lioden.


Thanks for the welcome messages!

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