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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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For Trade

Omen egg with ~8 hours left before hatching; it has an ALL CAPS Z-CODE and is from the Alpine Biome!  Offer here!

Omen egg with ~8 hours left before hatching; it has a Z-Code and is from the Volcano Biome!  Offer here!



Omen egg from the Desert, Volcano, or Jungle biome, please!  Code doesn't matter.


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Have: Omen egg from Coast (your choice of these two codes: B5CWS FD473)


Want: CB Thalassa Xenowyrm (either male or influenceable egg)


Please PM me!

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FDzhUXR.png 5 x CB 2017 Halloween Hatchies with some nice codes
[ Z code (influenced male) | Aid (influenced female) | Gia (influenced female) | TOP (influenced male) | All Caps (influenced male) ]  

mSnGlor.png 6 x CB 2017 Halloween Eggs with nice codes
[ Robby (influenced male) | Kihir (influenced female) ] 
[ Z code | Z code | ick | gawd ] || [Currently on my husband's scroll;can be hatched and influenced] 

Trade Links: 

** All sets are M / F pairs (can provide proof if need be) 

mSnGlor.png  mSnGlor.png  Set 1 - Make an offer on Robby and Kihir (they're hatching soon, so if the link disappears, PM me
FDzhUXR.png FDzhUXR.png Set 2 - Make an offer on Aid & Top!
FDzhUXR.png FDzhUXR.png Set 3 - Make an offer on Gia & Z code!

FDzhUXR.png the all caps hatchie is currently offered on a trade. PM me if you're interested in him. 


mSnGlor.png mSnGlor.png mSnGlor.png mSnGlor.png - PM to offer on the 4 eggs on my husband's scroll 


Looking for: 

- 2G Prize (Tinsel / Shimmer) -- preferably not a holiday mate unless I have a CB to follow the line. 
- CB Gold 
- CB Neglected
- CB Almandine Pyralspite 
- I would be willing to trade one of the eggs for the best offer of Aeon hatchies (any lineage). The purple line in my siggy applies. 
- Other nice offers, but the 2G is my priority

Willing to combine / add (grey line in my siggy) / trade in any combination. PM me to discuss

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CB z-code silver https://dragcave.net/lineage/zzGli

WIll trade for anything in these lists


4G pumpkin x dark myst,



Looking for bloodswap unrelated to 





Have: I dont plan on keeping any of these, so if you need them for a mate, just PM me


3G despis x Mageia,has been influenced correctly.



3G Caligene x bronze lunar, has been influenced correctly.



5G SW x ice, has been influenced correctly. 



5G Sw x royal blue, has been influenced correctly. 



Will trade for

2G despis x white or red Zyu,

2G despis x blue fire gem,

2G witchlight x green fire gem,

2G  witchlight x purple nebula,

2G witchlight x Khusa


I bred several of these combos on Halloween,  so they should be hitting the app soonish



 Up to 5 Omen Halloween hatchlings


for a mate for Alt Despis x White Zyu https://dragcave.net/lineage/AtnR6, Despis parent must be alt. 

Or the tinsel from my Sig


This Google doc has all my and my husbands halloweens lineages listed. Yellow boxes indicate that a mate is still needed,


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1 X CB Grave Female

1X CB Depisis Ungendered

3 X CB Witchlights Ungendered

1X CB  Witchlight Male




3rd gen Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif of a lineage I don't have. NO SHIMMERS, PLEASE.

PM if interested.



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Can breed anything on my scroll! I have tons of Caveborn Gold/Silver dragons on there, and I will Obsessively try to breed them.
Click here; they're on page 3, and 5.

One, or two Halloween dragon eggs, or hatchlings! Unfortunately I missed the event due to being gone all week for a wedding!

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CB Witchlight egg with time to influence

2G Cavern Lurker from Male Spinel (gorgeous pairing!!)




any of the mates in my signature link (Willing to trade this egg plus the offer in my signature)

2G properly-gendered Black Marrows or Cavern Lurker x interesting mates

Any 2G Halloween x Fell

Any properly gendered 2G Halloween x non-holiday mate close to growing up

Other Halloween offers


Offer on my CB Witchlight

Offer on my 2G Cavern Lurker x Male Spinel


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HAVE CB Cavern Lurker (friend who gave it to me said it precogged male, I do NOT have proof, unfortunately.  I'd precog it myself, but I don't have any Aeons at all...new player, just getting into it...)

NEED CB Male Black Marrow


It's the last CB I need to have one of each m/f...would REALLY appreciate some help <3


Make an offer on my hatchling!

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Desipis_male_hatchling.pngDesipis_male_hatchling.png two CB male Desipis hatchlings (will grow up after ~29h from now)



Desipis_female_hatchling.gifDesipis_female_hatchling.gif two CB Desipis female hatchlings


Desipis_egg.pngDesipis_egg.png two influenced CB Desipis eggs (my female Pink is on cooldown).

I really want to get these two female Desipis dragons, so please, please, PM me with an offer... ;_;

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Have: 6 x Omen hatchlings


Want: CB Gold (1 egg for 3 hatchlings)

CB Zyumorph (Pink/Yellow) (1 egg for 1 hatchling)


Consider bold line in signature :)

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Off to the departure thread for gifting.

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Thanks everyone! Trading complete! :D

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I have another CB Omen egg to trade now. Offer here!



A 2nd-gen Halloween egg or hatchling (gendered for checkers if a hatchling.) I'll consider any pairing, especially witchlights, but am particularly looking for:


*WITCHLIGHT: from frill, chrono, aria, astrapi, white, spirit ward, green copper, mistletoe, rosebud.

*MARROW: from antarean, celestial, zyu, sinomorph, Guardian of Nature

*SHADOW: from firegem, Guardian of Nature, spinel, zyu

*LURKER: from azure, tetra, spinel, firegem, Guardian of Nature

*GRAVE: from stripe, fell, scimitar

*DESIPIS: from turpentine, terra, zyu, celestial, white, stripe

*CALIGENE: from sunsong, script, firegem, zyu, celestial


Offer on the link above, thanks!

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