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ANSWERED:"Cave" Witchlight Eggs (Solved)

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Not sure if there's already been a report about this, if so, please disregard this post. If not, information is provided below. 


I recently caught a few Witchlight eggs in the AP. All three are showing no mother or father, and their location is listed as Cave. Each egg's time remaining ranges from 6D 13H - 6D 15H as of this post. Eggs in question: Links removed.


Roughly an hour ago, Witchlights were showing as bred with lineages, as to be expected. Unsure what changed, but I assume this isn't an intentional occurrence, if it's not just a problem on my end.


Technical information if needed:

I'm using an android mobile device, OS version 7.1.1. I'm accessing Dragon Cave through Google Chrome, version 60.0.3112.107. 


Edit: Turns out I'm just unobservant and missed the news thread detailing the change. Apologies for any head shaking I may have caused.

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I'm an idiot and missed important news threads.

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If you look at the News thread and at the DragCave home page, you may notice a new biome "Halloween" where old Halloween breeds drop ;)

Happy Hunting!

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I guess that's what happens when I don't read the News topic. Please disregard my post, and thank you very much for the quick reply!


Also that's a fantastic change! I'll remove the links now, I appreciate the answer 

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