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New Member Introduction

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Hello there. I'm peach-rice, but feel free to call me Peaches or Luci.



engaged for - 6 months

vegetarian + zero waste + CG/l + pantheistic wiccan + INTP-T

Cracklin' Oat Bran | rats | Copic | vegetable broth  | Elliot Moss

pre-med biochemistry major + a couple minors


Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Hello and welcome to DC forums! Congrats on being engaged. :) My bf and I intend on getting married, but not for a year or two. 


Also wow! I just talked to my roommate on seriously cutting down waste. I need to start eating healthier anyway. The one thing I was hung up on is how to get meat without any packaging. I guess I could go to the deli counter and ask for a plastic container? I'll have to figure it out.


I hope you're enjoying the Halloween event! Also, I had a bit of trouble reading your post, perhaps a larger font would be better? It may just be my eyes/laptop though. 

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I did personality test several times, those result were always changing between INTP and INTJ

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