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So... what hatchling are you taking Trick or Treating? :)

Which hatchling did you pick in the event?  

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This was my final dragon:




And of the ones that I exchanged candy with, these were my favs:









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WEAR ALL THE THINGS. Literally. I clicked on every piece of clothing available(and I'd bought everything, too). Wasn't my final costume choice, of course XD

My real guy is here.


Disappointed that I didn't get to see any Pumpkin babies - not a single one of my 47 visits were pumpkins! :0

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I'm very happy with Rosa's final costume :D I still wish there had been more neck items to choose from but the Kitsune sets are absolutely gorgeous.



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i wish i'd thought about taking screenshots as i went along. for some reason, i thought the costumes we received and bought each day would still be in our inventory after the event, even though we wouldn't be able to change what the hatchling is wearing. i'm happy we at least get to see all the hatchlings we exchanged candy with -- and i love seeing everyone's here!


anyhow, here's my little pumpkin's final outfit:




for a long time on the last day she was wearing pirate pants over the kitsune skirt, but in the end she went for a simpler look. :D

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This is my final count - 75 hatchlings:
Grave: 22
Desipis: 11
Caligene: 10
Shadow Walker: 8
Pumpkin: 7
Witchlight: 7
Black Marrow: 6
Cavern Lurker: 4


Sets I've got for free: black wizard (Hufflepuff), white ballerina, navy pirate, silver knight, yellow fairy and white fox spirit.


My Shadow Walker hatchling (https://dragcave.net/halloween17/Anemonis) wears: Ballerina Headband (pink), Fairy Crown (yellow), Ballerina Shirt (pink), Ballerina Shoes (pink), Fairy Bracelets (yellow), Fairy Tail (yellow), Fox Spirit Skirt (blue), Wizard Scarf (green) and Pirate Parrot (black). Her name is Niqmist.

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At first, my caligene really enjoyed being a Ravenclaw Pirate Wizard with a Magic Owl Parrot:



Later, however, she decided she would rather be a Fairytale Princess with an Animal Friend so this is the final result:



I really enjoyed this event and all the creative outfits I've seen on other scrolls. I only wish there had been a bit more time to play around with different combinations after all costumes had been released, but it was fun nevertheless.

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My visitor breakdown of 76 hatchies:


Shadow Walker-7


I saw some seemed to take forever to get at least one of each breed to visit with, but I'd seen one of each in the first 12.  There were 2 names I recognized (bbik and 42), but there could be 1 or 2 more who have different forum/scroll names.

And this is my hatchie's final costume:


she's a warrior fairy pirate princess witch, but hasn't decided on an appropriate name for herself yet.

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Here is my lovely BallerinaGhostKnightPirateMummyWizardFairyKitsune.






Also, my hatchling count: 


40 hatchlings spotted during Trick-or-Treating.

  • Black Marrow - IIII (4)
  • Caligene - II IIIII (7)
  • Cavern Lurker - I IIIII (6) 
  • Desipis - IIIII (5)
  • Graves -  III IIIII (8)
  • Pumpkin - IIII (4)
  • Shadow Walker - IIIII (5)
  • Witchlight - I (1)

I chose a Caligene for my hatchling.


Edit: One thing that makes me lol is that for the Despisis, the fox mask doesn't fit their faces. XD 

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I went with a minimalist look:




And my count is: 


  • Black Marrow : 4
  • Caligene : 5
  • Cavern Lurker : 3
  • Desipis : 8
  • Graves : 9
  • Pumpkin : 4
  • Shadow Walker : 5
  • Witchlight : 1
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12 hours ago, miaou said:




for a long time on the last day she was wearing pirate pants over the kitsune skirt, but in the end she went for a simpler look. :D



Ours have similar tastes apparently. :D




Met 81 Hatchlings - Wish I had met more, but holidays are hard on me... I did my best!!!!


5 Pumpkins

7 Caligenes

7 Cavern Lurkers

8 Black Marrows

8 Witchlights

9 Shadow Walkers

16 Desipis
21 Graves



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>is late


Here’s my Desipis, Crowsing, in his gaudy equipment, ready to raid some settlements and drain the mana from hapless victims held with the blade before their throats—



(I left various decorations out because a bunch of them clashed with the neck)

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Late to the party, but here's my boy!

I thought I was done with the design, until I realized how well the black kitsune mask looks on Caligenes!

Hatchling Glow-up.png

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