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Holiday egg drops

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this is my first year playing Dragon Cave. I started in June and haven't been around for any holidays.

It looks like there has been a Halloween holiday drop every year, so I'm hoping there will be one this year! 


From experience, when do holiday eggs start dropping? Just on the day of the holiday? A week before? All month? 

Can someone explain this to me?



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breeding of old holidays starts a week before and show up first in AP, new holidays drop on the day DC Time in cave

Halloween 24 hours

Xmas 3 days

V.day 3 days

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When it gets close to a holiday I watch the News section of this forum. Apart from telling us when the event starts there will be other info like what kind of games or other surprises they came up with for us. :)

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Another thing that can help you to find out when a holiday breeding season starts is to look at any leetle tree, as it has a special sprite for each breeding season. Here's a link to the dragcave wiki: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Leetle_Tree


And, just in case you don't know where to find a leetle tree, here's a link to mine: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Reucu

Huh? Fog? :D:P:lol:

Okay, so here's the view link (shouldn't be a problem since it's not a growing thing, right?)


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