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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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CB Omen hatchie from Alpine, precog. MALE


Peered into GUul6’s (m) future with (rqj1C). Nov 04, 2017, 09:46 pm




CB FEMALE Omen or precog. FEMALE hatchie, biomes are not important 


Gender swap


Traded unexpectedly fast! XD

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Have a cb female omen, need a male!




Also have some misgendered 2gen SW hatchies and a marrow, looking for just offers??




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Available for trade on the family scrolls:

Shadow_Walker_mature_hatchi.png  2nd-gen female-gendered Shadow Walker from a Silver father; just a few hours left to grow up so we're seeking a quick trade!

------> Offer on this Shadow Walker?



We are looking for:

Silver_egg.gif / Silver_male_hatchi.gif  2nd-gen Silver from a Shadow Walker mother!

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Caligene_female_hatchi.gif 2G Caligene from M Sunrise, gendered F, 4h left - Teleport Link

Grave_mature_hatchi.png  2G Grave from F Monarch, gendered M, 2h left - Teleport Link

Grave_mature_hatchi.png 3G Grave from F Magma checker, gendered M, 5h left - Teleport Link



messy Shadow hatchie for freezing - priority

2G Witchlight from male Waterhorse - priority

other offers - I don't need these, so I'm not picky!


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Some nice low-time Halloweens, all are influenced/precog. correctly to make checker lineages:


Cavern_Lurker_mature_hatchi.png 2G Cavern Lurker x FEMALE Bleeding Moon - Trade


Caligene_hatchi.gif 2G Caligene x Radiant Angel - Trade


Caligene_hatchi.gif 2G Caligene x FEMALE Antarean - Trade


Caligene_hatchi.gif 2G Caligene x Candelabra - Trade pending


Witchlight_hatchi.png Messy Witchlight, precog. MALE , good for freezingTrade


Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2G FEMALE PB Witchlight, have a cute name code Abona (caps messed), stunned - Trade


Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2G Witchlight x Rosebud, stunned - Trade


Grave_mature_hatchi.png 2G Grave x MALE Magma - Trade




1 : 1 for


Caligene_hatchi.gif 2G Caligene x MALE Kingcrowne


Witchlight_hatchi.png 2G Witchlight x MALE Green Copper/Script/Blacktip/Gaia, or Daydream of either gender


Black_Marrow_hatchi.gif Shadow_Walker_hatchi.png Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif Grave_mature_hatchi.png Desipis_hatchling.png 1 x CB past Halloween, any gender, but only FEMALE if you offer Grave (NO Caligene or Witchlight)


Mystery.gif Other Halloween checkers


Mystery.gif Other offers


2~3 : 1 for


Mystery.gif 1 CB Omen, any stage (preferably MALE, though)


Mystery.gif Other offers


Please PM with the proof of precognition or influence to let me know the hatchie would gender the same as its Halloween parent, if you offer ungendered hatchies.

Please also PM or offer a dummy egg on the other teleport(s) if you manage to get multiple from me.

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Final Attempt at trading these! 


* Click on image to view lineage 

FDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.png  FDzhUXR.png FDzhUXR.png -- 4 x CB Omen Hatchlings (2 males, 2 females)  || Make an offer!



- 2G Prize [ Willing to combine anything & everything from here, PM me to discuss] 
- CB Gold / Silver 
- CB Neglected 

[I'm not really open to trading individual Omens at this time. Would rather keep them!] 

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Have: 2 x 2nd gen wrongly gendered Witchlight_mature_hatchi.pngCaligene_male_hatchi.gif (Witchlight from Frill, Caligene from Red)


Want: - 1 correctly gendered 2nd gen Halloween Hatchling for both (or 3rd gen checker Pumpkin)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Have: a male Halloween_2017_male_hatchi.gif (stunned)




- 2nd gen Witchlight_hatchi.png from female Orange Copper (only male precognized or influenced, please provide proof)

- 2nd gen Caligene_hatchi.gif from male Pyro Xenowyrm (only female precognized or influenced, please provide proof)

- 2nd gen Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif from male Brimstone (only female precognized or influenced, please provide proof)

or long shot:

- 2nd gen user posted image from male / female Silver Tinsel (not BaNie / Laurel Silver)

- 2nd gen user posted image from female Gold Tinsel (not Gold Epica)

- 2nd gen Astrapi_Xenowyrm_egg.gif from male Silver Shimmer (not Vimvi Medens prize)

- 2nd gen Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif from male Silver Shimmer (not Vimvi Medens prize)

- wouldn´t say no to a 2nd gen common from Spriter´s Alt either *laugh*

- best offer of correctly gendered 2nd gen Halloween Hatchlings (not Purebred)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



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Have: (all caveborn)
user posted image Male Desipis lowtime! (4 days 19 hours)
user posted image Male Grave (5 days 10 hours) x2
user posted image Female Grave (5 days 10 hours)

Offer links
Male Desipis + Grave. (remember desipis is low time!)
Male & Female Grave. (perfect for breeding!)

 !top priority! Desiring:
user posted image CB Cave Lurker (female)
user posted image CB Witchlight (female) 

Other offers I'm wishing:
CB BSAs. Aeons, Magis, Reds and Pinks. Hatchies prereferred.
Willing to accept eggs as well. 
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

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4 pack of precog misgenders.  3 2nd gens and a beautiful 4th gen.
# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4

Looking for:
1 or 2 correctly gendered 2nd gen or 3rd gen checker Halloween hatchlings,
Would not hesitate to accept an Omen.
Any CB past Halloween

Make an offer on my hatchlings!

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-ER desipis hatchie from female magma, influenced male. https://dragcave.net/teleport/db2a06a00c2e0d4d448e1b07ad2d6e42

-cb male desipis, with Irk on its code. 



-cb ungendered lurker hatchie. https://dragcave.net/teleport/84d69218f4cfcd18430a1901f777cd18




-2nd gen witchlight from sunsong, preferably one of my own dragons's offspring (surnames Arcana), and preferably gendered or precoged the same gender as its witchlight parent, but I'll take any >_<

https://dragcave.net/progeny/e4oIs thanks, I love you. ;_;

-a 2nd gen gold from Yule would be loved too :0 hopefully unrelated to all these: http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Inbred.php?dcode=8DOIj%2C+38NOD%2C+Flq4h&depth=Default

-for the cb desipis or lurker I'd also take a cb female grave, just to have even numbers of CBs XD


Later I may take down the cb desipis' link to stun it. 





Also have:


-misgendered 2nd gen male shadow walker hatchie, from male silver lunar. 






-freezable pumpkin or witchlight (i prefer a fem witchlight but I'll take what I get.) A misgendered one is fine too (but it will still be frozen!) 

-or offer. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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Caligene_female_hatchi.gif   2nd gen female Caligene from male Golden Wyvern: Lineage  Trade link

Caligene_male_hatchi.gif    3rd even gen male Caligene: Lineage  Trade link

(both with named parents)


Want:  (for either) 2nd gen female Witchlight from Witchlight mother, ideally from Snow, Horse, or Lunar Herald father, but I'll take what I can get!

Or, for both plus whatever you want that I can breed, male Marrow 4th gen checker with female Silvers, unrelated to her (although I doubt anyone has that just lying around!) 

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Black_Marrow_mature_hatchi.gif2nd-gen male marrow from female gold. Make an offer!

Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen female witchlight from green nebula. Make an offer!

Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen male witchlight from female dark lumina. Make an offer!
Shadow_Walker_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen female shadow-walker from male grey. Make an offer!

Black_Marrow_mature_hatchi.gif2nd-gen female marrow from male red firegem. Make an offer!

Desipis_female_hatchling.gif 2nd-gen female desipis from male black zyu. Make an offer!


These are all correctly gendered for checkers.



Offers. Another 2nd-gen Halloween with nicely named parents; a CB marrow or omen; a 3rd-gen prize; something from my sig; something else?

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* Click on image to view lineage 

FDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.png  -- My last 2 CB Omen Hatchlings (1 male, 1 female)  || Make an offer!



- CB Silver

- Just looking at some last minute offers. They grow up in 5 hours! 

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