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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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Black_Marrow_egg.gif CB Marrow


(Also have CBs of all Halloweens available to breed, with all metals, most other holidays, and i have an alt sweetling)




2g shadow walker from male silver lunar herald x female shadow walker


Make an offer on my egg!

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Desipis_hatchling.pngDesipis_hatchling.pngDesipis_hatchling.pngDesipis_hatchling.pngDesipis_hatchling.png5 xCB Desipis

Caligene_hatchi.gifCaligene_hatchi.gifCaligene_hatchi.gif3 x CB Caligene



Pumpkin_hatchi.gifCB Pumkin

Black_Marrow_hatchi.gifCB Black Marrow

Neglected_hatchi.gifCB Neglected(I will give multiple my hatchlings for this, send me a message how many you want)

Gold_hatchi.gifCB Gold

Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gifShimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif2gen Tinsel or Shimmerscale, or a 2gen  Ice_egg.gif from Tinsel or Shimmerscale

Mystery.gifother offer


make a offer or pm me,


Tradelinks for 3 Despis



Tradelinks for 2 Despis



Tradelink for the 3 Caligene




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Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin
Witchlight_hatchi.png CB Witchlight hatchling - will be male

In addition, I have available to breed a CB female Pumpkin, female Grave, female Desipis, and both male and female Witchlights, with your choice of mate.  



See my signature - PM to discuss!

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3g caligene STAIR, from ALT CALIGENE x khusa



offers? I love alts, but I typically don't collect stairs. A 3G EG from an alt would be perfect, but I'll look at other offers. I also collect halloweens x xenos. 


Offer here!

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Pumpkin_egg.gifPumpkin_egg.gifPumpkin_egg.gif 3 CB pumpkins, happy to influence and hatch

user posted image CB female mageia

user posted image CB male pyro

user posted image CB marrow

user posted imageuser posted image 2 CB shadow walkers male/female

user posted image 3rd-gen desipis from female bronze tinsel checker (lineage) (will hatch, influence and combine)



user posted image 3rd-gen desipis from female bronze shimmer checker not related to Rinoa or Sysyn, as a mate to Pcoar. Will combine multiple including my 3rd-gen desipis x tinsel for one.

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Witchlight_hatchi.png 2nd gen PB Witchlight hatchie (will gender male): https://dragcave.net/lineage/12uSH Teleport

Witchlight_hatchi.png 2nd gen PB Witchlight hatchie (will gender female): https://dragcave.net/lineage/XMwi6 Teleport



Any lineage Witchlight hatchie (lower time or gendered) for freezing


I don't really want to freeze these PBs, but if I don't get offers then... I will... 

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15 hours ago, Zareni said:


Witchlight_egg.png - 2G from female bronze shimmer



2G from spriter alt


other 2G from prize


Make an Offer



still available :)

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Shadow_Walker_egg.gif    5G even Shadow Walker from cool lineage with silver tinsels, the alt shimmer Jewel, and both rosebud and shadow walker alts - tVD27


Shadow_Walker_egg.gif    4G even Shadow Walker from lineage with shimmers, a zombie and the alt shimmer Jewel JEYq8 




2G pumpkin x female pygmy

2G Grave x Cassare

3G Desipis x Cassare

3G Cavern Lurker x Black Tea

3G SW x Waterhorse


I also like neat lineages with alt sprites or just pretty checkers, so offer away. I will decline offers I do not want quickly to save everyone's time. Thanks! 


Make an offer on my 4G SW! Make an offer on my 5g SW!

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CB of all past Halloween outcomes available to breed



cb Z Code Pumpkin egg/male hatchie

2g  Z Code  Witchlight


please PM to arrange  for breeding



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