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Stories of Glory - The King's Avatar 1x1 (WIP)

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1x1 between taire and Spectrolithium


Stories of Glory

The tale of two players begins here. Drawn by coincidence, what will become of their various meetings? As with anything in Glory, there's more than meets the eye here.



The flesh-and-blood people of our tale. Charming, handsome, witty, and smart - or not? Anything goes!




Name: (nicknames if applicable)



Appearance: (linking pictures is fine, but a written description would be nice too!)



Skills:  (anything noteworthy, could range from Master Tactician to Chatterbox to Expert Potato Peeler)





Name: Qian He

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance:  [1]

Qian He is rather unassuming at a first glance, having medium length brown hair and somewhat nerdy glasses. Everything about him seems average, save for his eyes, which are an uncommonly bright gold. It doesn't help that there's always an aura of tiredness about him, nor that he's almost constantly slouching. His daily wardrobe consists mostly of dull blues and browns, designed to keep him out of the spotlight, though he does tend to wear headphones in order to listen to music. He does actually own a replica of White Jade Dragon's costume in real life, but it's more of a trophy rather than anything he'd actually wear.

Personality: Most of the time, Qian He is timid and jumpy, however managing his two Glory accounts often leaves him too tired to react to much. He is often a target for teachers and other students because of how his tiredness makes him seem like he doesn't care, but when startled into awakeness this misconception is quickly corrected. In fact, Qian He is something of a chronic worrier, looking for every possible situation where something could go wrong. Almost everything stresses him to some degree, save for playing Glory, where he is able to express a more confident personality.

History: As a child, he was raised in a family where his father and older brother both played Glory, with his mother being uninterested but supportive. From a young age, he would often watch his father and brother play, and though his father played more often, his brother was clearly superior. It was from him that Qian He learned most of his skills, though by the time he was finally allowed to create his own account he had already added his own spin. Because of his astounding averageness in practically everything but Glory, his father would often scold and deprecate him, causing him to become gradually more nervous as he grew up. His older brother, who was highly charismatic, smarter, and more handsome drew most of the attention in the household, but Qian He never resented him. It was only because of his brother that he managed to keep playing Glory, as his father had ruined his self-confidence in practically everything else and had even threatened to take away his account.

When his brother moved away for college, the weight of his parents began to bear down more heavily on him, as the previous focus of their expectations was no longer within the house. Rather than encourage him to grow, this only caused him to retreat more into Glory, where he developed his White Jade Dragon account and shaped his online persona, modeled after his brother.


God-Level Glory Player - Known as the "Solitary Wind God," Qian He possesses an amazing ability to solo enemies and juggle opponents in midair, however his teamwork is barely better than that of a novice. His style is reliant on dodges and speed, specializing in glass cannon builds.

Master Blacksmith - Qian He's talent at reading people's playstyles aids him in creating intricate weapons for others, designed to work perfectly with their playstyle. In fact, this is where he truly shines, even more so than on the battlefield. Many pro players have sought him out to make weapons instead of seeking their club's technical team, causing much resentment amongst that group.

Dextrous - Qian He is actually an excellent tailor in real life, as well as most other things that require creativity and delicate hands. This skill mostly goes unnoticed and unused, but he did make a replica of White Jade Dragon's costume himself while designing it in-game.

Other: He has a rather nice voice, though this is more apparent when he plays as White Jade Dragon than in real life, as he's often a bit nervous in front of others. No matter what he's doing, the second someone's watching him, he starts to fall apart.







The digital personas of our characters. Different, or the same?




Player:  (the person who owns the account or who plays it most often)

Account Name: (nicknames if applicable)

Title: ("Battle God," etc...)




Appearance:  (linking pictures is fine, but a written description would be nice too!)

Special Equipment: (weapons or armor)





Player: Qian He

Account Name: White Jade Dragon

Title: Solitary Wind God

Class: Battle Mage

Level: 70

Gender: Male

Appearance: [1] [2]

White Jade Dragon appears rather similar to Qian He, but with long seafoam-green hair instead. His hair is tied into a graceful ponytail with golden bands and reaches to his knees in the back, complemented by two slender strands in front. Despite being capable of wearing armor, his outfit consists of mostly cloth, as he wears a white overcoat overlaid with sunrays and white pants tucked into complementary boots. A white capelet decorated with matching golden bands and a seafoam green sunray pattern accentuates his overall elegance, yet gives a bit of flair to hint at his playful side. The final touch is a pair of matching fingerless gloves wrapped in trailing seafoam-green ribbons.

Special Equipment: Pearl Lake

A Silver Weapon made by Qian He himself, Pearl Lake was one of his first designs and complements his fighting style with its skill. It appears as a golden-white spear with pearly orbs filled with blue sand on both ends, finished with a few seafoam-green accents. The two pearls on each end serve as a timer for the weapon's skill and are regulated by a mechanism inside the shaft of the spear, ensuring accuracy even while moving rapidly. Pearl Lake grants +5% damage and crit damage while in the air, plus 10% speed and bleed chance passively. It can also be used to cast spells without having to switch to another weapon.

Weapon Skill - Ocean Wind - Grants air jump and increases speed by 50% for 20 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

Other: He holds a record time for a dungeon - solo.


Player: Qian He

Account Name: Lunar Eclipse

Title: Battlesmith

Class: Assassin

Level: 40

Gender: Male

Appearance:  Unlike White Jade Dragon, Lunar Eclipse looks nothing like Qian He. Instead, he has short black hair, purple eyes, and is built a bit thinner and shorter. If one squints hard, they might find a passing similarity between Lunar Eclipse and Qian He's eye shape, but the similarity is too insignificant to notice unless it's being searched for. Most of the time, his black and purple assassin outfit obscures his face anyway, making it hard to see him even if he does stay still long enough for a glimpse.

Special Equipment: Night-Blooming Cereus

Though Qian He could easily upgrade it to full level, Night-Blooming Cereus remains at level 40 in order for Lunar Eclipse to be able to equip it. As such, though it was designed with a weapon skill in mind, it has not yet been unlocked. Night-Blooming Cereus appears as a long purple dagger with an ornate, flowery hilt. The dagger is large enough to nearly resemble a broadsword, however it can split into two shorter blades, light enough to wield one in each hand. Past this point, the weapon no longer splits into doubles, but rather a whole storm of needles surrounding even thinner, simpler blades. These needles can be controlled manually, however they will usually hone onto targets and follow the blades. Controlling the needles manually provides stunning offense and defense, but the tradeoff is that it requires a very high APM and excellent understanding of the opponent in order to be effective. Due to this, Lunar Eclipse rarely manipulates the needles. As it splits, the whole weapon grows lighter in color, as do a few complementary accessories on Lunar Eclipse's armor. Currently, Night-Blooming Cereus provides a passive +5% speed and +5% damage after a dodge or during a counterattack

Other: He speaks exclusively in text to avoid having his voice raise suspicion. This has gotten to the point where people have theorized he's secretly a girl, a perception he does little to encourage nor discourage.






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