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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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Desipis_egg.png CB Desipis Egg (Un-Influenced, Hatchable)



Caligene_egg.png CB Caligene Egg/Hatchie 


Hello ~ 

I'm looking for a quick trade because I didn't manage to snag a CB Caligene

I can also hatch the egg if that's what you'd prefer (PM me to let me know in this case)

Will consider other offers as well ~



Offer Here Please!

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On 30/10/2017 at 8:58 PM, SheridanCharon said:


2nd gen Caligene from Male Silver Shimmerscale, correctly influenced Lineage




2nd gen Caligene from MALE Prize dragon (Obviously a silver shimmer is preferred, but I'll consider all except gold tinsels)

2nd Gen Halloween from prize

2nd gen from Spriters alt (Except Caligene or Shadow Walker)

Best offer of 2017 Halloween hatchies (Pm for this one)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

Bump. This thing grows up in just over 24 hours. I don't want it growing up on my scroll and the whole event has gone without a single offer :/

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2g Witchlight hatchie from m Silver, female influenced




2g Witchlight hatchie or lowtime egg from f Silver, Purple or Pink parent



Make an offer on my hatchling

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Z code new release egg (zy2WA)




A nice offer :) I'd really like 1 new release hatchling + new release egg (So you'd have to PM me) but I'll throw up the link and see what happens. 


Here he is



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CB pumpkin hatchis (m,f)

CB female shadow walker hatchi

CB cavern lurker hatchis


Looking for (1:1):

CB 2017 halloween hatchis 


Please PM me ^^ 

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mSnGlor.png CB, caught very early Halloween morning

Make an offer on my new egg!



Shadow_Walker_egg.gif2g from male bronze lunar herald (if hatchling, female please)

I know, it's specific. 

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(Reposting for a new day.)




CB marrow hatchling, precogged femalehttps://dragcave.net/lineage/40dEh

CB marrow hatchling, influenced femalehttps://dragcave.net/lineage/TYbFU

CB marrow hatchling, gendered male, stunned: https://dragcave.net/lineage/US7fJ

CB caligene hatchling, influenced female, with a pronouncable, prettycaps z-code: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Zuyra




if you prefer:

1 CB new halloween egg: https://dragcave.net/view/mdurd




A single lowercase, alphabetic-character only CB influenceable or female precognisised marrow egg,  or female hatchling for all of mine. Code example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/cvelo

(Watch out for uppercase I versus lowercase L! Those two are sneaky, sneaky letters.)


Trade links:


Marrows and caligene:
  CB new Halloween:


I welcome PMs! :)


Reposted later in the thread.

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CB Desipis Hatchlings x2 (1M, 1F; grow up in ~10 hours!)

CB Grave Hatchlings x2 (influenced as a pair)

CB Marrow Hatchlings x2 (1F, the other influenced Male)





2017 Halloween Hatchling offers, first line in signature applies. 

Will trade both Desipis Hatchlings for one new hatchling, but hoping for a 1:1 trade for the Graves and Marrows if possible. 


Please PM me! 

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5th gen Shadow Walker male hatchling from a perfect male SW x female Golden Wyvern checker LOW TIME Link

CB female Galigene hatchling

CB Witchlings both genders ready to mate for non-Halloween eggs^^



CB Pumpkin male hatchling

CB female Black Marrow hatchling

CB 2017 Halloweens from Jungle/Volcano


Your offers go here:

Lineage Shadow Walker!

CB Caligene


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3 new Halloween eggs - egg 1 egg 2 egg 3


Want: (influenceable eggs or gendered hatchlings)

3rd gen male marrow x female storm checker (unrelated to this)

3rd gen male desipis x female pyro xeno checker (unrelated to this)

2nd gen male marrow w/ember mother (unrelated to this)

2nd gen marrow w/stripe parent


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Have: Caligene_egg.png CB Caligene, 3 days 8 hour egg (it's in ERs right now, can trade after hatching) still influencable



CB Grave (either hatchie or incuhatchable egg), or
CB new Halloween egg


(Offer here) or PM!

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Have: All CB:  Cavern_Lurker_mature_hatchi.png Cavern_Lurker_mature_hatchi.png (Cavern Lurkers both male)Desipis_female_hatchling.gif (Desipis female)  Caligene_female_hatchi.gif (Cligene female)  Witchlight_egg.png

(trading more than one for the new halloween drake, just ask)


WANT: CB mSnGlor.png


PM please! 













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2G Black Marrow from female Holly



2G Prize - IOU OK

or other nice offers

please PM me

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Have ::

Shadow_Walker_hatchi.png CB Shadowalker ( female precog ) teleport

Grave_hatchi.gifCB Grave Dragon ( female precog ) teleport

Witchlight_hatchi.png CB Witchlight ( unknown precog ) teleport

Desipis_hatchling.pngCB Desipis ( male precog ) teleport

Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif CB Cavern Lurker ( unknown precog ) teleport

Black_Marrow_egg.gif 2nd Gen. Black Marrow ( unknown precog ) teleport

Black_Marrow_egg.gif 2nd Gen Black Marrow ( unknown precog ) teleport

Desipis_egg.png 3rd Gen Desipis Checker Lineage w/ Speckle-Throats ( unknown precog ) teleport 

Grave_egg.png 2nd Gen Grave Dragon, both Grave parents ( unknown precog ) teleport


Want ::

mSnGlor.png New Halloween 2017 Egg or Hatchie ( because I was a dumb butt and didn't get any ) of any gender!

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forgot to add some dragons, derp

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