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Sklarma's Introduction

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Hello everybody! I'm new here, just signed up. Grabbed some eggs and hopped onto the forums. Please (Please read the forum rules), I don't want them to die! I'm not on a whole lot of social media so I hope they get enough clicks


EDIT: For the "Please read the forum rules" thing above, I can't find them. I can't view  any topics or post anywhere but here. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to say the words in my post asking for people to give me clicks. In the Introduction rules, it only says I can't put links in my post, which I haven't. I would LOVE just put my links in my signature, but I can't edit my signature either, I can't even figure out how.

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Hello and welcome to DC forums! I'm going to try to help you out. :) 


1. The rules and guidelines can be found here: 




2. You should be able to have full access to the forums now. New users cannot utilize the entire forums until they introduce themselves to cut down on spammers, etc.


3. You cannot post your eggs/hatchlings in your posts or in your signature. You can post a lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/AdBd1 but not a view link to a growing dragon: https://dragcave.net/view/mlTA7. So, no /view/ links for growing dragons, but /lineage/ links are allowed.


4. To gain views, you must post your scroll/eggs/hatchlings onto a fansite. You can find a list of those here: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/89465-list-of-active-fansites/

To add a dragon to a fansite, it will ask for either your scroll name or the code of the specific egg or hatchling that you want to add. This will 100% get you enough clicks to hatch your eggs. Be sure to wait a day before adding them, or your eggs/hatchlings will become sick from too many views too early.


5. To edit your signature: Your name in the top left --> Account Settings --> Signature. You can add your scroll link to your signature! 


In case you have any other questions, I'm going to recommend you to receive a DC mentor, who may contact you thru PM to see if you need any more help. Feel free to PM me for anything as well. Hope this helps!

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