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The Egg Drop Rate Project

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Hi! So I was really curious how often certain eggs drop, so I conducted a little experiment. Ever five minute and hourly drop for a specific period of time, I would take a screenshot of the three cave eggs, AS SOON AS I saw them change. That way, I can see which eggs drop, and how often they do.


I did this for 25 rounds in the forest. Here are the screenshots, if you're curious: https://imgur.com/a/xPUOL


For the hourly drops I did take two screenshots because the three initially dropped eggs were taken so fast that another three eggs moved in to take its place, and then I could get another screenshot out of that.


Again, to recap: here are the experimental probabilities for the drop rates of eggs in the forest.


To make the data more useful in terms of trading context, I highlighted certain dragons that were really high in demand at the moment, trading wise.




Drop rates from most common to least common:


8% drop rate

Water Dragons


6% drop rate

Spotted Greenwing

Terrae Dragons


5% drop rate

Monarch Dragons

Aeon Wyverns

Undine Dragons

Swallowtail Dragons

Daydream Dragons


4% drop rate

Olive Dragons

Mint Dragons 

Green Dragons

Greater Spotted Drake


Day / Night Glory Drake


2% drop rate

Seasonal Dragons

Bolt Dragons

Plated Colossus Dragons

Balloon Dragons


1% drop rate

Almerald Dragons

Leetle Tree (!)

Fell Dragons

Imperial Fleshcrownes

Striped Dragons

Common Pygmies

Zyumorph Dragon (white)


0% drop rate (the following dragons of note did not appear during the experiment)

Chrono Xenowyrm (!)

Cheese Dragon

Purple Dragon


and many more rares, commons and uncommons...




I conducted this little experiment because I am currently trying to find Aeons and wondered how common they really are. I've hunted for entire hours in the forest without even catching a single Aeon before, and they were snatched up the second they spawned. So it really surprised me how often they dropped. So Aeons are an example of a dragon that drops often but are in ridiculously high demand (so much that it's going to be hard to catch them quickly.)


Speaking of Zyumorphs, I was surprised that they were rarer than I initially thought. I always see them and thought they were low-end uncommon.


And Xenowyrms were rarer than I thought, too. I was surprised they didn't show up at all.


Anyway, this data is only from a selection of 75 eggs. Or 25 3-egg drops. I'm sure I would be able to collect more accurate data with more sample size, and be able to find out drop rates for all the biomes and not just forest.


If you're interested in helping me collect more screenshots, let me know. :) The only rule is that you take the screenshot AS SOON AS you see the eggs change on the five minute mark.


I'll compile it all into a spreadsheet later, or maybe get someone to do it for me.


Anyway, if you want to help, just put your screenshots in a comment to the post. Show the egg descriptions as we as a clock that shows what time it is and whether it is hourly or five minute.


Thank you~

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It will be tough to keep track of drop rates as they aren't static and depend on how much people are catching eggs, but it would be good to get a general gist of how these guys drop. 

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Wuuu... 😢 That would explain why I’m having so much trouble getting an Aeon myself. Thanks for the info.

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Since this thread hasn't been posted in in months (before the post from today) I'll take that to mean it's abandoned and close it. OP, if you want it re-opened you can send me a PM.

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