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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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Have: CB Shadow Walker and CB Witchlight Hatchlings (gender unknown) (PM pls!)

also; Blusang X Thalassa 4th GEN  --> Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


WANT: mSnGlor.png (also willing to breed other eggs for it -  I missed the release this year :( )











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CB Cavern lurker hatchie x2, both precog'd male



CB Caligene hatchie, gendered or precog'd/influenced female

CB Cavern Lurker hatchie, gendered or precog'd/influenced female


Would like proof of precog/influence if ungendered. I can provide proof for mine on request.


hatchie #1

hatchie #2

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2017 Halloween egg, z-code


Pumpkin_egg.gif Black_Marrow_egg.gif Shadow_Walker_egg.gif (one of each)

CB Pumpkin, CB Black Marrow, CB Shadow Walker, male or influenceable eggs


Offer or PM to discuss!

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2x mSnGlor.png willing to influence and hatch


Would Love:

Offers! Check my signature for ideas



Shoot me a pm ;)

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Have:  CB new Halloween hatchie, from alpine   Influenced JyoJS to be female with Anmar Curaniel.


Want: CB  new halloween from jungle...inf female or  jungle egg is ok too


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!   



Or  Have CB alpine new egg


Want: CB jungle new egg


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!





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2nd gen pb shadow (no influence)




2nd gen witchlight from gon influenced female




2nd gen shadow from male white influenced female




would like some other 2nd gen halloween (list of favorites - shadow from zyus, spinal wyvern, soulstone... witchlight from any gold, silver male, ice, autumn, white/yellow zyu, monarch, almandine, chronos, gaia, etc, caligene from chronos white/yellow zyu, monarch... marrow from zyu/spinal wyvern, soulstone, etc)


would trade all for a cb new halloween or cb marrow ofc


other 2nd gens are gonna be considered too (no cavern lurkers/graves/desipis tho)




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H A V E:

latest?cb=20151031040155 CB Caligene egg born on Halloween - currently fogged; can unfog if you want

latest?cb=20161031042523 CB Witchlight egg with code zvHHo, also born on Halloween - message me to offer (debating holding onto it) - currently fogged; can unfog if you want


W A N T: 

Any other CB Halloween, any year. Preference for Pumpkins, Black Marrows, or Shadow Walkers. Not accepting: Caligene, Desipis.

Will consider any other interesting offers; PM me.


Message me with any questions!


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Witchlight_egg.png 2G Witchlight egg from Silver Tinsel (skies)


Would Like:

1-2 New release eggs - AUTO


Offer here

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On 10/31/2017 at 7:10 AM, waya81 said:


4G pumpkin x dark myst,



Looking for bloodswap unrelated to 






3G despis x Mageia,has been influenced correctly.



3G Caligene x bronze lunar, has been influenced correctly.



5G SW x ice, has been influenced correctly. 



5G Sw x royal blue, has been influenced correctly. 



Will trade for 2G despis x Zyu, 2G despis x fire gem, 2G witchlight x fire gem, 2G  witchlight x purple nebula, (I bred several of these combos on Halloween,  so they should be hitting the app soonish) or any needed hatchie from my google doc, 



 Up to 4 2017 Halloween hatchlings, for a mate for Alt Despis x White Zyu https://dragcave.net/lineage/AtnR6, Despis parent must be alt. 

Including this great code 




This Google doc has all my and my husbands halloweens lineages listed. Yellow boxes indicate that a mate is still needed, and red means its been bred this season already. 


I'm also good at catching dragons if that will entice anyone :)

 Bump. Also picked up several 2g witchlights. Check my scroll if you're looking. Its too tedious to list them from my cell phone.

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