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ANSWERED:Black Capped Teimarr Missing?

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I returned from a very long hiatus recently (I was last active around 2014, returning every so often to pick up a couple of eggs), and it seems that female Black Capped Teimarr sprites are missing?






I've tried hard refreshing and clearing my cache, but it doesn't seem to be working, and it's only affecting these particular sprites. Is this only affecting me, or is this a known issue with the sprites?

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My only explanation would be to maybe ask if you have adblock on? Or any form of ad blocker. Sometimes they get weird and block non-ad things... perhaps that happened here?

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Add the following exception to your adblock rules:




The sprite file names for scrolls get randomly generated every couple of hours, and right now, the Teimarr's image name starts with AD which triggers adblockers ...

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Randomizers work that way.


Of course, instead of using adblock, there is also the option to purchase an ad removal subscription, if your purse allows ;)

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