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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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On 28.10.2017 at 9:14 PM, ewi said:


 to breed

a 3rd gen Grave/Heartstealing Dragon checker with two alts





a swap for another alt lineage :) Please PM me if you have/can have something interesting! I am a bit desperate to find something pretty this Halloween, I am sure we can make a deal ^^

 bump. No luck this Halloween it seems...

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Misstake posting..sorry

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2nd gen Caligene from Male Silver Shimmerscale, correctly influenced Lineage




2nd gen Caligene from MALE Prize dragon (Obviously a silver shimmer is preferred, but I'll consider all except gold tinsels)

2nd Gen Halloween from prize

2nd gen from Spriters alt (Except Caligene or Shadow Walker)

Best offer of 2017 Halloween hatchies (Pm for this one)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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Have: 4 Halloween Hatchies

Shadow_Walker_hatchi.png 3rd Gen Shadow Walker Hatchie, Checkere

Grave_hatchi.gif 2nd Gen Grave Hatchie

Desipis_hatchling.png 2nd Gen Despisis Hatchie

Caligene_hatchi.gif 2nd Gen Caligene Hatchie


Want: For all 4 Hatchies, I want only 2 CB Halloween Hatchie from Halloween Biome (or incuhatchable egg)

I will add in another 8 hatchies (all 2nd gen) for one IOU of this year's halloween new release. PM me to work a deal out. 

Link: https://dragcave.net/teleport/d43564cb3cd857cff154fc1402b108e9

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CB Cavern Lurker hatchie, ungendered (2yyxH)

CB Desipis hatchie, male (4X1cq)

CB Desipis hatchie, ungendered but influenced female (tvlqW)
CB Caligene hatchie, female (9aFcj)



Trading 2:1 (two of mine for one of yours) for the following:


Priority: Halloween 2017 CB hatchling IOUs, or CB hatchlings below 5d of the following breeds:

  • Grave
  • Witchlight


Will also accept: CB hatchlings below 5d of the following breeds:

  • Pumpkin
  • Black Marrow
  • Desipis
  • Caligene



Lurker + Caligene

Desipis + Desipis


For the others, or if you're looking for a different combo, PM me. :)


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CB Desipis Hatchling


Want appropriately influenced Hatchling or incuhatchable egg:

2G Witchlight x Brute or Spinal (purple)

2G Grave (f) x Spessartine (m)

2G Caligene (f) x Dark Lumina (m)

3G Caligene (m) x Almandine (f) checker

3G Caligene (m) x Bronze Lunar (f) checker

3G Caligene (m) x Swallowtail (f) checker



Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


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- CB Pumpkin egg

- 2 CB Black Marrow eggs



- 2:1 for any CB Cavern Lurker, Desipis, or Caligene ungendered or female hatchies **priority

- 1:1 for any male hatchies of the above + any gendered Grave or Shadow Walker hatchies (for freezing, lineage doesn't matter)


Please PM! Thank you~

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CB Marrow eggs x3   

CB Shadow Walker eggs x2  


CB Marrow hatchlings (1:1; perfect if you misgendered one!)    

CB Shadow Walker FEMALE hatchlings (1:1)     

I can do two precogs still. P

Linky for one of the SWs:  https://dragcave.net/teleport/fba328bfc78eb571181a15c13ce8d87a

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CB Shadow Walker (Z-code, near-incuhatchable)

CB Witchlight (ER)



- CB Marrow hatchling or incuhatchable egg

- Pretty 2G Witchlight hatchling/incuhatchable egg

- Offers!


Can breed:

- All CB Halloweens except Lurkers and female SW

- Numerous Halloween checkers listed here


Happy to breed for free! Just ask and be ready to take your egg immediately.

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My dragons are all done breeding this holiday season!


I do have a couple trades going:


I have a CB Marrow egg from October 29 - you'll be able to incubate and hatch tomorrow before the end of the event! 


Offer on my Marrow!


Looking for a CB Shadow Walker Female hatchling or offers of CB or 2G Halloween hatchlings.


I also have a 3rd Gen Purebred Desipsis from all Alt Grandparents hatchling. I did not influence it (oops), and cannot precog it.


Make an offer on my alt lineaged Desipsis!


I would love 3rd Gen offers from Alts, especially the exact same thing as above if unrelated. I will consider an egg for this guy and add to for the right offer!


Other than that, I'd love an offer of CB or 2G Halloween hatchlings. Or see my signature!

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CBs to breed: Pumpkins, Graves, Cals 

2G Witchlight hatchie from purple Nebula x Witchlight (properly influenced) x2

CB Pumpkin egg - COOLDOWN



2G Witchlight from Witchlight x Black (properly influenced)

Any Witchlight checker from alt 


PM for breeding! 




will accept IOU for the Pumpkin

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Witchlight_hatchi.png - 2G from female bronze shimmer (influenced male) - lineage


can also toss in:

Witchlight_hatchi.png - CB (precog male)

Caligene_hatchi.gif - CB x2 (precog male & female)

Desipis_hatchling.png - CB (precog male)


all my previous halloween dragons available to breed



2G from spriter alt


or 1:1


other 2G from prize



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latest?cb=20121103092630latest?cb=20121103092630latest?cb=20121103065232 3 CB Cavern Lurker hatchies (2 males growing up soon, 1 ungendered)



latest?cb=20151031040155  3g Caligene x m Red (hatchie or incuhatchable)

latest?cb=20151031040155  3g Caligene x f Stone (hatchie or incuhatchable)

latest?cb=20091106092038 1 CB Pumpkin hatchie

latest?cb=20101102054405 1 CB Black Marrow hatchie

latest?cb=20120213035132 1 CB SW hatchie

latest?cb=20161031105905 1 CB Witchlight hatchie



Trade Link

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user posted image CB Code baby ETCMA. precogged male at the estimate of 6 days. Offer here!


user posted image A female Caligene hatchling, CB or Bred ready to freeze (with a messy lineage).
If you offer me a s1 hatchie, please let me know/show proof it's precogged!

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