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Your to-do list

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Unrelated to Dragon Cave things.


Unlike "What should you be doing right now?" tread, this is for "Should do it later. But not right now."

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Feed in cat in...uh 5-6 hours.

Feed other pets all at some point tomorrow including insects, geckos, and snakes since the snakes not in brumation haven't been fed for a while.

Bring some deciduous bonsai inside (after their leaves are lost) and put into a fridge to keep them from going -30 during the winter.


trim indoor tropical bonsai roots and stems for fall

get my room moved around so I can fit some stuff in there

and maybe pretend to be Serena Williams and bat the alot out of these flies in the house, maybe find out where they are coming from while I'm at it.

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Need to clean my gecko tank and bird cage later. Should probably do some laundry as well (but I know I will push it back to tomorrow :rolleyes:)

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- Make an actual outline for the story I'll be writing next month (ack!)

- Finish reading my current obligation-read book

- Post my review for the book I finished two flipping weeks ago and keep putting off reviewing

- Watch Thurs/Fri's episodes of my soap opera before tomorrow's airs!

---- Finish betaing the novel for my friend that I keep putting off (over 150 pages left to go, ack!)

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  • Write an essay that's due Thursday
  • Write an essay that's due next Monday
  • Write an essay due November 15th
  • Finish graphing some bs data for something idk
  • Meet with an academic advisor to change my major and then meet again to sign up for my classes for next semester by November 15th
  • :)

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  • Reading
  • Finish drawings
  • write a report
  • Edit my sig
  • start to use other sites
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Too much to do, too little motivation.


~ Start putting together an essay that's due soon

~ Fold and put away laundry

~ Clean out my desk...again

~ Study for an upcoming exam

~ Clean the aquarium

~ Somehow remove the ever growing mountain of dog hair from my sheets


But I'm tired and it's late, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.


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Found out the flies were coming from a very hidden corner under a low shelving system.. where somebody obviously had an accident....

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I've been planning my first parachute for a while now, actually went up in January at a local airport, but when we up at 10,500 feet, my instructor couldn't get us latched together properly and the plane was too small to maneuver in, so we had to call it off.  I was talking with my oldest son last night and he wants to jump as well, so we are planning on doing this within the next 6 months.  He has to lose a little weight first,about 25 lbs, then we'll go to a place with larger aircraft and do our first tandem jumps together, lol...  btw, I'm 71...lol


That's my to-dp list.  My buddy wants to see me jump so he can see how high I'll bounce...  nice guy, my friend  lol

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Finish the last chapter of my unfinished fanfic.

Clean out the freezer.

Get someone to come fix the broken roof tile.

Arrange for some firewood to be delivered before winter kicks in.

Replace the batteries in the smoke detector.

Work on my cosplay projects.

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Finish writing project. Long term. Get it done in the next two months.

Prep a canary before it’s too far gone.

Design a couple of characters dammit.

Just prep all the animals, the freezer’s out of room.

Go to the zoo/museum and do some studying.

And pick up the next lot of cadavers while you’re at it.


god dammit hobbyist taxidermy and creature designing takes up time. 

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--Actually work on the dragon concept that I've been more or less fussing with

--Resume work on the other dragon concept that I made like, two years ago

--Finish the book series that I started

--Write the next chapter for the first Supercorp fanfiction that I haven't touched because I've been too enamored with my second Supercorp fanfic

--....work more on the second Supercorp fanfic...


--Actually get work done at my place of employment instead of goofing off/ writing fanfiction...

--Get some damn exercise once in a while!!

--Fix my altar shelf that fell

--Glue my statue back together

--Actually practice my magic again

--Play more with the rats

--Finish the mission in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Oh, who am I kidding, just finish the whole game. 

--Pay back my friend for the Korea ticket

--Pack for Korea

--probably a million other things 😖

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*looks at previous list* Well, most of those got done... Eventually... 


-- Finally finish sorting/cropping/resizing the 1,450 pictures I took during our San Diego trip last August (last freaking August, still not done!)

-- Hit 1,000 editing minutes on this dang story

-- Burn the cds that mom has been asking me for

-- Write that dang story scene that's been in my head for 7 months!

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Clean my room and prepare the team project about environment.

Buuuut.... Maybe my cat can clean the room instead? lol

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Today: study philosophy.

Tomorrow: continue the biology report.

Saturday: continue the biology report.

Sunday: continue the biology report and hopefully complete it too.

Monday: study math and suffer in silence.

Tuesday: ???

Wednesday: study biology.


So in conclusion, a lot of studying. :huh:

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  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Read 2 chapters of current book
  • Finish 4 skills in my Duolingo tree (currently 0/4)
  • Watch the World Cup semifinal


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► Plan my Holiday/Vacation to another State including:

  • Purchasing the cheapest plane tickets as possible.
  • Hotel Reservations. Two nights and a morning is expensive...
  • Planning what to do while I'm there.
    ► Party, drink, fun things, see landscapes?
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
    ► Choices are between a reg. Taxi, Uber, and Lyft. Swaying towards Lyft.
  • What present to get my SO. The reason I'm going is for his Birthday! ^_^
    ► I wish I could just give him a huge kiss/hug, but my generous self likes to gift!
  • I know I'm forgetting something...

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