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The Inky Introduction

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You are standing in front of the introduction board. Several different memos are posted, most featuring a variant of "hello". Scanning the board, a memo hastily tacked on the corner catches your eye.

   Whoever posted appeared to have had an accident, because it's covered in inky blotches and finger prints. Strange symbols line the edges, mysterious and mostly illegible. Perhaps the strangest part is the surprisingly neat handwriting of the written introduction. It reads as follows:


Greetings world! Call me Ink, or Myth, or whatever. I'm not too picky. Apologies for the inky mess... That's a hazard with me.

   Anyway, a little bit about me. A Scorpio, born in the year of the Horse, for those who are interested in all those zodiacal shenanigans, in which case I will gladly have a conversation on that alone. I enjoy drawing, reading, writing, and singing, among other things. I also enjoy putting too much effort into pointless but entertaining endeavors, such as this writing bit.

   I'm new to these particular forums, but not a stranger to the idea. I love a good RP, so feel free to hit me up if you feel like it. I also enjoy writing stories occasionally, so I might post some of those on here. I may also post some art, but I'm currently stuck not only with traditional but a crappy phone camera.

   I'll likely be lurking about the forums. Maybe you'll see me. Maybe you won't.

   Only time will tell.


The message ends there, followed by several strange symbols that likely represent a signature of some sort. You are slightly confused by the casual tone of the document. Only the ending really matched up with the cryptic appearance.


What will you do?


A.) Continue examining the introduction board.

B.) Wander off elsewhere.

C.) Attempt to contact the writer of the mysteriously ink-stained paper.

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A moderator reads the instruction board. There are only a few names that require attention, and the name "InkedMyths" catches their eye. It must be the inky blotches and fingerprints on the memo...


The moderator takes the note and smiles. It's one of the best things they've seen all day.


The moderator takes out a scroll, ink, and quill, writes a note, and sticks it underneath the memo from InkedMyths.


"Hello and welcome to the forum! Thank you for making me smile! I hope you enjoy the forum; we have a Halloween release soon, get ready!"


Still smiling and shaking their head, the moderator takes one last look at the memo, turns around, and begins to walk away.


The moderator catches themselves, hastily pulls out their writing materials again, scribbles out another note, sticks it underneath the note they just left, then runs to find the nearest body of water. It seems, in their hurry to leave the last note, they got ink all over their hands. The note reads:


"I hope to see you posting in Role Playing!"

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Hi welcome to DC I hope you have lots of fun here. If you think you might benefit from a mentor, click the link below. We're very friendly and can guide you with as much or as little help as you need.



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