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Greetings from The Netherlands

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Hello to those reading this.

I am just introducing myself, even though I've been here for quite a few years.

The name is Draconais and I take care of a huge group of dragons with all the challenges that come with the territory.

Hailing from The Netherlands it is at times hard to write proper English, so bear with me :)

In every day life I am married, a mom of two (kind of) grown up kids and take fulltime care of our granddaughter, our mini-dragon.

There is very little to tell really.

Wow, do I sound boring or what? hahahahaha

Well, if anyone has questions, feel free to ask (although I reserve the right to not answer)







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Hello & welcome to DC forums! I'm also Dutch (my father grew up in Cruquius). I hope you enjoy our little community! Don't forget to participate in the Halloween Event! 

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LOL...I am so silly.

In trying to answer Earth Gurl's post, I sent her a pm I think.

Anyhoot....thanks for the warm welcomes

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