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Checkboxes missing from PM list

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I just noticed that the list of my conversations is displayed differently depending on how I access them. When I open my inbox by clicking on the letter button on the top right, there are checkboxes next to my messages that I can use to e.g. delete them. However, when I switch to another folder using the drop-down menu on top of the PM list, the checkboxes are gone, which makes it impossible to delete multiple messages at once in any folder except the inbox (also, the checkboxes are gone from the inbox as well when I switch back to it from another folder). This happens on both Firefox and Chrome, so I guess it's not a browser-related issue.


Before-after screenshots of my inbox:








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Refresh after you switch boxes. It seems the checkboxes don't load on first go when switching :blink:


(It's already better than before the latest forum update. With the first drop of new forum, switching boxes wouldn't even load the messages from the new box. Maybe with the next update, the checkbox issue will also be fixed. XD)

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Ah yes, that solves it for me, thanks. Still, I don't think this is intended... XD

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