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2017 Halloween Trading Center

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I can breed siblings of the following:



Desipis from 4 Spriter Alts (piemaster's Desipis & Mistletoe, LadyLyzar's Heartseeker & Ribbondancer)



Shadow Walker from 4 Spriter Alts (aangs-sister's Wrapping Wing & Heartstealing, Nakase's Shadow Walker & Rosebud)


I am looking for:

Really cool and/or interesting offers (probably not CB Halloweens though, unless they have some kind of epic code).  A swap for something with a similar lineage would be interesting, of course 2Gs from Prizes or other Spriter Alts would be amazing. ;)  PM to discuss!


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Have to Breed:

Can be bred to mate of choice

CB female x4 user posted image  


CB male x2 user posted image


CB female x5 user posted image


CB male x5 user posted image


CB female x3 user posted image


CB male x3 user posted image


CB female x12latest?cb=20161103133731 


CB male x11  latest?cb=20161103133716




CB Graves Grave_egg.png Grave_hatchi.gif  Grave_mature_hatchi.png

 Can trade 2-3 of mine for 1 of yours 


Please PM to negotiate trades. Thank you!

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5 hours ago, Zeditha said:

I now have:

Z-code Caligene!   - Looking for a CB Pumpkin.

Another Caligene!  - Offers please! :)


I already have sufficient Grave, Caligene, Witchlight, Marrow and Desipis. CBs of those breeds will be declined; I am only looking for Pumpkins.

Lineaged offers will be considered though!


Bumping this! Will give both eggs for 1 low-time (equal or lower than above eggs) Pumpkin! PM to discuss or leave a Pumpkin on one and a messy on the other. :)

(If I see a username the same with a CB Pumpkin I'll accept both. ;))

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Have: CB Caligene egg

2 Cb Witchlight eggs

CB Grave egg

Want: CB Pumpkin

CB Shadow Walker

CB Marrow

CB Cavern Lurker

Caligene: https://dragcave.net/teleport/301c1818dc34fc0c0829553d84937aac

Witchlight 1: https://dragcave.net/teleport/0ec288264812d4a67fe7f61d8e444b2b
Witchlight 2: https://dragcave.net/teleport/30e07266590fdc7d55e176abf5f908e3

Grave: https://dragcave.net/teleport/2238c3e52fc713ecdc1ea869ca681b5c

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Shadow_Walker_egg.gif CB Shadow Walker egg




CB Black Marrow egg



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Pumpkin_egg.gif CB Pumpkin x3



-2G Caligene from female Bronze Shimmer (not ZZOMG or Sysyn of Syryn)

-2G Halloween from Spriter's alt (2:1)

-CB Silver

-CB Marrow (1:1)

-Nice offers?


PM me please :)

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22 hours ago, Kyath The Dream Worker said:

I have


3G Grave from male grave x female royal crimson

Code :tesSu





Other halloween with nice code


https://www.evernote.com/shard/s613/nl/140935619/17df26ec-6c4a-4873-b8f3-91ee26a40a19?title=Looking for trading halloween dragons%2Fkins

Others - Check this page




I have

CB Cavern Lurker code Sftem

CB Caligene



(1 : 2) 1- you 2-me

CB Marrow


(1 : 1)



Feel free PM me I don't bite.



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Have: The following Halloweens available to breed for trade or gift after midnight.    Many more available lineages in my signature link, I've only picked a few newly featured lineages for this post. 


Can breed Halloween siblings to the following: 


I NEED HALLOWEEN MATES FOR:   Please PM if you can breed unrelated mates to these. I'd love to set up a trade for any of the following. 

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Available for Breeding:

Caligene_egg.png P'lague - Female CB Caligene

Caligene_egg.png Plagu'e - Male CB Caligene

Witchlight_egg.png Desert Lights - Female CB Witchlight

With your mate of choice. (Note: I only have female CB Gold, and may be missing a few commons.)



Grave_egg.png 2nd Gen FEMALE Grave x MALE Ice

Witchlight_egg.png 2nd Gen MALE Witchlight x FEMALE Winter

**Please choose an Ice/Winter mate that hasn't been bred with any other holidays if possible.**


Please PM me if you're interested!


Thank you, amazing people. ;v;

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user posted image - 2 3rd gen Checker Pumpkins relating to Spriter Pumpkins


Both are fogged right now, but these are the lineage images.

Unfogged. Lineages can be seen in trade link.

0wiCeVA.png AKl2EzF.png



Caveborn Halloween Offers, preferably Black Marrow or Pumpkin ^-^

You can also pm me other types of offers, but the above is what I'm searching for.

Don't be discouraged if I don't answer right away. I'll likely be asleep. XD 


One pumpkin


Other pumpkin

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