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Grave_hatchi.gif Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif Desipis_hatchling.png Witchlight_hatchi.png four 2nd gen Halloween hatchies, NOT influenced or Precoged, https://dragcave.net/lineage/9gMb1 ..... https://dragcave.net/lineage/GiNvz ..... https://dragcave.net/lineage/Uhb5T ..... https://dragcave.net/lineage/vWzte 

Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



r3UdyfI.gif 1 CB male Omen hatchling

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I wanted to thank everyone who offered hatchlings to me.   I only took 2 hatchlings, a male and a female.  I honestly feel horrible for accepting any of them.  We had a dire family situation which finally ended the day before Halloween.  She is resting now, peacefully and the fight is now over and there is no more pain or suffering.  I really thank all of you, the wonderful dragon community for your outpouring of generosity!    I will do my best to pass on this generosity in the future.  All of you are truly wonderful!

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FDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.png - 6x CB Omen hatchies




- 2g from Spriter's Alt White Valentine, White Sweetling, Heartseeker, Arsani (either), Pumpkin, Tinsel, Yulebuck, Snow Angel, Aegis (any) or Snow (any). Would love common of my choice!

- 2g Prize from mate of my choice (lower priority). I will be reasonable--if my mate choice doesn't cooperate for a while, I'll pick something easier! :) 


- 2g from Spriter's Alt Blue Desipis or Witchlight. Would love common of my choice!


Please PM to offer, hatchies fogged for safety :) 

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FDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.pngFDzhUXR.png - 4x CB Omens (precog as two pairs, one has z-code)



Blue lines in sig or other high priority things from my wishlist

2g Altkin, 2g Prize, or other similar interesting offers


Lower priority but may consider

Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png - 3g Gold Shimmer lines I don't have and can continue

Desipis_egg.png - 3g F Desipis x Canopy checker, unrelated to this 

Pumpkin_hatchi.gifBlack_Marrow_hatchi.gifShadow_Walker_hatchi.pngCavern_Lurker_hatchi.gifGrave_hatchi.gifDesipis_hatchling.pngWitchlight_hatchi.png - CB Halloween hatchies, any gender

Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gifCaligene_hatchi.gifWitchlight_mature_hatchi.png - 2g Halloween x Metal hatchies from the following list (must be appropriately gendered for checkers):

- Cavern Lurker x M Gold

- Caligene x either gender Silver or Gold

- Witchlight x either gender Silver or Gold


Please PM to discuss!

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AbEip.gif.5e95616bc2368e11eb355f50854f29f2.gif 2, male and female

ynIqu.png.18436b38715794bedd34e670b6eecc3e.png female

CISry.png.c62fac97b9d10cf3845e21e3e30cebee.png3, male female and unknown, too young

























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On 11/4/2017 at 7:32 PM, sylviamaris said:

HAVE: Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif CB Cavern Lurker hatchling, z-code - will be male

WANT: Pumpkin_mature_hatchi.gif CB Pumpkin, male


Offer or PM to discuss!

bump <3

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Black_Marrow_mature_hatchi.gif2nd-gen male marrow from female gold. Make an offer!

Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen female witchlight from male pink zyu. Make an offer!

Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen male witchlight from female dark lumina. Make an offer!

Shadow_Walker_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen female shadow-walker from male grey. Make an offer!

Shadow_Walker_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen male shadow-walker from female spessartine. Make an offer!

Cavern_Lurker_mature_hatchi.png 2nd-gen female lurker from male frill. Make an offer!


All these hatchlings have nice parent names and they are all gendered the same as their Halloween parent (i.e., for checkers.)



1) CB marrow (any gender)

2) CB omen (any gender)

3) 2nd-gen witchlight with nice parent names, gendered or influenced for checkers. (I'll decline if I already have the pairing, but there are still tons of pairings I lack.)

4) 2nd-gen Halloween of any breed with nice parent names, gendered or influenced for checkers. Especially looking for marrow from sino, zyu, GoN, celestial, or candelabra; shadow from firegem, zyu, spinel, dark lumina, or azure; lurker from GoN or firegem; grave from scimitar or red firegem; desipis from white, stripe, zyu, or green firegem, or caligene from celestial, stripe, firegem, or zyu.

5) 3rd-gen prize lineage

6) One thing from my sig


PM me or offer on the links above, thanks!

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2G male Witchlight x White Zyumorph F

2G male Caligene x Monarch F

2G female Caligene x Black Zyumorph M

4G female Marrow from Ember M checker


Unknown wild cards (PM for trade links)

2G Witchlight x Pink Zyumorph M

2G Witchlight x Spinel F

2G Caligene x Sinomorph M

2G SW x White Zyumorph F


Want (will trade multiples for correctly-gendered hatchlings):

- 2G Witchlight x Almandine M, Green Fire Gem M, Green Nebula

- 2-3G Caligene x Harvest M/F checker

- Hatchling mate from profile wishlist (note blue in sig)

- Other pretty 2-3G Halloween checkers (especially Witchlight or Caligene)

- Offers!

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Caligene_male_hatchi.gif 2G male Caligene hatchling from Caligene x Silver pair with all-numbers code.

Grave_hatchi.gif 2G Grave hatchling, precog to be female (Peered into KilL4’s (f) future with (Y82Jb). Nov 06, 2017, 04:22 pm) from White Zyumorph x Grave pair, with word code KilL4. Yeah, this is K-i-L-L, I checked.

Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif 3G purebreed Cavern Lurker hatchling with perfect palindrome code. I didn't precog.

Pumpkin_mature_hatchi.gif CB Female Pumpkin.

Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png CB Male Witchlight.


All little ones was stuned today.



Looking for offers.


Make an offer on my all-numbers hatchling!

Make an offer on my "kill for" hatchling!

Make an offer on my palindrome code hatchi!

Make an offer on my CB Pumpkin!

Make an offer on my CB Witchlight!


Thanks in advance!

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HAVE: 2 Female Omen hatchies

WANT: Genderswap for both (biome doesn't matter)


traded, thanks! 


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latest?cb=20101101062848  Have CB FEMALE Marrow. (Grows up in a few hours)


Would really like a MALE CB Marrow! (All mine are female)


May consider other offers of rares like a CB metallic or bluesang if there are no marrows about this late in the halloween season. Don't really need other Halloweens. Thanks :)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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