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CB Black Marrow Hatchie - male

CB Cavern Lurker Hatchie - male



CB Black Marrow Hatchie - female

CB Cavern Lurker Hatchie - female

I can trade just CLs or just BMs or both at once. They both have about 20 hours before becoming adults... PM me if you're interested. ^_^ 

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CB Cavern Lurker Male

CB Shadow Walker Male

CB Caligene Female

CB Grave Female



CB Cavern Lurker Female hatchie (Would prefer this for my male cavern lurker)

CB Marrow hatchie


CB Shadow Walker: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

CB Cavern Lurker: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

CB Caligene Female: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

CB Grave: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Have CB lurker hatchling (precog'd male) and CB Caligene egg (influence of your choice available)


Desperately seeking CB Pumpkin!


Willing to trade for either or BOTH though the Caligene egg is not old enough to trade yet so please PM me to set up the trade
Basically, I was waiting to make sure I got 6 of this years and then went to the halloween biome to get my pumpkins and then... I MISCLICKED!
And there's not enough time left to abandon 

I am also willing to add an IOU of a hatchling from the resulting pair of CB pumpkins if I manage to get me one!

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19 hours ago, Sheeana said:



Some nice bred Halloween hatchies! (influenced correctly as to continue the lineage)


Pumpkin_hatchi.gif pumpkin 1 pumpkin 2

Black_Marrow_hatchi.gif marrow

Shadow_Walker_hatchi.png SW 1  SW 2  SW 3  SW 4  SW 5  SW 6

Cavern_Lurker_hatchi.gif cavern lurker

Desipis_hatchling.png desipis 1 desipis 2 desipis 3 desipis 4

Caligene_hatchi.gif caligene




Mint_hatchi.gif 1 CB mint hatchie IOU (1:1) for after the Halloween event


PM offers!

Bump! Hatchies now gendered!

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Shadow_Walker_egg.gifShadow_Walker_egg.gif A pair of 3rd gen Shadow Walker eggs snagged from the AP. One is a checker with male Silvers, the other is a checker from female Silvers.

They're ER, but can still be influenced for about 10 more hours.



Pretty much anything? They're nice, but I don't want them. Offer anything.


Trade link: PM me

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2x mSnGlor.png willing to influence and hatch


Would Love:

Offers! Check my signature for ideas



Shoot me a pm ;)

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6 x CB 2017 Halloween Eggs with some nice codes [ Z code | Aid | Gia | TOP | Zak | Fak ]  

4 x CB 2017 Halloween Eggs with nice codes [ Z code | Z code | ick | gawd ] || [Currently on my husband's scroll; will be gifted to me when they hatch] 

Trade Links: 

Set of 2 Eggs (can influence and incu-hatch)


Set of 4 Eggs (can influence and incu-hatch) 


Set of 4 Eggs (husband's scroll) (can influence once my own eggs hatch) 


Looking for: 

- 2G Prize (Tinsel / Shimmer) 
- CB Gold 
- CB Almandine Pyralspite
- I would be willing to trade one of the eggs for the best offer of hatchies of any lineage / species. I'm trying to get the next trophy. The purple line in my siggy applies. 
- Other nice offers, but the 2G is my priority

Willing to split / combine / add (grey line in my siggy). PM me to discuss

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