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My name is Winter Sky, but feel free to call Winter, Snowy, or what ever you like! :)


I've been playing Dragon Cave for just over a year now. I've looked at the forums a couple times before, but I never got around to making an account.


Some things about me, I really really like to draw. I'll draw anything from dragons to cats. I also enjoy playing the classical guitar, reading books, and playing video games! :D


I look forward to getting to know all of you!


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Hello & welcome to DC forums! If you'd like to show off some of your artwork, we do have the Original Works subforum, which you may enjoy. :) 


Don't forget to nab your new Halloween eggs on the 31st! :) 

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Thanks for the welcome Earth Gurl! I'll definitely check out that subforum when I get a chance. :D


Happy Halloween!

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