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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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On 10/31/2017 at 7:10 AM, waya81 said:


4G pumpkin x dark myst,



Looking for bloodswap unrelated to 






3G despis x Mageia,has been influenced correctly.



3G Caligene x bronze lunar, has been influenced correctly.



5G SW x ice, has been influenced correctly. 



5G Sw x royal blue, has been influenced correctly. 



Will trade for 2G despis x Zyu, 2G despis x fire gem, 2G witchlight x fire gem, 2G male witchlight x nebula, or any needed hatchie from my google doc, 



 Up to 4 2017 Halloween eggs, that I will influence and hatch for a mate for Alt Despis x White Zyu https://dragcave.net/lineage/AtnR6, Despis parent must be alt. 

Including this great code 

https://dragcave.net/lineage/ppuNS, and a z-code



This Google doc has all my and my husbands halloweens lineages listed. Yellow boxes indicate that a mate is still needed, and red means its been bred this season already. 


I'm also good at catching dragons if that will entice anyone :)


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Have: 1 CB Pumpkin


Want: One of the new eggs. I got three while they were available, only to come back and find all of them, specifically, dead. Please PM me if you're interested.

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user posted image 2G Grave from Gold (precog'd male)



user posted image Offers, specifically looking for CB Halloween hatchlings (Grave, Caligene [F], Desipis, Witchlight)


Make offers here

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Cavern_Lurker_mature_hatchi.png  - TWO CB female Cavern Lurker hatchlings

New Halloween almost incuhatchable egg with an interesting code - OHM





Gold_egg.gifNeglected_egg.gif - CB Gold OR CB Neglected

2G prize (non-metal/non-holiday mate) - line in signature applies, please PM me.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Witchlight_mature_hatchi.png CB male

Caligene_female_hatchi.gif CB male & female

Desipis_male_hatchling.png CB male



Offers ~ not looking for anything specific ~ shiny things, pretty lineages, 2017 halloweens are ok too. :) Hatchlings preferred, I will be egg locked for at least 2 more hours.

PM if you'd like me to split the trade


Make an Offer

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Family has CB marrows, looking for CB pumpkins in exchange.  Hatchies are not precog'd, pm if you need a specific gender and they'll try to accommodate.

hatchie #1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/1849af7af4a453d3757f06db24251276

hatchie #2 https://dragcave.net/teleport/d93dbb3dfbf7460ef47a8c91f512fb92

hatchie #3 https://dragcave.net/teleport/3971ab55ef8e4924d565c8ab4549c8de

ER egg with enough time to influence https://dragcave.net/teleport/bfb3b0a2efe1900c4735385dbba0d219

incuhatchable egg offered on another trade, pm if you want this one please https://dragcave.net/lineage/5EVp1

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Caveborn female Black Marrow hatchling, at 5 days here! Thanks so much!

Caveborn pumpkin female hatchling at 5 days here



Need a male pumpkin hatchy for the female, forgot to influence and I would prefer male and female pairs instead of the two females I have

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11 hours ago, ledurblaka said:

Have ::

Shadow_Walker_hatchi.png CB Shadowalker ( female precog ) teleport

Grave_hatchi.gifCB Grave Dragon ( female precog ) teleport

Witchlight_hatchi.png CB Witchlight ( unknown precog ) teleport

Desipis_hatchling.pngCB Desipis ( male precog ) teleport

Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif CB Cavern Lurker ( unknown precog ) teleport

Black_Marrow_egg.gif 2nd Gen. Black Marrow ( unknown precog ) teleport

Black_Marrow_egg.gif 2nd Gen Black Marrow ( unknown precog ) teleport

Desipis_egg.png 3rd Gen Desipis Checker Lineage w/ Speckle-Throats ( unknown precog ) teleport 

Grave_egg.png 2nd Gen Grave Dragon, both Grave parents ( unknown precog ) teleport


Want ::

mSnGlor.png New Halloween 2017 Egg or Hatchie ( because I was a dumb butt and didn't get any ) of any gender!


Shadowalker has been traded and eggs all hatched now, but still up for trade! Feel free to IM me if interested in eggs as I'll have to organize a new teleport.

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CB male Cavern Lurker 




To swap for a female one (CB),  because both of my eggs turned out to be male. I'm looking to have one of each gender. 


Or, if the lineage is short/neat (2G), I'll accept as long as it's a female of the same kind!


Make me an offer

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Witchlight_hatchi.png 2G  Witchlight with (deMiN) code 

Spare CB Caligene_hatchi.gif Caligene, Desipis_hatchling.png Desipis and Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gifCavern Lurker hatchies


Looking for:

mSnGlor.png 2017 release ,user posted image CB Marrow (egg or hatchy), or Shadow_Walker_hatchi.png CB Shadow Walker (egg or hatchy) (in order of priority). 


2G Witchlight trade: https://dragcave.net/teleport/8a026ff0284bc6407026098e27076bb9

If you're interested in any of the other hatchies instead or would prefer me to catch or breed something for you once the event ends, feel free to PM me.

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updated trade link

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Up to 8 2017 hatchlings, influenced to be 4 pairs.


Traded! Thank you for all the offers.


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CB new Halloween egg



Someone with no CB new Halloween eggs. PM me if interested. I only have one egg available, so first come first serve.


Please be fair : this egg is intended for someone who wasn't able to log in during the release day and so didn't get any new egg. Don't ask for it if you already have them but want more or if you intend to trade it away.


Edit : egg gone

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egg gifted

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HAVE hatchies:


CB Caligene x2

CB Desipis

CB Witchlight

CB Cavern Lurker




Trading ALL FIVE CB hatchies for ONE 2017 Halloween egg. Please offer an extra random (dummy) egg on the second teleport to get it - it's due to the transfer limits.




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Last call!




Witchlight_egg.png 2G Witchlight from FEMALE Bronze Shimmer - hatchie now, will gender MALE 




Witchlight_egg.png 2G Witchlight from MALE Prize (preferably from Gold or Silver Prize…:rolleyes:)


Mystery.gif Other 2G HOLIDAY Prize-kins, list of preference as below:

(M x F)

Marrow x Gold or Bronze Shimmer

Gold Tinsel x Cavern Lurker

Desipis x Silver Tinsel


(The purple line in the sig obviously applies to the offers below)

Heartseeker x Gold or Bronze Shimmer / Gold Tinsel

Aegis x Gold Shimmer / Gold Tinsel

Snow x Gold Shimmer / Bronze Tinsel


Mystery.gif Other 2G HOLIDAY from Spriters' Alts (The purple line in the sig applies.)


2G Shimmer-kin Witchlight

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19 hours ago, DarkLadyNyara said:


2 new Halloween eggs - egg 1 egg 2 (both incuhatchable)


Want: (influenceable eggs or gendered hatchlings)

3rd gen male marrow x female storm checker (unrelated to this)

3rd gen male desipis x female pyro xeno checker (unrelated to this)

2nd gen male marrow w/ember mother (unrelated to this)

2nd gen marrow w/stripe parent



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